Rin made Ai captain.
That is so important and let me tell you why-
Ai’s never been the fastest, the strongest or the best, he’s not the club’s ace or fast rising star, and he knows this. Knows that he has to work double as hard, train twice as much and swim that much more compared to everyone else to even keep up, but that’s okay. He’s passionate and incredibly driven to succeed, and with Rin as his inspiration and a little help from Sousuke, + support and encouragement from Momo he’ll get there in the end for sure, I know he will. And so does the rest of the Samezuka team, you better believe they all adore and respect their Captain Nitori, because they’ve seen first hand how hard he worked and how that payed off. How pushing yourself and working hard to pursue your own unending dream can pave the way to success, to create that ultimate team. I’m so proud of Ai, and so proud of Rin, and the two of them will forever hold a special place in my heart. PEACE OUT. 

He’s letting him go.
This goes beyond symbolism because Makoto is literally letting Haru go,
but seeing that psysical proof really hit it home for me.
Because the entire time we’ve been focused on Haru’s troubles,
Makoto’s been the one making tough decisions all by himself.
And we know he loves Haru enough to let him go if that’s what he needs to spread his wings and follow his dreams, but that’s not what happened here.
Haru’s still scared of what the future holds, and the pressure of everyone’s worry over him, on top of his own worries must drive him crazy, so he pushes Makoto, the one who’s closer to him than anyone else, away.
That’s what hurts, because braving the terrifying and uncertain future together could have been a wonderful thing for the both of them, yet all we’re getting here is heartbreak.
I pray going to Australia with Rin will help Haru make up his mind, I only hope Makoto will still be there like all the times before when he comes back.