also can we just talk about Hinakawa for one freakin second here okay because he’s pretty much the only decent functioning detective IN this show, or at least this scene because guess what. while Mika was angsting over her piss poor life decisions and Gino’s head was probably still in the clouds over his hold-down hug with Akane last episode and Yayoi’s mind most likely never leaves Shion’s boobies (I know mine wouldn’t) HINAKAWA WAS OVER THERE DOING SOME STRAIGHT UP SHERLOCK HOLMES SHIT AND ACTUALLY NOTICED, THAT TOGANE, BEING THE WORLD’S BIGGEST TRASHBAG, CASUALLY SAUNTERED OFF TO FUCK LITERALLY EVERYTHING UP FOR THE SEASON’S FINALE. well done Hinakawa. you better survive the final ep. lord knows these losers are helpless without you. god bless.