Drawing challenge from my friend Spiral
From a late night conversation, 9/3/2012

Spiral: You are not allowed to be bored.
Not. Allowed.
Go draw a picture of a purple ninja bunny :P
me: XD
Spiral: Being chased by dots
me: :P
Spiral: Underneath a rainbow
and tripping into a black hole, where he’ll be spaghettified
but the dots will never see him actually enter the black hole because time goes so slowly at the center of the black hole that it basically stops
And then you could have the dots go back to earth and take up tap-dancing.
And they would raise money for charities.
That would be one heck of a picture, don’t you think? :P
And just think. You wouldn’t be bored in the slightest.
Quite the contrary, you’d be so horrified at your (er, my :6:) demented imagination that you would go do something productive instead
A win-win, I say …
me: XD
*accepts challenge* :ninja:
Spiral: Ohhh, now this is something I’d like to see xD
me: :P