Behaving in ways that are seen as outside the domain of our genders will inevitably bring down repression — whether that means an awkward laugh from a sibling, or a severe beating and prison sentence will depend on the context. However, as long as gender remains intact we will be limited to the lists of actions that are acceptable to the gender we’re perceived as, lest we face societal violence. We have nothing to gain from being gendered that doesn’t come from either conformity to our genders or as a benefit of policing or enforcement of the genders of others. This is to say we gain nothing from gender that isn’t based on controlling others or limiting ourselves.

I forgot to send my love to Gordie, too. That concludes my og tumblr croo. Where the hell is Gordie, too. Oh and splatterqueer (your name always slips me) no you’re great too with your oast jazziness and shit. And ninjabikeslut (I have no idea what your name is) you like inspire me with your beauty and freedom and the life you enjoy living. That concludes my love messages.