long live the power rangers

Something amazing happened yesterday (August 13, 2016) at Power Morphicon, and I want to take a moment to appreciate it. (Above photo from RangerBoard.)

The current blue ranger, Yoshi Sudarso, is a huge Power Rangers fan. He auditioned for Power Rangers for years without being cast. When he got the role of the blue ranger in Dino Charge two years ago, he was thrilled and since then he’s been super enthusiastic, passionate and an all-around amazing ranger.

His brother Peter, like him, is a Power Rangers fan, and has also auditioned multiple times to be a ranger. Unlike Yoshi, he was never cast. Anyone who follows Yoshi on social media knows about Yoshi’s brother and knows that they’re close: Yoshi and Peter are constantly hanging out together, working on creative projects together, and supporting each other.

At the end of the Dino Charge panel at Power Morphicon, the cast of Dino Charge was tasked with revealing the upcoming cast of the new season, Ninja Steel. Some members of the Dino Charge cast met a few members the new Ninja Steel cast backstage before their panel, but otherwise they didn’t know anything about the Ninja Steel cast in advance.

The Dino Charge cast members were given envelopes that stated the name and color of their ranger successor. For instance, Brennan Mejia, the current red ranger, announced that Will Shewfelt would be the new red ranger.

The last person to be handed an envelope was Yoshi. He opened it, and to his surprise, he saw his brother Peter’s name written inside.

Yoshi went to the Ninja Steel auditions and was told that Peter didn’t get the part. Yet there in front of his eyes was Peter’s name. Not only that, his brother was going to be the new blue ranger.

Yoshi’s voice broke as he announced that his own brother was going to be his successor. His brother, clad in his new ranger uniform, ran onto the stage. Yoshi knocked over his chair in his haste to greet his brother. As they embraced, Yoshi broke down with a giant grin on his face, clearly thrilled that his brother was getting this opportunity.

(Gif by erniesbrainfreeze)

Yoshi’s friends clearly understood how important and powerful this moment was for him. When Yoshi reacted emotionally to opening his envelope, Brennan Mejia looked over his his shoulder to figure out why, pat him on the back and grinned. At hearing the news, the current pink ranger, Camille Hyde, covered her mouth with her hands, obviously stunned, before placing a supportive hand on Yoshi’s shoulder and starting to cry.

As his brother proudly took to the stage with his new cast, Yoshi collapsed back into his chair in shock. The current green ranger, Michael Taber, crossed the stage to hug him, and Camille, still in tears, joined in the hug. When the hug ended, Yoshi pointed at his brother, beaming with pride.

Peter Sudarso is the new blue ranger and Yoshi couldn’t be happier about it. It was the way Yoshi was surprised with this news and Yoshi’s obvious love for his brother that turned this cast reveal into one of the most touching moments in Power Rangers history.

When the original Red, Black and Yellow rangers were selected to attend a peace conference in Switzerland, three new power rangers were selected to take their place. Among them was, Aisha Campbell, who became the next Yellow Ranger, inheriting her power from Trini Kwan. Aisha then went on to become the Yellow Ninja Ranger (as depicted) after the rangers received new powers from their ally, Ninjor.

Aisha made her debut on November 2nd, 1994 in the 22nd episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ second season. She also was among the six rangers who appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in the summer of 1995. Like all Power Rangers, Aisha fought the forces of evil using martial arts skills and the advanced weaponry provided by morphing into a power ranger, most notably the gigantic Zords. Originally she commanded the Griffin Thunderzord, but after gaining her ninja powers, she came to command the Bear Ninjazord and finally the Yellow Shogunzord.


Super Sentai Hurricaneger - Photo Shoot 

These are a few of the shots from the photo shoot I did over the weekend. It was a cosplay shoot based off of the Hurricanger Super Sentai or Ninja Storm for the American adaption. It was a good shoot even if it was hot ass hell at 8am but that is Florida for you. 

Cosplay - 

Hurricane Red - Billy C.

Hurricane Blue - Anthony G.