Preview for Chapter 12 in Shiroya’s route…
Shiroya is speechless because of what happened in Chapter 11 and so Kaito tries to make him speak. Finally…
Shiroya: “Thank you for accompanying us on this journey… Stick with us till the end.”
Then to Kaito: “…Was that good enough?”
Kaito: “Hey, that was pretty good.”
Shiroya: “…Shut up!”
He is so cute!😄

[Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2+ #39]

There’s a new character’s story out in Destiny Ninja 2+!
The 5th character you’ve all been looking forward to is… RAN!

Complete each ending within the set period of time and get special avatar items!
Collect them all and dress yourself in a matching style with him.
This is a limited-time-only offer, so be sure to check it out as soon as you can and be a cute couple with him!!
Here’s a word from our man…

Ran: I wanna hug you right now and kiss you! Come over and play with me.

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We will announce the final number of likes and shares in a few days.
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It is a crime that Ayame doesn’t have any girlfriends in DN2...

So, I made her some.

This is Futaba from the Spring Village and Minami from the Summer Village.  (I’ve got girls from the Autumn and Winter villages too, but I’m too lazy to draw them rn.)

I know nobody asked for them.  BUT HERE THEY ARE ANYWAY.

Minami is genuinely lamenting the fact that Ayame has to travel with four men across the island while Futaba is just there to make Ayame uncomfortable.  Ayame is wondering how she made so many people fall in love with her.

Destiny Ninja 2+ songs

Hi there! :) I recorded the DN2+ songs and uploaded them on YouTube as not listed. Sorry for taking so long to post here… Anyway, I’m sharing for those who want to listen. Let me know if there’s something wrong or missing. 

Another thing… I don’t play DN2+ frequently, so some of the names I’ve given to the songs are based on what was happening at the moment. If you have a better suggestion, fell free to talk to me.


Main Menu


Next Chapter

Spring Village

Summer Village

Autumn Village

Winter Village

Love #1

Love #2







Wizardess Heart+ songs

The Niflheim+ songs

Blood in Roses+ songs

@feather-of-rainbird and @planetpower (also an anon xD), here they are, sorry for taking long.

[Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja 2+ #37]

It’s just moments away from the release of our new character, Ran’s main story!
Wouldn’t you like to take a peek at what’s to come?


Thinking there’s a chance that someone might come in, I try to worm my way out of Ran’s arms.
However, his grip on me is tight and I can’t move at all.
(Ugh… Why is this happening…)
I’m hyper aware of his heat at my back and the surprising solidness of his chest, and my cheeks flush hotly.
(This isn’t the time to be getting all worked up…)


…and you’ll find out what’ll happen next when it’s released!
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Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja2+
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