Shall we Date?: Destiny Ninja 2

Release dates (iPhone, Android)
English: August 27th, 2015

“The following stories take place in Yamato Island, where the four seasons exuberantly express their beauties – However, those beauties are on the verge of being lost.

With eight fated ninjas as your companion from the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter Villages, the journey to save the Island starts now…”

This is a free mobile game by NTT Solmare! You can get the Android version here, or the iPhone version here.




[Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja2+ Pre-Release Info #3]

A romance novel game to fight against your destiny – The newest game from Shall we date?, Destiny Ninja 2+!

This time we give you Shiroya, also one of the ninjas that will accompany the heroine on the journey to keep the four seasons in harmony!
He has Hyuga from Destiny Ninja as an ancestor.

Shiroya is a member of the ninja team in the Summer Village called the Vermilion Bird School. His ancestor is Hyuga from the Fire Village.
Summer Village ninjas develop their fire-wielding abilities at a rather early age, but his abilities started to develop later than all the others. So his parents sent him away to severe training in a hidden village within the Summer Village when he was little.
Now he has grown up to be an excellent ninja in a position somewhat like a partner to Kaito.
His strength is his skills with the bow and arrow, just like his ancestor.

Currently, he stays with the chieftain of the Summer Village’s family.