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Can I take a moment to talk about teenage mutant ninja turtles
Because I have to
What fucker was at a meeting discussing new kid shows and was like “I fucking love turtles. Let’s do a show about that.”
And they approved it somewhere along the line and another Fucker was like “I see your turtles and I raise you: ninja turtles.”
And they could have stopped at that. That’s it. That’s the shows. Ninja turtles.
Because lo and behold there is another fucklet somewhere in this kids tv show storyboard who thinks that the only way to possibly make these ninja turtles better is to make them mutant. Wow. Okay
So now we’re at the point where you have mutant ninja turtles and no where along the way to creating these ninja turtles did anyone ever think “This is too much. This is too fucking much. These turtles have too much going for them.”
And evidently no one did because now these turtles are teenagers too
So then you get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Okay. I can accept this. That is the show. Now these turtles, do they have regular names like other cartoons?
Ah! Yeah. No.
Because these already soooooo fucking special turtles being teenage, mutants, and ninjas, or course, required that their names be famous dead artists. Wow.

I have a lot of feelings about teenage mutant ninja turtles also I have never watched the show


Okay, I wanna know what Karai’s facial expression is all about. 

I have theories that can be divided into two categories:

1. “Oh, brother… You’re one to talk, Leo.”
(get it? “Oh, brother…” lol pun)
Karai knows Leo has feelings for her. She may be thinking, “Says the guy who has the hots for me, his father’s daughter.”
Or maybe…
2. “I guess I shouldn’t talk… my tastes are weird, too.”
Karai is commonly shipped with 3 or 4 characters, and each one could make her feel like she has weird taste. 
Karai did say she liked Leo in this episode. And while it’s not super clear whether or not she meant it romantically, it’s possible she returns his feelings. The look could have been because she suddenly felt convicted for judging when she has the hots for a mutant turtle. 
OR she likes someone else but still feels her tastes are weird. If Shinirai wins out, maybe Karai’s self-conscious and in the closet. And if Casrai wins out (not likely, but I can dream lol), then she’d feel weird about liking Casey just because… Casey. No further explanation necessary. haha

Gahhh I wish I knew what that face meant!

Leorai week day 6: Yes

Imagine a scene where Leo try to ask to Karai if she wanna marry him, and after several unsuccessful attempts he manages to ask her the question at the worst moment possible… a fight against the enemy. XDD

Is not a bad idea to a fic… :3

a while back, I asked @arishynya to make a tutorial on how to draw snakes and I immediately fell in love with her snake leo design, he is just so cool looking. Also, this drawing is loosely inspired by an animated french movie called Sahara that I saw on Netflix because it had some dancing snakes and the animation in it is awesome especially in this one scene where there was a snake dance fight.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Characters Inspired Makeup

You might remember my TMNT inspired makeup post a did a year ago. I would link it, but Tumblr is being a jackass right now and won’t let me…

I obviously redid the series (and continuing it) 

I have a tutorial for the main characters and a select few side characters on my Youtube Channel   (the main turtles are kinda old…)

You can however find all of my looks (not just turtle inspired) on my Instagram. I post my looks more frequently on there and you can see what products I used to create them. Once I have more done, it shall be added to this post. My goal is to do all the characters. This isn’t solely based on the 2012 version, but a lot of it comes from there. However, some versions of characters don’t inspire me, so I turn towards alternate versions. Examples: Kraang (80s version) and Shredder (2003 version)

(From left to right,top to bottom)

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, April O’neil, Casey Jones, Master Splinter, Leatherhead, Kraang, Mondo Gecko, Karai, Tiger Claw, Professor Honeycutt, Shredder, Renet, Slash… To be continued

If there is any characters I have yet to do that you REALLY want to see, please let me know

Also I am sorry for the shitty watermark situation. I forgot I was going to post the photos on here in this format, so…shitty cropping…