ninja turtle t shirt

How the cabal were invented
  • Bungie exec: Alright guys we need to come up with our fourth and final race for destiny, does anyone have any ideas?
  • Bob, wearing a teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirt: I have an idea

(…) obwohl die meisten öffentlichen Spielplätze nicht gerade durch ausreichende Sicherheitsmaßnahmen glänzen zur Unfallverhütung,
durfte Klein Felix (natürlich unter Papis wachsamen Argusaugen)
auf´s Klettergerüst für Große um sich auszutoben.

Ich war stolz wie Oskar und ich glaube das man hinter dem
Nukki auch ganz klar sieht das die Freude über diesen Spielplatz
Ausflug und das breite Grinsen von Herzen kamen.

Das Ninja Turtles T-Shirt bekam der Kleine Pampersrocker zu seinem
Geburtstag und Papa is übrigens der aller-besteste Anschupser für
die Schaukel weil ich da soooo hoch fliege. Das kann nur Papa :-p

I’ve been battling with this crazy weight gain since I started some medication three years ago. Despite my efforts (I wouldn’t call them my BEST efforts, but there was definitely effort) I’ve gained roughly 35 lbs. -that’s about 16 kg for my Metric friends- since the tail end of 2012.

For a little incentive today, I decided to take my Bi-Annual Trip to Wal-Mart and pick up the TMNT swag I knew they had.

So, here is my haul. I may have gone overboard… Other than the pink “I <3 Donnie” t-shirt, these are all XXL boys shirts or small men’s. (BTW, why is it assumed that the only way a girl might want to wear a Ninja Turtle/Batman/Baseball t-shirt is if it’s pink?)

And, because I can never just leave anything alone:

Booyakasha! Sassy, off the shoulder gym top!

Here’s another:

I’ll take better pics tomorrow, but for now, I really like these two. I have a backup plan for the couple that didn’t turn out perfectly. The I <3 Donnie shirt was a couple of sizes too big, since it was one of the only TMNT tops left in women’s clearance. The cut just wasn’t right, so when I’m brave enough to try the next trick, I’ll post it.

Cutting up new t-shirts always makes me a little nervous, but if you’re looking for something stylish with some TMNT flair, you can’t go wrong at $7 each.


☔️⚡️Thunderstorms with Luke ⚡️☔️

• You wearing his ninja turtle underwear as pants with an offsprings band T-shirt & him wearing spongebob Pajama pants shirtless
• “I swear I’m not cold”
• Making toast with Nutella and hot chocolate
• Sitting on the porch wrapped up in a blanket while he plays guitar
• Going back inside because the wind picked up and laughing because you both ended up soaked from the sudden rain with wind
• “Luke stop making weird noises”
• Cuddling in the couch listening to him talk while you play with his hands
• lighting up candles all over the house because the power went off
• Sitting in the bathtub between his legs with your back on his chest while he’s kissing your neck and whispering funny things making you giggle as the candles light the bathroom and suddenly Ashton walking in and you try to cover yourself and him yelling “Lock the door next time!” As he walks out