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Haunting: Ghost!Mikey x Reader


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Hello there!! Love everything ya write <3 Is it possible if you could write something like Ghost!Mikey x Reader ? Like he is been dead for so many years but for some reason cant move on and one day the Reader ends up in the Lair and since they are a runaway they decide to try and bring it back to life the place and it kind of goes from there? Sorry if its to much of a request -covers face-

A/N: Sorry it took a while - hope you like it :)

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I find it hard to believe that Sally Pride calling Mikey and Slash “bosom buddies” was a coincidence.  I think she’s one of the few Mutanimals who noticed that Slash’s admiration for Mikey was developing (or developed) into romantic feelings, and was hoping Slash would say something to him (hence why she got rid of Pete before re-introducing the two, and casually stepped out when they started talking)

I also think Mondo Gecko knew about Slash’s crush, and was also hoping they would get together.  I mean look at his face during this panel:

Dude knows what’s going on