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“Cherry blossoms in spring are special, for their beauty draws a line between them and the other flowers. She, who was the name of these flowers, works strenuously in her strict training to catch up with Naruto and Sasuke, who run before her. And then the time of blooming approached - Sakura, with her polished medical ninjutsu and strong arms, shall become the beautiful cherry blossom that heals the battlefield.”

“Tsunade, Sakura’s teacher, is the Fifth Hokage that runs the village of Konoha. Sakura, who directly received the teachings from the shinobi that sits on the most prominent place of the village, lets her talent blossom very fast, together with the subtle chakra control she naturally possesses.”

“Sakura, who excelled at chakra control, had her talent for medical ninjutsu noticed by Tsunade, her teacher, early on. She received the initiation at the techniques from Tsunade at first, and also from her elder pupil Shizune, and grew to be the best medical ninja in Konoha in the twinkle of an eye. Mastering the secret forbidden technique Tsunade used, she brings her healing to a level that exceeded Shizune. Filling her chest with the firm confidence that even if everyone suffers serious wounds, she’ll make them recover, the healing cherry blossoms blooms splendidly in profusion.”

“[…]By means of her excellent self.healing ability, even if she’s injured she recovers immediately. Thanks to the acquisition of this power, Sakura became completely able to show her proud superhuman strength without fearing the enemy’s attacks in time of war.”

“Her self-healing ability shines, ranging from defence to offence…!!”


(Databook 4 entries - end)


Why is Sakura Haruno the perfect heroine and the strongest Kunoichi?

↳▬ ❝Her personality:

Kishimoto-sensei describes Sakura as stubborn, well-educated and girly. At the very beginning of the series, Sakura appears to be nothing but an ordinary 12 year old, spoiled and ignorant. Sakura, who in contrast to her teammates Sasuke and Naruto, whose lives were hard and lonely, grew up with a home and parents. This soon changes, and Sakura’s personality starts to blossom. An important key moment in that transformation is during the Chunin Exams arc in the Forest of Death when she cuts off her hair, the same hair she grew long to impress Sasuke. She cuts it off and fights her very best against Sound ninjas to protect her teammates. This is an important moment for her character as it shows her resolve to change and truly shows the beginning of Sakura’s development.

Sakura is a very compassionate character, she deeply treasures the things her friends do for her. Lee is one of those said friends, who gave it his all to protect Sakura in the Forest of Death. Sakura is grateful for that, so she thanks Lee for protecting her, cheers him on in his fight against Gaara, buys a flower for him while he’s in the hospital and their friendship begins. Her compassion shines up once more when she tries to run to his side, but gets stopped by her sensei, right after Lee loses his exams fight against Gaara.

Sakura’s compassion for others and her selflessness are what shine the most in the manga. Her desire to protect her teammates and keep them both safe is what motivates her to keep going and never give up. But that goal never stopped her from helping others who were in need of her help. She fought and cared for anyone who needed her - be it Lady Chiyo, a civilian child during the attack of Pain, a civilian child during the Wave land arc, her own young daughter, or even a wounded enemy like Karin. Sakura chose to take her destiny in her own hands and shape it to the best of her abilities.

The two most important examples that showcase how selfless Sakura truly is, are for one her desire to help Naruto fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage, and her desire to safe and help the man she loves, Sasuke.

Despite what many people like to think, Sakura’s character did not suffer because of her relationship to Sasuke. Quite the opposite. Her love for him and her desire to save him from his demons help her become aware of the important things in life. Sakura matures and becomes a realist. She took her hardship and turned it into a tool for growth and self-reflection. From that point forward, she trained and gathered information to help Sasuke and Naruto.

[“She whom you came close to killing once…she feels for and sheds tears over you, even now…she only wanted to save you!”] - Chapter 693

Sakura’s willpower develops greatly, and she learns to never give up, to always get back up on her feet, even when she’s broken and bruised.

In her fight against Akatsuki member Sasori, even though she feels fear building up in her chest, it is Sasuke and Naruto who give her the strength to be brave and face her enemy head on. She is willing to die for them if she has to. And she almost did in two instances.

One, when she tried to run in between Naruto and Sasuke on the hospital rooftop and two, when she was ready to die by Sasuke’s hand if it meant she could kill him and thus save him from his darkness.

Sakura doesn’t waver. If she truly believes in something, she won’t let go of that. But she’s not someone who puts herself in front of something more important. A good example is Sasuke’s secret mission in Gaiden. Due to unfortunate circumstances, her husband leaves to protect the village and their family. To keep everyone safe and out of danger, nobody is allowed to know Sasuke’s location. Even though this mission takes a toll on Sakura’s and Sarada’s life, Sakura knows their feelings are connected and that there’s no reason for doubt. She tries to convey that truth to her only daughter, who at first does not really understand.

Sakura is a compassionate, caring and loving mother. She gives it her all to make Sarada feel loved and safe. She also appears to be a strict mother, as Sarada shows signs of good manners, a kind personality and patience.

All in all, Sakura Haruno/Uchiha stands out as a kind, loving, compassionate and strong willed character, who never dares to give up, especially when it’s her friends or family that are on the line. The passion within her to love strongly and believe in her friends gives her the strength to keep going. Because her character story revolves mostly around being there and fighting for her loved ones and village, Sakura, who always puts those in need above everything else to the point that she is ready to die for them, is no doubt the most selfless character in the series. And that selflessness is the main source of her incredible will and strength.

↳▬ ❝Her natural talent:

[“Her chakra control and intelligence however, are nothing to look down upon.” - Databook 1.]

Intelligence and Booksmarts

Sakura has been blessed in many ways. Her intelligence is part of this. Right at the start of the manga, we learn that Sakura is naturally smart and passes all her academy exams with the best possible scores. In fact, she is said to be the smartest right after Shikamaru Nara, who, as we all know, is the smartest in their generation; making Sakura even be above talented ninja like Sasuke Uchiha and Neji Hyuga, who were at the top of their classes.

Notable proof for that is the Chunin Exams arc, in which Sakura was the only one who was able to answer all questions, despite Ibiki-sensei saying those questions couldn’t be answered by mere genin and were supposed to make the kids cheat.

Her fight with Ino also tells us, that Sakura is very booksmart. She knew Ino’s special jutsu and was able to explain its function and weakness to the reader.

Furthermore, she is also able to think and decide in mere seconds if the need arises, like tricking sound ninjas during the Forest of Death fight or freeing herself from being stuck in Sasori’s poison by letting a paper bomb explode.

[“First-rate chakra control and brainpower!!”] - Databook 1

Observation and Analytical Skills

But that’s not all. Sakura is a very good observer. She’s able to observe and memorize any pattern of movement, even those of a master puppeteer like Sasori. During their fight, Sasori had noticed that Sakura could read him like a book. He acknowledged this and even somewhat praised her for her skills. Chiyo was also surprised by this and compared Sakura to Tsunade, Sakura’s master, noting that Sakura was a very good pupil. The same Chiyo later acknowledged once again, that Sakura was capable of becoming a better Kunoichi than even Tsunade.

During the failed attempt to retrieve Sasuke a second time in Part II, Sakura and her team were held back by Obito, and within minutes, Sakura was able to analyze and explain how Obito’s (then still Tobi) Kamui worked, saying he was removing parts of his body from this reality/dimension (into another).

[“She’s shown shining potential in a fairly wide array of competences. Should she develop them, she might become a threat even to the great Sasuke!”] - Databook 1

Sakura’s passion to gather as much information as she can about something she feels she has to be prepared for, is immense. A little while after Team Seven’s first failed attempt to bring Sasuke back from Orochimaru, Sakura explains that she had noticed Sasuke’s immense growth in skill, speed and more; once again showcasing her analytical skills. She then goes on to say that she had read some books and came to the conclusion that Sasuke must have been given enhanced drugs that would speed up his training.

Another example for Sakura’s analytical nature is the war arc. She gets approached by a Zetsu who had taken on the form of Neji Hyuga. She realizes it is not Neji who is standing behind her and reacts instantly when the White Zetsu tries to attack her. She punches him to the ground, causing a great deal of damage, and tells him she knew it was him. She interrogates him. Together with Yamato’s report, and an autopsy she performs on the white Zetsu, she figures out the abilities the White Zetsu uses and concludes that it must be genetical material from Hashirama Senju being used, as the Zetsu’s DNA shows similarity with Yamato’s.

All this is proof of the fact, that Sakura Haruno was rightfully called one of the smartest. Not only is she booksmart and knows a lot about rules, technical things and ninjutsu, she is also able to analyze and memorize an individual’s behavior in mere seconds, allowing herself to prepare the right strategy. It also shows that she is very capable of memorizing important things like movement and more to the point where she is able to use that information years in advance.

Genjutsu Prowess

Sakura is naturally a genjutsu type. She is able to recognize it and set herself and others free from it. During the chunin exams when Orochimaru and the Sand attacked, she (and Shikamaru) was the only one who recognized the genjutsu in time and protected herself from it. Later on she dispelled the jutsu to wake Naruto up.

Thanks to Chiyo, Sakura knows the blindspot of the Sharingan. Using Chiyo’s information, she was able to protect herself from Itachi’s eyes and help Naruto get out of the genjutsu.This gives her the ability to fight even Sharingan users. It’s proven once more in Gaiden when Sakura attacks Shin, who has Sharingan eyes all over his head, from behind his blind spot and almost kills him.

Perfect Chakra Control

But Sakura has been blessed with more than just her high intelligence and her analytical observation skills. Sakura naturally possesses amazing chakra control. In fact, she was able to control it better than anyone else in her class. She showcases this in several arcs.

Starting with the tree climbing training where she was the first one to reach the top. Kakashi notes that Sakura is not only a genjutsu type, but also possesses amazing chakra control, better than even Sasuke. Sakura manages to get through the training exercise with ease and gives Naruto a few tips, who later on gets asked by Sasuke who wanted to know what Sakura had said, as he was struggling as well.

Medical Ninjutsu

To help her teammates, Sakura took matters in her own hands and requested to be trained by the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju. With the help of her perfect chakra control, it didn’t take long until Sakura’s talent for medical ninjutsu blossomed. It had only been two and a half years that had passed since Sakura came under the guidance of Tsunade. In that time frame, Sakura became famous in Konoha for her healing abilities. Mastering medical ninjutsu is extremely difficult, as one must be able to delicately control chakra as well as have extensive knowledge and perseverance.

[“And she has developed into a top medical ninja among those in the village.”] - Databook 3

In fact, by the end of the series, Sakura Haruno had become the best medic known to humankind, thus surpassing her master Tsunade and Shizune.This is thanks to her mastering the Byakugou Seal and Tsunade’s forbidden technique, Creation Rebirth, that allows her to survive any injury and attack with even more power, thus making the technique versatile to its user as it utilises both defense and offense.

Furthermore, the user is also able to transfer their chakra to another person, Sakura does this to Obito in Chapter 685. It’s only thanks to her seal and the massive amount of stored chakra that made it possible for Sakura to help Obito and give him enough chakra to keep his Kamui jutsu active.

The Byakugou Seal is said to be the pinnacle of chakra control, making it very hard to master and control. Aside from Tsunade, Sakura is the only person known who is able to use it, surpassing  Tsunade’s first apprentice, Shizune by the age of just 17.

A medical ninja is never supposed to be at the front lines, as their job it is to heal the wounded, making it their priority to stay alive under any circumstances. However, there is an exception to that rule. Those who can use the Byakugou Seal and Creation Rebirth, are allowed to break that rule and fight at the front lines. Sakura is one of them.

By the age of 17, almost four years since Sakura started to train under the guidance of Tsunade, Sakura had mastered the forbidden technique and the Summoning Jutsu, allowing her to summon the slug, Katsuyu. Together with her summon, Sakura can activate Immense Network Healing, which allows the user to heal a great number of persons simultaneously regardless of distance. While using this technique, the user is linked with Katsuyu and has a sense of what Katsuyu might be encountering on the battlefield, as the slug splits into many parts filled with the user’s chakra before scanning the battlefield for wounded shinobi.

Her summon, Katsuyu, can spit acid strong enough to melt through rocks with ease. The acid boasts such high density and concentration it dilutes even stone, vaporizing it. All things it touches will melt away. There are no setup moves to do before this jutsu’s activation. Thanks to this one can easily strike, catching the enemy unawares, which has the advantage of denying them any opportunity to dodge. Due to its physical and genetic make up, Katsuyu is extremely resistant to damage, as seen during Pain’s attack when Katsuyu absorbed people into its body to protect them. Because of its ability to divide into smaller parts, Sakura is able to summon different parts of Katsuyu anywhere at any given time should the need arise. It can also deconstruct itself entirely, until nothing more than its body fluids are left. This, however, doesn’t weaken Katsuyu at all.

With those abilities, Sakura was able to heal and save thousands of people over the course of the series. This includes people like Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Kakashi, Kankuro, Chiyo, a small girl, hundreds of wounded people during the Pain attack, Shikamaru, the entire Shinobi Alliance Force during the war and more.

She is also one of the best when it comes to poisons. Even though Sasori, a member of the Akatsuki, had created a poison to which not even he knew how to create an antidote for, Sakura was able to do just that without much trouble, surprising even Chiyo, who had been sure only the great Tsunade would be able to heal the boy, for Chiyo believed Tsunade was the only one who had better knowledge of poisons than Chiyo herself. Thanks to that, Sakura saved Kankuro’s life as well as her own during her battle with Sasori.

She is also able to create a poisoned Kunai and sleeping bombs.

Sakura is shown to achieve all this by the time she turned 17. Later on, as Databook 4 tells us, Sakura learns all of Shizune’s jutsu, including poison jutsu. This is why Sakura, rightfully so, surpassed her master Tsunade as a Medic nin, and became Konoha’s best known Healer.

Sakura’s strength and evasion skills

Medical Ninjutsu is not the only thing Tsunade has taught her student. Superhuman strength and evasion is what makes Sakura Haruno the best of the best. By sending her chakra straight to her fist and letting it free in the right moment, Sakura is able to destroy nearly everything.

Unlike her master, Sakura doesn’t have to waste chakra on keeping herself young, which means she has more chakra that she can utilise over Tsunade. Which is evident by the fact that Sakura’s punches cause greater damage than Tsunade’s, both with and without the Byakugou activated. This also gets confirmed by the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, who states that Sakura’s strength could possibly be even greater than Tsunade’s. As a reminder, Tsunade was able to break through Madara’s great Susanoo.

In fact, Sakura’s crater created by her punch in chapter 632 is the biggest one in the manga we’ve seen so far.

Through her strength she was able to defeat countless juubi clones at once in the war. In Gaiden, although she had held back due to her husband needing to question the enemy first, she almost killed Shin by attacking him from behind his blind spot, destroying entire body parts and erupting several of his vital organs. She also destroyed several of Sasori’s puppets and Sasori himself. She killed Pain’s summon with a single punch, saving a little girl in the process.

During the Sealing of Kaguya, Sakura managed something not even Sasuke or Naruto were able to do, attacking Kaguya from above and punching her with such a force that half of her horn broke off. Thanks to chakra enhanced strength, Sakura is able to keep enemies away from her, while still causing damage to them by destroying the ground underneath their feet.

However, Sakura also possesses natural strength. During her fight with Chiyo against Sasori, she lifted a boulder off Chiyo with ease.

[“That beauty and strength… it would seem as though you’ve raised another Tsunade, no?“] - Jiraiya about Sakura

To become a medic, one absolutely must learn the art of evasion.  Sakura was specifically trained in this by her master, Tsunade, who went all out on her pupil during their training. By the time Sakura was fighting Sasori, she had advanced and mastered evasion to the point where she didn’t need Chiyo’s help anymore and was able to evade Sasori’s weapons on her own.

During that fight we also learn that had Tsunade stated that evasion is the most important skill for a medic. Sakura would also learn to fight, for she was the Fifth Hokage’s apprentice and would inherit the power of a true Sannin.

A Leader

To become a Jonin, one must possess the quality to lead others with confidence and competence. Sakura proved herself worthy in several instances.

  • Sakura shows her leadership skills when she instructed the Sand Medic-nins on what to do and bring so she could create an antidote for Sasori’s poison. She later lead the operation on Kankuro.
  • Another display of this is when she took the lead during Pain’s attack and instructed Konoha-nin to evacuate the place seconds after being told how serious and dangerous the situation had become.
  • Furthermore, she motivated the entire Shinobi Alliance Force to not give up and keep fighting, to die fighting rather than die doing nothing.

This is why she rightfully became one of the three Jonin in her generation at age 18/19, together with Shikamaru Nara and Neji Hyuga (who had been promoted before them).

Without Sakura…..:

  • Naruto would have died not once or twice, but three times or possibly even more.
  • Sasuke would have bled to death
  • Hinata would have died
  • Kankuro would have died
  • Hundreds of villagers would have died during Pain’s invasion
  • A large portion of the Shinobi Alliance Force would have died
  • Karin would have died
  • Sasori would still be alive and Gaara would most likely be dead
  • Gaara would have killed Sasuke
  • Sasuke would have been consumed by the curse seal in Forest of Death
  • Sasuke would have no family
  • it would have taken much longer to find out that Zetsu clones had Hashirama’s DNA

More important Databook quotes

[“No matter how many times she’s hurt, she gets up. The unbreakable girl who grows every day.”] - Databook 2

[“ But her strength is her ability to find hope despite odds. With the pride of being a ninja deep in her heart she does not wither but faces all challenges. ”] - Databook 2

[“  In the battle field she was unnoticeable, but she is endlessly heading towards becoming the greatest of female ninjas. ”] - Databook 2

[“ One can see her strong spirit during missions. She erases fears of the opponent, doesn’t back down, and bravely and boldly fights back.  ”] - Databook 2

[“ What moves Sakura is her strong belief in becoming the greatest of female ninjas. She suppresses her fear which is about to explode and fights. Is this not true courage?  ”] - Databook 2

[“ What moves Sakura is her strong belief in becoming the greatest of female ninjas. She suppresses her fear which is about to explode and fights. Is this not true courage?  ”] - Databook 2

You want to know why Sakura is the heroine and the strongest Kunoichi?

You now know why.


PS: Special thanks to @xinpaii and @amitds who’ve helped me a lot with this post!

Miitopia - Jobs In-Depth

So, you wanna play MIITOPIA, Nintendo’s newest Mii-based vidya?

Well, then; let’s talk about JOBS, my boy/girl!

Warrior - Do you wanna hit shit real hard? Do you wanna keep your buddies from getting smacked? Warriors are probably the most well-rounded class in the game, as they can take AND deal a lot of damage to single targets with decent group damage. They don’t do status effects or any form of magic damage, but can smack some sense into your comrades if they get afflicted.

Mage - Wanna stop a fight before it starts? Wanna kill everything on the screen? Mages deal a ton of damage, but eat through MP like a fat kid eats through their pancreas. Your typical glass cannon, mages do have the benefit of high speed, but awful defense.  They deal in flat damage with the option of putting a pal to bed to heal them up, but that’s all they have in the form of utility.

Cleric - Heals, heals, heals. You wanna heal something? Boom. Wanna heal the whole party? Boom. Wanna kill an enemy instantly? Boom - wait, what? Clerics are pretty generic, and even the game refers to them as the ‘go-to support role.’ While they don’t pack much heat, they do get a 1-shot kill further down the trail. Other than that, they’ll heal the shit out of you. More heals than your body has room for!

Thief - They’ll stick ya. With their stickin’ stick, Ol’ Sticky. Just kidding; thieves huck their shivs like a boomerang to deal (diminishing) damage to the enemy squad. They have a, uh… ‘Interesting’ set of moves; not really what you’d expect from a rogue. They can vanish for a turn to deal loads of damage, hit multiple enemies at a time with some ninja tricks, and even set up traps to keep you and your pals safe! If you(!) play as a thief, you can swipe treats from your enemies in case you’re running low!

Pop Star - On the outside, this class might turn a lot of people off due to the weird costumes. Pop Stars are, quite literally, Japanese music idols. They’ll boomerang their mics at the enemy team! Pop Stars fill an important support role, as they’ll exploit the game’s relationship system to increase the chances of cooperation, in addition to ending quarrels before things get nasty! They have a subpar damage game, but they make up for it with their ability to buff allies and disable enemies.

Chef - Hey there, friend; you got the eats? Chefs are Miitopia’s version of Paladins; they deal above average melee damage (which can be enhanced), heal teammates (these heals are fixed - they don’t scale with magic!) and can increase the healing effects of HP ‘naners. They can deal decent magic damage at the cost of damaging a relationship, and at the end of their career, they gain the ability to 1-shot enemies to turn them into delicious foodstuffs! THE WEAK SHALL FEED THE STRONG.

Cat - Kitty’s got claws, and they hurt like a motherfucker. The Cat job is comparable to, say, a ‘Monk’ of sorts. They deal terrific melee damage (which they can take a turn to go even further beyond) while offering decent heals to health and MP. Boasting average defense and high speed, they can obliterate/significantly weaken tough enemies or keep whomever topped off to keep your sprinkles stocked. They can snatch food at high levels, which can be a boon to gettin’ your grub on at the Inn late-game.

Imp - Stabby, stab, stab; how you like that shit? Imps lack the pompadours their monster counterparts sport, but make up for it with demon stuff. Dealing a fair amount of magic and melee damage, Imps specialize in fucking with your enemies by lowering their defenses, softening them up with a hearty magical stab to the face, and hyping up allies to keep your hyper sprinkles in stock. Imps can tank a bit by slurping up HP/MP and gain the ability to insta-gib at later levels.

Scientist - Ah; what a fine day for science. Scientists are crunchier, supporty-er Mages with great fashion sense and wild hair. Their magical attacks focus on damaging multiple enemies at once (for great damage, no less) and they can buff an ally’s attacks (not boomerang style attacks sadly) to deal bonus, group damage or even absorb HP. They have a decent heal for friends and can prevent status effects!

Tank - This line won’t break, but your friendships just might. Tanks have the highest damage and defense in the game, but have literally 0 speed. Living up to their name, Tanks can take a huge amount of damage and simply shrug it off; they can even enhance their defenses and heal themselves should the need arise! Tanks deal so much damage, their basic attacks require 2 MP to be used, while their special abilities deal tremendous damage. Unfortunately… This class will damage relationships when used to full effect.

Princess - ‘Hi, I’m Daisy!’ The Princess is a very interesting class, dealing ‘okay’ melee damage while having a mass of support skills. They can lower the defenses of and disable an entire enemy squad with the added benefits of decent magical damage skills. They can prevent status effects, heal the party’s health/MP for a decent amount, and passively increase their standing with individual members!

Flower - Expecting an ‘Every Rose has its Thorn’ or ‘Undertale’ joke? Boi. Flowers are, ah, an ‘interesting’ class that a lot of people might not be into at first. They have decent heals, deal decent magic damage, and have a boomerang style basic attack. Something that’s unique to them, however, is their ability to enrage allies, increasing their damage and giving them two swings per turn! Might take a bit of getting used to.

Vampire - Nosferatu! Vampires are one of the unlockable classes. They have a boomerang-style basic attack, and a great set of abilities that makes them one of the most unique classes in the game. They deal damage whenever they take it, can bring themselves back from the dead (with one health), can grant allies the ability to self-rez, and have a huge selection of AoE abilities. Of course, you can latch onto your enemie’s throat and tear out little bits of HP, too!

Elf - Remember the Three Fab Fairies? The Elf class is probably the most powerful class in the entire game, and can only be unlocked after beating the main storyline, and not easily. They deal great damage, can disable enemies, heal/shield/restore MP, counterattack… This class might not be for you if you crave a challenge, but it’s fun as hell to unlock it. I’ll let you find out why.

I’ve had this Naruto AU in my head for a while now

Basically in this AU:

  • Ino and Sakura are Sarada’s moms
  • Sarada helps out with the family flowershop from time to time (which includes working the register, cleaning the store, making deliveries, etc.)
  • Sarada passes time by reading Ninja Tips and Tricks: Volume 3

I planned out this AU in great detail and if you have any questions, just send me an ask! I just really wanted Ino and Sakura to be moms, this is a very self-indulgent AU and I am in no way saying that this is better the actual canon of Naruto. (so please be nice)


The stars aligned last night

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anonymous asked:

Can i request for yukimura looking after his son with sasuke and saizo's help while mc is away ? "His son calls sasuke big brother"

Yukimura had thought that looking after a toddler was a piece of cake. After all his wife seemed to do it with ease.

He had been wrong.

So. Very. Wrong.

He dashed through the hallways cursing himself for falling asleep. How could he have been so careless? And where could a child even hide itself?

Just as he was about to fall deeper into despair he heard a very familiar giggle coming out of the garden followed with a delighted laugh. When he saw what was going on he couldn’t help the smile rising on his lips.

“Daddy look, daddy look, daddy look, look!” Haru exclaimed when he noticed his father from between his legs. Sasuke was standing on his hands next to the child and Haru, in an attempt to mimic the young ninja, was standing his bottom in the air and hands on the ground gleefully giggling when he saw his father.

“Oh, hey, lord Yukimura. I was just teaching Haru how to do a handstand,” Sasuke said raising to his feet.

“Dawww, big brother no play?” Haru clung to his leg and Sasuke looked at Yukimura asking for his permission. He nodded and Sasuke lifted Haru up to his shoulders.

“Of course, we can play! Do you want me to teach you some new ninja tricks? I’m sure we can ask sensei to play with us too!”

As soon as Sasuke turned his back on Yukimura he ran his hand across his face. Despite his nap, he felt exhausted. Looking after Haru while maintaining his normal duties was sucking out all of his energy and he desperately needed a break.

“Why so gloomy, little lord?”

“Saizo!” Yukimura almost jumped in the air, “Don’t scare me like that!”

“The little lady won’t be back for another two weeks, won’t she?”

“No… Saizo I have no idea how she does this. I fell asleep only for a moment and he was already gone! I’m a horrible father…”

Yukimura slumped to the veranda and Saizo patted his shoulder in consolation letting out a chuckle.

“You don’t have to do everything by yourself. There are plenty of people willing to help-”

He was interrupted by a cheerful giggle coming their way and soon Haru and Sasuke came running around the corner.

“Uncle Dango! Dango!”

The snort that left Yukimura’s mouth earned an exasperated sigh from Saizo. It had been one time Yukimura had laughed when Haru had caller Saizo Dango and the nickname had stuck ever since.

Saizo didn’t dodge when the excited toddler jumped on top of him and instead opted to topple over to the floor of the veranda.

“Oh no, you got me! Now I can’t get up! Aaa!” He pretended to be overpowered by the excited toddler, who giggled at his victory.

“Uncle Dango, Uncle Dango! I climb! Look, look!”

“I’m looking,” came Saizo’s languid answer as the toddler climbed all over him. Yukimura lied down next to him closing his eyes just for a moment.

When Saizo sat up Haru on his arms, Yukimura was fast asleep, an arm covering his face. Saizo let out a chuckle and lifted Haru on his shoulders, sparing a glance at Sasuke, who was sprawled on the floor, a faint snore coming from his mouth and stepped over him.

“So, what do we want to do, little lord?” he asked Haru, who clung tightly to his hair.


“Alright, dango it is. But don’t tell your father.”

When Yukimura woke up, the first thing that went through his head was panic. He shot up berating himself for neglecting his son and falling asleep again. When he scanned his surroundings for Haru, he noticed Sasuke curled up on the floor his eyes closed and Saizo’s sword lying discarded next to him.

The panic eased up on his chest when he realised what that had to mean. Haru was with Saizo. He was with the safest person possible. And Yukimura was not alone after all. All he had to do all along was to ask for help.

the biscuit on the counter 

[part 3 of the shinobi next door]

rating: T
pairing: (eventual) Kakashi Hatake x Reader
warnings: ninken cuteness? none.
summary: pampering Pakkun has unexpected consequences.

author’s note: thank you to @freedomaboveallelse for being a wonderful beta, yet again. your constant support and love for these ridiculous one-shots honestly keeps me writing them. <3 <3 <3

Tag: @otaku-fangirlse (sorry I made you wait so long!)

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do the lords reacting to and what they think mc being the leader of a notorious ninja clan?

Nobunaga: After he made sure that the clan wasn’t secretly planning an attack on his own, he would feel pretty prideful of keeping such a powerful woman close to him. He’d make their clans trade strategies, and he would show her off at every war meeting. When she was sparring with someone, or him, he would be amazed that someone that looked as small and delicate as her held so much strength in that little body.

Mitsuhide: He always saw her as such a beautiful and elegant woman, so this would be a shocking discovery. He’d be so impressed that she could hold her own in a fight and would always compliment her during training, calling her movements swift and agile. He would also say something poetic about her ninja ways, claiming that she always seemed to sneak into his mind during the day, or that she threw a shuriken at his heart so that he could never escape the fate of loving her.

Yukimura: Poor Yukkin would be so flustered. He wouldn’t be able to comprehend that she could protect herself, and would bring her by his side during battles on instinct, or telling her to run when things got chaotic. He would try to stop her from going on missions, telling her it was too dangerous, even if they were extremely harmless and simple. She would always beat him to a pulp during training, mainly because he went easy on her, and he would just remain motionless on the ground thinking, “How!? How did she do that!?”

Saizo: Three words. Partners. In. Crime. These two would be the biggest deadly pair. Though most ninjas did missions alone, they would be inseparable. If they did do missions alone, they would have a secret meeting place where they could meet for five minutes, giving each other shuriken, washing the blood off of their katanas, sucking face, etc. Sasuke would accept her as his second sensei, and they would absolutely love sneaking up behind Yukimura and scaring him.

Masamune: She wasn’t like any other woman he had met before, she wasn’t interested in rouge and parasols, she was into war strategies and unifying the clans. He would feel kind of useless because she would be a better fighter than him, and she protected him better than he protected her. He’d ask Kojuro to go harder on him in training so he could defend her properly. After nearly passing out from exhaustion and getting a scolding from him, he would apologize to her in a self-depreciating smile, admitting how his insecurity got the best of him and that he should trust her more.

Kojuro: He would be extremely relieved that she was part of a well-known ninja clan, because one, they wouldn’t have any trouble whenever they got married, and two, it would put in a good word for the Date clan.  These two would be constantly training, sharing passionate kisses when they got close enough as they clashed swords. They’d join each other in his room, spending the whole day reading books about battle plans and falling asleep in each others arms.

Hideyoshi: He’d be so ecstatic, and think she was the coolest person ever. They’d plan pranks together, and get into tons of trouble. He would also ask her to use the art of seduction on him, melting under her affectionate and hypnotizing gaze every single time. She would teach him some ninja tricks, and he would use that to his advantage during difficult wars.

Inuchiyo: He would be pissed, more at himself than her because how did he not figure this out throughout all these years? He would demand answers, and would even accuse of her of lying and challenge her to a spar. After she beat the shit out of him, both his pride and his doubt would be gone. He’d apologize for not believing her, but even afterwards, knowing she was incredibly strong, he’d try to protect her. They’d playfully wrestle each other a lot, him always being the one to be pinned down and blushing.

Ieyasu: He would feel betrayed because she left out such an important detail of her life. He’d smirk and hold his katana centimeters away from her face, with a challenging look on his own. After they slid down to the ground, exhausted, the angry tanuki in him calmed down at last, he would admit that it was most likely a good thing she was a ninja, so that he didn’t have to carry the burden of worrying about her everyday.

Mitsunari: “So the insufferable little manju-girl has some worth after all, does she?” He would say after the surprise ran from his face. Of course, he says this snarky comment to cover up his intimidation. Not only was she older than him, but now she could be possibly stronger than him? He’d tell her to come and help him teach the children tomorrow if she was so high and mighty. After that event, they’d unexpectedly have a private reading session with just the two of them, and he would confess that he was fascinated by her knowledge with a truly rare smile.

Hoshidan Festival: Saizo and Shigure Parent-Child Convo

All I can think of when I read this convo: Asugi, you poor thing.

Here’s yet another example of Saizo being twisted around his child’s finger. Shigure’s not a little shit like Kanna is, but he still knows how to get his father to do what he wants. 

Oh, and Ninja Houses are really fun. When I went to Japan in elementary school, I found a trick wall that I hid behind and listened to my family go bonkers trying to find me. Mwahahahaha.

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I was at the Used And Terrible Bookstore today, looking for last-minute gifts for my least favorite relatives, and WHAT should I come across but another “manifesto” by self-proclaimed “multiple author" Ryan North!

Here are a few GEMS I transcribed from the introduction:

Where the 20th century was industrial, the 21st century shows every sign of becoming feudal. In this book, I present proven facts and techniques for success in this exotic new world, passed down by generations of grandmasters and warriors from the East. I’ve studied every single ninja fighting game, from Ninja Gaiden, to Ninja Gaiden 2, to others. I’ve successfully started and shut down over seven companies just in the last 26 months. AND I live in Canada, which is often called "the Orient of the Americas”. 

In this book you will learn to sneak around your competitors’ business strategies….conceal your true motives from possible corporate threats…poison people metaphorically who might want to see you fail literally…and leap from rooftop to rooftop of the pagodas of your own career. You will need to climb on walls with foot-claws to stay ahead in business – and I will show you how!

Additionally, in case you haven’t purchased this book’s companion VHS tape, I have helpfully reprinted a series of video stills in the appendix (pages 245-370). 

Ah, so! Are YOU ready to stop bowing and scraping to your bosses and rivals, and start coolly and awesomely swording and starring your way to victory? Narrow your eyes for the coming battle…Nip bad habits in the bud…Repair chinks in your own armor…And turn your shogun into sho'nuff: the NORTHUTSU way!!

REALLY, Ryan? “Nip” bad habits? “Chinks” in your armor?? There’s also a whole chapter on “yellow fever” that CLAIMS to be an elaborate treatise on the viral plague, complete with illustrations of mosquitoes, but WHAT’S IT DOING in a business book???

Wait…I just noticed the back cover reads “Never before have so many outrageously cartoonish racisms been collected unconsciously in one book for satirical and not-serious intent! What a satire, ha ha!!” It’s written on a sticker that was applied to the book AFTER it was printed.

All that said, I’ve started following some of the tips, and my QTD receivables are up 25% over Q3 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Another thing: his body really IS that strangely proportioned, I’ve both seen it with my own eyes AND heard his wife whisper quietly yet incredulously about it to my wife!!


Twenty Facts about Blake Belladonna (Compiled by Yang Xiao Long) (Bumbleby)

Blake bites into ice cream instead of licking it. When I tell her she’ll get brain freeze that way, she says if that happens, she’ll just have an afterimage get the brain freeze for her. (I was gonna tell her that wasn’t how it works, but then I realized that I have no clue if that’s how her Semblance actually works or not … but either way, I guess this means my girlfriend is one cool cat, huh?)

If you ask Blake, she’ll say that she’s a bit of a morning person. If you ask Blake in the morning, she’ll say something like, “Urrgggrrrrraaaaghhhh.” (The trick is to have a cup of green tea for her in your hand before you ask!)

Blake likes doing poetry challenges. We come up with a title, she comes up with – usually -something pretty impressive. (I once asked her for a poem about “How to Kill Yang Xiao Long” and she just smirked and said “With kindness.” What a great gal.)

Blake is really into the idea of planting a private garden. She says she wants a row of flowers for every color in the rainbow. (And I think she might just be sunny enough to make it work.)

One of Blake’s favorite things to do is slow-dance to songs with a really fast beat. Something about finding peace in the middle of chaos, she says. (Me, I just like dancing with her, that’s all.)

There’s a cemetery past the edge of Beacon, the kind with too little space for all the graves. Whenever we pass by it, Blake insists on a moment of silence. (Sometimes I wonder about who died – and sometimes I wonder about who didn’t.)

Blake says that when she was little, a snowflake landed perfectly on the tip of her index finger when it was lightly snowing, and she memorized how it looked before it melted. She’s spent every winter since trying to catch a matching one. (Personally, I think she’s already the special snowflake she’s looking for.)

Blake uses her arm-ribbons as makeshift seat belts when she’s riding Bumblebee with me. “If I die, I want you to be holding on to me, not the other way around.” (And if I die, I wanna do it smiling, soooo maybe we can work something out?)

Blake is really good at jump rope. Her current record is, get this, 228 skips. (I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me like a target to aim for!)

Blake never folds her clothes, ever, and yet somehow still manages to keep them 100 percent wrinkle-free. I asked her how, and she said, “Ninja tricks.” (Had that smirk on her face, too, the one where she’s barely smiling at all …)

Give her a canvas, a brush, and some peace and quiet. and Blake will paint you some of the best pictures you’ve ever seen – but only the outlines; only black and white. She says she’ll fill in the colors when other people give them to her. (Yellow, Blake, you’ve already got some!)

When Blake blows the seeds off of dandelions, she lays down on the ground to do it instead of plucking them like everyone else. “It’s not necessary to kill it, so why should I?” (And now she’s got me doing the same thing – dandy, huh?)

Blake’s … sense of attention? … is kind of reversed. She’s never bumped into anybody while walking down a crowded hallway while she’s reading one of her books, but while walking and not reading … (The record currently stands at 12 different people, one corridor, and I’m taking bets on when she breaks it!)

Blake can pick up any wind instrument you might care to name and – without ever having touched it before – play it basically perfectly after a few minutes figuring out where the notes go. She can also pick up any wind instrument you might care to name and look really silly making “phhhhhbt” noises and turning bright red. (Like I’m not gonna give her a standing ovation either way.)

Whenever we go to the beach, Blake picks up as many seashells as she can and passes them out to people she knows, saying “this shell represents some of your best qualities.” And then, when people ask her what that’s supposed to mean, she always refuses to explain. (Uh, as a quick side note, if anyone could help me figure out exactly how a purple and white conch shell and I are supposed to be alike, that’d be awesome.)

For the first three months we knew her, whenever we sent Blake a text with an emoticon in it, she always acted incredibly confused about what the heck “those little symbols” were supposed to be. Then one day I actually asked if she was being serious, and she texted me back, and I quote, “Of course I’m always serious. ;3” (And let me tell you, I haven’t told a soul.)

When she listens to music, Blake moves her ears – the kitty ones – to the beat. You’d think she was doing it on accident, except she never does so when people who aren’t in on the fact can see her. (The worst part is? I’m pretty sure I do the same thing with my eyebrows.)

Blake buys scented candles – basically every kind you can imagine. But whether pumpkin spice, lavender, chocolate, or whatever the heck “Cashmere Forest” is, she never actually lights them up until she’s taken the time to whittle them into the most detailed little sculptures I’ve ever seen. (And here I am, with just enough artistic ability to trace my hand and turn it into a turkey …)

Blake keeps a book of compliments she thinks up about different people, but doesn’t usually tell anyone about any of them. She says that she likes to save them for when people really need them. (My personal favorite so far is “You have the kind of eyes diamonds would sell their souls to be more like.”)

And, to top everything off, Blake Belladonna is the most passionate, most beautiful, most gorgeous, most talented, patient, artistic, kind, extraordinary person on the face of Remnant. (She’s also – and don’t tell her I blew her cover - a huge dork.)