ninja song

“ Please don’t leave yet,
Please return to me,
Please let me touch even just your shadow.
I dont want to be alone here.”

Okay after the Leorai fluff Imma throw some wasteland angst, please dont kill me.

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How would Pakkun and the rest of Kakashi's ninken react to and deal with Kakashi suddenly having a s/o?

Ninkin Reacting to Kakashi’s S/O

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• Pakkun would be like a gruff yet proud grandpa. He would say ‘it’s about time’, admonishing Kakashi for taking this long to find a relationship in a good-natured way. He’d also suss out the S/O, following their trails and making sure they’re the loyal partner Kakashi deserves (although I’m sure all the hounds would do this). With Kakashi vouching for them, it would not take Pakkun long to warm up to the S/O. Rest of the pack (Pakkun included) 

• They’d be sniffing Kakashi’s s/o all over, intent on sussing them out completely. If there’s even the tiniest chance this person might ‘join into the pack’ (aka marry Kakashi), they need to make sure they’re a good person. It would be like gathering enemy intelligence, but even more thorough. Wherever the s/o went, the dogs would follow their scent and see if they could sniff up anything potentially troubling.

• We’ve seen that Kakashi’s hounds aren’t exactly the friendliest bunch at first glance. They might making stinging comments on the s/o’s appearance, scent, etc, but that’s only because they’re a giant pack of sass and fur. They’d remain cautious though, because they don’t want to push Kakashi’s patience too far. Kakashi gets that the nin-hounds have attitude, but he wouldn’t stand for his s/o being insulted or hurt, and the nin-hounds know that. It would be a delicate of backhanded uncomfortable-family comments (think Thanksgiving) mixed in with blatant interrogation (“you’re not allergic to dogs, are you?” “You’d never cheat on Kakashi, right?”). 

• Once reassured that Kakashi’s s/o was a good person and a good match for him, the nin-hounds would accept them congenially. They’d be friendlier and open to conversation, maybe tagging along with Kakashi and his s/o for the occasional walk. Some might even let the s/o scratch behind their ears, which is considered a big honour, since nin-dogs are more intelligent than regular dogs and therefore touch is a bigger deal to them. To let themselves be that vulnerable around the s/o is a massive step. 

• If the s/o thanked them for making sure Kakashi was always safe, they would win BIG brownie points with the pack. If the s/o acknowledged their respect for the pack and didn’t treat them like ‘cute lil’ puppies’, the pack would quickly build up respect for the s/o in return. Mutual respect is probably the greatest bond the s/o could build with the pack, and it’s no small feat to achieve. However, the pack would take Kakashi’s regards into account, which would lead them to think more highly of the s/o in a shorter period of time.


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Takeo Ischi, the greatest Chicken Yodeler the world has ever seen, returns to the Internet with a new addition to the oeuvre of Chicken Yodeling.

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Everytime I see that one Hamilton post w Arin as A.Ham, Dan as Gelica and Scooze as Elizard, I cackle at the "His name is Dangelica Schuyler" part. Save my soul.

It is entirely possible that this ask somehow inspired me to rewrite the lyrics to “Alexander Hamilton.” There’re some artistic license, some creative syllable-blurring, and a lot of references to weird shit. XD Whoops.

How does a raptor, gamer, animator, and a cat-dad
Slapped with a talent for mappin’ raps about his Pokémon
A general, a dragon, and a cyborg
Turn out to be Dick Elder and a sith lord?

The Game Grumps’ founding father who never falters
With his dance partners
Or with his WoW starters
Or ninja pool-darters
Or Crunchyroll’s dollars
As a teen, he loosely defined the D-Club charter

And every day as fame was bein’ fronted and shunted away
On Newgrounds’ page, he toiled and got his art up
Inside, he was dreamin’ of somethin’ that he could start up
Our raptor was ready to move, shake, and game-show tart up

With a buddy who fit, the inspiration hit
Our man saw his future: grump, not-so-grump, and shit
With a JonTron to rely on, developed the channel’s bit
Dazzled us with their wit, like damn, this show is lit

And the word got around: open YouTube up and sit, so
You can hear ‘em banter while they’re gamin’; this is it, bro
Get your earholes ready, ‘cause this dude can really spit
And his name’s what you’re gonna get
Say your name, it’s—

Egoraptor Hamilton
My name is Egoraptor Hamilton
I mean, okay, that’s not my legal name
But just you wait, just you wait…

But in a year, JonTron quit, then he split, New York-bound
Two years later, see Vader sprawled in pain on the ground
In space, hackin’ up all that ick, raccoons thick
But when they went Solo, son
The dancin’ got sick

Then somewhere in the distance, a ninja committing homicide
The deep, snarly roar of a manticore goin’ for a ride
A voice singin’ “sandwich that I would like to fuck”
And a list of things that somebody named Brian likes to suck

It could’ve been destiny or chance or YouTube gods or fate
But Danny was just outside the gate
Assuring his friend he’d masturbate

They started gamin’, tamin’ every console in the Grump Space
Throwin’ stuff at shirts and drawin’ dicks on Ross’s dry-erase
Crammin’ gross Bertie Bott’s beans into their mouths and
Jammin’ to the rhythm, table flippin’ Dan’s “the South”
Run the intro again, and they start a new band
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband

In Starbomb, you can wear a headband (Dan’s is blue)
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband (Brian’s, gold)
In Starbomb, you can wear a headband, in Starbomb (Starbomb)
Mine is pink!

Egoraptor Hamilton
The expedition will wait for you
‘Cause you gotta go fast
And Specs the Tiger wastes no time

Yo, Egoraptor Hamilton
What’s the internet’s fate for you
Will the hero of rhyme set flame
Will they know that you grumped the game
“Watch shows on sushi?” we exclaim, whoa

Barry’s doing edits now, add a happy burger
And Ross is making them all consider murder
Suzy’s got the paperwork, and Holly is the bird-er

We work with him
Me, I game with him
Me? Play tunes with him
Me, I hug him
And me? I balloon-poppin’ shot him

He still hasn’t seen the spotted one, space-raccoons

Say your name, dude

Egoraptor Hamilton!