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  • Buddy Thunderstruck
  • Welcome to the Wayne
  • Lego anything (ninjago, nexo knights, batman, idfc)
  • Fangbone
  • Motorcity
  • Legend Quest
  • Atomic Puppet
  • Webcomics/OCs
  • Tangled: the series
  • Wishfart
  • Counterfeit Cat
  • Futurama
  • Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja
  • Captain Underpants
  • Xiaolin Showdown
  • Clone High
  • Archie (no Riverdale I s2fg)
  • Milo Murphy’s Law
TMNT Flashback . . .

*This was one of my favorite Donnie moments ever! 

“What? There’s a force field?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well … ”

“ … because I wanted us to fail.”


*OMG! I just love the sarcasm and the nerd rage! ;)

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One of my favorite things is giffing the most “blink and you’ll miss it” moments. For instance this bit from Bye Bye Butterfree:

I love the way she looks at him just enough to notice that he’s crying before going on to say something to cheer him up a little. Or this scene from The Ninja Poké-Showdown (which I’ll post tomorrow)–this part is hard to miss–

–but this, coming right after, and the way her hands follow him for a bit still to hold him if necessary:

Idk, I just love the thoughtfulness that went into animating this sort of stuff.

List of films Godfrey Ho directed with the word “ninja” in the title.

This does not include films he directed with non-titular ninjas or films with words like “ninjitsu” in the name.

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“Get away from my brother!”

I was rewatching Showdown and I remembered this moment. It’s easily my favorite moment of the entire finale.
I love Leonardo and Michelangelo’s relationship in the 2012 series. Leo is Mikey’s protector, he loves his baby brother so much. And that couldn’t be made anymore clear than in these moments.
Leo is the only one to stop and go back for Mikey. The rest of the group was so focused on getting out of there, they failed to even notice Mikey was in danger. But Leo was hyperaware of everything and everyone around him, as he always is, because more than anything, he wants to know his family isn’t in danger.
Leo races to take on a giant monster alien with literally no hesitation whatsoever. He’s not afraid of that Kraang in the least. Things like that don’t scare Leo. What scares him is the thought of something happening to his family. And he’s terrified of something happening to Mikey here.
When Leo pulls Mikey up, his eyes are instantly all over Mikey, making sure he’s truly okay. He’s looking for any signs of injury, desperate to know his little brother is unharmed.
And Mikey finally looks up to meet Leo’s eyes. There aren’t any words exchanged between them, because there isn’t a need for any. Both Leo and Mikey’s expressions say a million different things.
Thank you,” “you came back and saved me,” “I’m so sorry I tripped and screwed up”. 
You’re welcome,” “of course I did,” “it’s fine, I’m just glad you’re okay”.
This moment is my absolute favorite Mike-Leo moment in the entire 2012 series. There isn’t a more powerful scene to show how much they mean to each other.