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Carol Corps Panel and today at HeroesCon!

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I had so much fun a the panel yesterday, you guys – thank you.  

If I had it to do over again (if we try to do one at a different con, for instance) there’s some things I’d do differently:

  • For one, I’d talk less so my co-panelists could talk more (I get chatty when I’m nervous) – because Nicky and Kit are beautiful and articulate and way better reps for the corps than I am. 
  • I’d also end sooner so we could mill about and meet each other.  I didn’t realize that the panel butted up against the end of the show day for some reason, and so I blew the timing. I had really hoped for some meet and greet time for everyone.  
  • I had also wanted to talk about some charity initiatives as a group, which I didn’t get to; and
  • I had vague plans to do a little Carol Corps induction for newbies… which would have been a lot easier if…


(Why did I not make a list?? I love lists! Laurenn even told me to make a list!)

If you stop by my table today and (as long as they last! I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough for everybody because wow we had a bigger group than I expected) if you were at the CC panel, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a dog tag.

Schedule-wise, Winter of NINJA PRINCESS ZOMBIE ROCKSTAR will be at my table with me from 1:15 to 2:15 today–she’s got another batch of her project to sign and sell for $1 (exact change appreciated).  I’ve got a 2:30 panel and then at some point in the afternoon, I hope to walk the floor with my own children.  

Oh! And don’t forget to ask me about Pretty Deadly

Speaking of which, I need to finish my coffee and wrap up a couple of page so I can send them to Emma and Sigrid before I finish jump in the shower. 

See you in a bit! 

Apologies for the long absence, folks.  Schedules and familial obligations have conspired to keep NINJA PRINCESS ZOMBIE ROCKSTAR on the back burner for far too long.  

New panel descriptions go up tomorrow!!  So, sharpen you pencils. 

By way of apology, here’s an awesome David Lapham Ninja Princess!

(If you don’t know what this is all about, go here.)