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Fuma Kotaro is done- did want to make him and mc kissing- but couldn’t find a cg with mc that had the right lighting for the time of day I wanted to use, so I decided not to add her.

I hope you all enjoy this drawing as much as you did the last- I had fun drawing him- really wanted to do his crazy face, but I like him blushing best.This is meant to be the moment after the accidental kiss MC gave him for the umbrella- in the epilogue story.

Let me know what you think, and if you all like this I may do either saizo or another hot side character that we will probably never get to play.  If you would like to kinda…vote?…for either saizo or whatever side character you would like to see next- drop their name (Or preferably reblog with a screenshot of the characters image)….I would appreciate it! whoevers name pops up the most will most likely be next. Thank you!


Tenka Moon Chapter Kirigakure Hotaru Preview

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please correct me for any mistakes *bow*


Fujibayashi Sakuya
Sarutobi Sasuke
Fujibayashi Genya
Hattori Hanzo
Kirigakure Hotaru
Narukami Kyoichiro

MC [ …..Perhaps, you are the owner of this cat? ]


??? [ ….. ]

A boy you happened to encounter in Kyoto while searching for a way for Mitsuba Clan to survive.

Hotaru [ STOP! ]

His true identity was Iga’s 隠し玉 (kakushi-dama=hidden character/person), “言霊主” (kotodama-nushi=master of soul of language).

MC [ Hotaru-kun? What’s wrong? ]

Hotaru [ What’s that? ]

Pure, honest, innocent.

His speech and conduct, behavior was a series of things that make you forget he is a Shinobi.

In order to find out Hotaru’s real intention, also to propose a contract with Mitsuba Clan,

You approached by “Uesugi Kenshin” side, a warlord who is rumored to have deep sense of justice.

Hotaru [ I give you this. ]

Hotaru [ I was taught by Kenshin. ]

MC [ Errr…..what did you learn? ]

Hotaru [ He said that I need to give important things and precious things to those who are important and close friends. ]

You are being taught great things. GOOD JOB KENSHIN SAMA

Your frozen and stiffed heart starting to appreciate that facial expression and his words.

It is the cruel appearance of Hotaru that you witnessed when the interval/gap of warm thoughts and doubtful heart are swaying/shaking out.

Man [ Stop, stop it….please stop! ]

Hotaru [ ….. ]

Man [ No - ]

Although I feel terrible and afraid, I want to believe him…..

Hotaru [ Why was I born? ]

Hotaru [ I….. ]

Chasing after each day, Hotaru keeps falling/descending into shadow by the hand of his real elder brother, Saizo.

For the first time, HIM, understand/know all by himself.

For the first time, YOU, have thought of wanting to protect a person.

Hotaru [ But, since I want to live here with Mimi. ]

Opening the path of love for the Shinobi with fate of living in the shadow,



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