ninja jump

(Unfortunately our consistent party tends to be just three people: myself, my husband, and a friend of ours. When I’m DM, I’m almost constantly caught off guard by the things my players do. Even when I go out of my way to try and come up with every possible thing they could do, they manage to do something unexpected. Here’s a few examples…)

Bear Hunting

(Story is an elven man is a mentor to a young human boy. His parents died under mysterious circumstances; everyone believes a bear killed his parents. After some investigating, it was determined that the elven man killed both parents with arrows to the heart, on account of they were going to sell their son into slavery. This follows.)

Husband: I let the elf go and go hunting.

Me: Uh, okay. What are you hunting for?

Husband: A bear.

Me: ….. *retrieves Bestiary* Ooookay then…

(He eventually succeeds in killing two bears, then brought one to the boy as ‘the one that killed his parents’. I actually, honestly expected him to kill the elf mentor…)


(A young boy is causing a scene in a city, harassing some guards. My players come and get the situation calmed, getting the guards to leave. It turns out that the boy’s father was a wizard who was wrongfully executed and he’s taking out his anger on the guards. Then this happens…)

Me: The boy, still distraught, casts Magic Missile at (husband). Take 2 damage.

Husband: Ow.

Friend (a ninja): I jump kick the boy in the head.

Me: ….what.

Friend: *hard stare*

Me: …. (We roll appropriately) He takes 12 nonlethal damage and is knocked unconscious.

Friend: *to my husband, in character* Shall I dispatch this miscreant for you, master?

Husband: NO.

Brothel Battle

(A slaver ship captain is in a brothel. I expected the players to just wait on the docks for him to return. Instead, they split up and end up at the brothel together. One is an Inquisitor (husband), the other is a vigilante (friend). Both are male. I fully expect both of them to enter as patrons. Instead…)

Friend: I disguise myself as a woman named ‘Rose’.

Me: …..Okay.

Husband: *shaking head*

Friend: I go inside and pretend to be looking for a job.

(We RP him approaching the Madame, and her offering rates and such things for 'Rose’. Note that the vigilante’s hero name is “The Wild Rose”, the brothel’s name is “The Blooming Rose”, and the Madame’s name is “Rosa”. The place is also heavily guarded by false patrons wearing masks. Husband comes in as a patron looking for a woman of Rose’s exact description, so he’s escorted to her room as her first patron. Then they just wait in the room for the man they suspect to be the captain to come by. After actually yanking him into the room when he turned down Rose’s advances [he preferred strong women, but Rose was dainty and childlike], they fight, and win. However, an alert goes up. I expect the pair to jump out the window. Instead…)

Husband: I run out of the room and around the corner, duck into another room, and cast Invisibility on myself.

Friend: I scream and pretend (Inquisitor) killed my customer.

(They proceeded to escape and even took the captain’s boots before they left, both of them invisible at this point.)

A Whole New Use for Bear Traps

(Same as the previous game, the two are sneaking around the house of a rich family and spot bear traps in the garden. I expect them to either move the traps, spring them, or ignore them. Instead…)


Me: ….Okay, you do so.

(Few moments later, after a successful perception check to notice footsteps nearby…)

Me: You hear someone sneaking around.


Me: …..WHY.

(It was an ally of theirs sneaking around, but he barely managed to NOT get her head stuck in a bear trap. Later on he used them again on a guard. Rather than roll damage, I just accepted it as the guard died instantly. For his sake…)


This is Dexter, he screams a lot (especially when everyone is sleeping) he is fat but very very handsome! He also likes to play ninja, and will jump out and nibble on your toes when you least expect it!




i can finally introduce this guy i’ve been developing over the past few days!

long story short, @arrt-jim-lad practically bullied me into making a friend for this guy. also, shout out to jim for helping me so much with tero’s costume, and turning my rough idea into the real thing! ;V; <3


Real name: Tero Shiryoku

Quirk: Fear induction - he can induce fear in his opponent. From mild anxiety and uneasiness to full blown traumatic and phobic attacks, Fearstrike strikes fear in the hearts of his opponents. His quirk requires clear and direct eye contact, even if it’s for a split of second. The quirk has a very individual working - with some people it might invoke a sensation or a memory of a scary thing, or an image, or a sound, or a feeling of physical touch.

personality, backstory, trivia are under the cut!

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She forgot

Genin days. When Sakura forgets the ‘kun’.

Is a simply mission, they said. Nothing to dangerous, they said.

Sakura Haruno didn’t think that at all. Not when they were surrounded against the enemy. Five ninjas standing in front of team seven. Five grass ninjas, all well-equipped. It just not fair.

And where the hell is Kakashi-sensei, Anyways?

In this instant she takes full responsibility, because even her sensei has told her she is the best at improvising in distress situations. So, while she poised a Kunai on her hand for the fully purpose of covering her mouth, she is thinking how the hell go through the battle and while on it, keep everyone safe.

Well, we are going to abuse the inexhaustible amount of Naruto’s chakra and his most overused technique. After all, he always wants to be the soul of the party.

“Naruto” She warned, moving her lips so slightly “Sasuke and I will cover you up. Do your kage bushin as a distraction”

“Ja!” He smiles “Let’s go, dattebayo!”

In a battle scream, Naruto meet the ninja grass, too happy for finally have some action. The sound of a increasing number of shadows clones feeling the place.

When Naruto have the five ninjas occupied, she jumps to meet her comrade “Sasuke” she calls, handing him the end of a ninja wire “Use your Sharigan to copy every single move I make”

His lips are twisted, his eyes beyond disbelief “Wha-“


She jumps first, and only when she is at midair, she feels Sasuke chakra signature at her side, in another tree branch. Her mind is thinking all the knots that she was taught at the academy while she jumps from branch to branch, following pretty closed by the sharigan stare. Sasuke notices she is building a spider network, using him as a builder.

When the wire runs out, they affirm it with shurikens. The trap is ready. All the ninjas are on the wire now, trying to move their limbs, without achieving it.

“Sasuke!” She screams at him, pointing to the red wire “Fire them, now!”

Sakura and Naruto looks how a big fireball is thrown to the enemy, burning everything down. When Sasuke stops his exhalation, the ninjas disappear in a puff.

“Yo!” Kakashi says behind team seven, his pervy book on his hand. “Nice team work. Good leadership, Sakura”

“T-This” She stutter, her eyebrow twitching “It was an exercise?”

“One you did approve with flying colors” He nods. His only eye very happy.

Naruto jumps of happiness, Sasuke sighs and Sakura is too irritated to even speak. She thought they were over, for goodness sake, and it turns out it was a teaching lesson about team work, again, by kakashi’s-sensei over-the-top techniques, again.


“Naruto o Sasuke could have been dead, your now!” She screams at his teacher, while his sits on a top of a rock “I thought we were finished!”

“Well, you are not” He replies, calmy. And ending the topic, he opens his book again.

Her eyebrows are frowned when Sasuke speaks at her backs “Why did you call me that”

She tilts her head in his direction “What did I call you?”

“You” He cross his arms, closing his eyes “Tch, what are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” She seems surprise by him, lifting her shoulders “What are you telling me, Sasuke?”

He crinkles his nose “That’s not my name”

She is shocked now “But your name is Sasuke-kun!”

Then, his shoulders relax “Yes” He nods, keeping his hands in his pockets and turning around, leaving them.

“Wait, Sasuke-kun!” She screams at his back, reaching for him “what were you talking about your name! I don’t get it!”

“Sakura-chan! Wait!” Naruto follows her, running to them “Let’s get some ramen!”

Team seven departs, leaving Kakashi and his orange book opening. He looks at Sasuke and sighs.

Little spoiled brat.