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Dangan Ronpa games has sold over 200,000 copies in the West!

NIS America CEO and President Takuro Yamashita told the MCV website that the Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair games have sold more than 200,000 copies — on the PS Vita platform alone — in Europe and the United States.


Diabolik Lovers gets a 2nd anime season & a stage play

The official Twitter account for the anime of Rejet’s Diabolik Lovers video games for women announced on Monday that a second season of the anime has been green-lit. The Sakamaki brothers and the Mukami brothers will make an appearance in the new series.

The staff also announced that a stage play adaptation of the franchise has also been green-lit. The play will be held at the Rikkōkai Theater in Tokyo’s Shinagawa district from August 26 to 30. Details about tickets will be announced at a later time.


Nanbaka prisoners dress up for halloween!

- Jyugo would have no idea what to dress up as. I can see him just throwing a sheet around himself and claiming to be a ghost. Anther addition to the “things Jyugo can’t do” list.

- Nico. this weeb is gonna be Naruto. He is gonna run around with his hands behind his back and start shouting out ninja moves.

- Uno would have one of those kissing booth costumes. He thought it was the perfect costume… until he realized there were no girls around. His cellmates would start joking around asking if a kiss would make it better.

- Rock is a simple man with simple tastes. He goes as a hotdog.

- Honey is obviously go as a sexy vampire. Its just a normal vampire costume, but any costume he puts on automatically becomes sexy.

- Trois is going as a robot. It would seem like a normal costume, but in reality it is an actual robot. Probably designed with x-ray vision.

- Upa would find this whole thing pointless and not want to join in. Uno would provoke him saying that he was probably as bad as jyugo when it came to costumes. Then he would make a  jiangshi costume and spend the whole night scaring Uno.

- This one is a bit of a stretch but bear with me. Liang was like Upa, not planning on dressing up. He would decide to get a shower and skip whatever is going on. He would undo his hair and wash off his makeup. His clothes would be dirty from practice so he would put on a  Changshan.  With his petite frame he would be mistaken for a woman. Uno, Trois, and Honey would badger him all night, until Upa explained that he was just wearing a traditional chinese dress worn by men.

 - Qi dressed up as a doctor. Upa and Liang would be pestering him all night on how he was so unoriginal. 

- Poor, poor Musashi. Since he can’t see someone would have to help him with his. Uno would volunteer and claim to be dressing him up as a cowboy or something. In reality, he dressed him up as a firefighter. 

- It would take them forever to finally find Tsukumo. They thought he would be dressed up as a ninja. They found him dressed up as a pirate. When questioned why he said, “ A ninja tries to avoid detection. How would I be able to avoid detection when you were looking for a ninja?”


Marvel’s The Defenders - Trailer #2

Blind ninja. Smart-ass detective. Bulletproof ex-con. Kung Fu billionaire. Marvel’s The Defenders centers on four outsider heroes that have to put aside their personal issues and come together when a villainous sect threatens to destroy New York City as we know it. Premiering on August 18, 2017.


It’s Shotaro Ishinomori’s birthday today, so you know what that means!


It’s that music video with ALL of Ishinomori’s Tokusatsu heroes.



Happy Halloween week, everyone!!

Countdown to Sonic Mania - 1 Days Left

I don’t think Espio needed a ninja makeover to be a cool character. Why is a ninja a detective? I don’t know. Maybe it would make sense if they gave him a stealth mechanic that he could use in a game (like he does in the comics), but that wouldn’t be possible in a game like Sonic Heroes where he always has two other people with him. I like how he had a unique spin dash in Knuckles’ Chaotix - spinning like a top rather than in a ball.