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Mortal Kombat X- Mileena 

Mortal Kombat is a name synonymous with fighting games- one of the most memorable and prolific in the middle era of arcade-style video games. Mileena appeared first in Mortal Kombat II, a clone of Kitana, and is a vicious and evil (and clearly demonic) perversion of the her. 

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So I'm a knitter and senbon look like double pointed needles to me. Which in turn makes me think of ninjas using said senbon to knit. Hey bored or need to conceal weapons in plain sight? Why not use your senbon to knit a sock. Accidentally use the wrong set of senbon; well someone now has poisoned or paralytic socks, or hats, or gloves/arm warmers. Also knitting has been said to be on par with yoga for relaxing and focusing the mind. Part 1/2

Which makes me think about how the medics in the hospital would probably confiscate a ninja’s weapons because ninjas with PTSD/heightened combat instincts either drugged or on enforced bed rest is a bad combination. So how do you get around that? By stubbornly insisting your senbon are knitting needles. In this case I keep imagining Genma calmly insisting that no these are not senbon, they’re double pointed knitting needles see the sock attached? tldr; I think about ninjas knitting.

All I can think of is a Sakura-like nurse staring him down like “Yes I can see the sock. I can also see the blood spray from where you used the senbon while the sock was still attached do not try to bullshit me.”

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I am reading some of the anti posts that made it into the pro ss tags over mobile and I shake my head wondering where they get their information from and if they know how to read.

You know I was ignoring this ask for days to avoid ranting discourse? 😂 Pretty sure an anti will throw a headcanon filled fit, but whatever.

Here comes my ranting about why I can never take antis seriously.

They get their “information” out of their asses.

Literally, they just repeat the butthurt bullshit the stupidest (practically satirical) blogs say and state them as “facts”, becoming a nuisance and laughing stock to anyone that knows their shit.

Let me tell you the stupidest shit I’ve seen some antis doing that just made me stop having fucks to give about their opinions.

1. The SNS fandom and their blatant sexism and hypocrisy.

“I can’t ship Sasuke with Sakura because he tried to kill her. ” (They ship him with Naruto or spite ship him with Karin that he stabbed with a chidori. They also think it’s okay with the Naruto thing because he’s a “guy” which is nice sexism when they claim it’s not)

The shipping fandom with the most fake interviews happens to be the SNS fandom. My favorite fake was the one that claimed that Kishi meant for Naruto to be BL. I’m only stating this cos some of them in previous fights with me were desperate enough to link me to this fake shit that usually had freaking DeviantArt as an only source and crappy Japanese Google translate. (lmfaooooo)

“Sasuke and Naruto are soulmates so them not ending up together doesn’t make any sense and is homophobia.”


A.) Kishi based Naruto’s and Sasuke’s relationship on his relationship between him and his real life brother.

B.) The romantic soulmate shit they love spouting so much about… Sasuke and Naruto have the reincarnated chakra of Indra and Ashura who were BROTHERS and also the ancestors for Uchihas and Senjus. They can say people saying SNS is a brotherly bond as being “homophobic” but it’s the truth that Kishi was going for this. The only “queerbaiting” they got was from fake interviews by butthurt fans and fillers that was milking the yaoi fangirls. Like the so-called second kiss in the waterfall (yeah, it’s filler).

Then there’s them saying that they should have been canon because they’re the main bond.

Let me break it to you. SNS being the main bond doesn’t make it the best bond. In fact it’s a mess. If you want a well written male bond in Naruto, look at HashiMada which pawns the ass of that mess.

In fact in an interview Kishi admitted that it wasn’t a well written bond when told that while Naruto was chasing after Sasuke, Sasuke was only thinking about ITACHI.

Then there was Sasuke telling Sakura small tidbits about his plans throughout part 1 that she even figured out that there was something off with him and was leaving the village while Naruto “the soulmate” was surprised with that outcome, lmao.

2. The SK fandom. Do I even need to go over this?

“Sasuke chose Karin for his revenge journey so she’s important to him!”

Do you even know Sasuke? He left Konoha because his BONDS there were holding him back from power for his revenge.

Karin didn’t have a “bond” with him. She was just a tool that enabled his darkness and self-destruction.

He didn’t even know her last name was Uzumaki when traveling with her and yet he knew that SAKURA was a medic despite being separated from her, pffffft.

The so-called Taka “bond” was him blatantly remembering Team 7.

The only Karin bond there is is her helping Sakura deliver Sarada.

The powerful babies bullshit is just that… Bullshit. They even think that Karin has Ashura chakra (sorry, but Naruto is that chakra reincarnation, hop off that please 😂😂) or that she’s more powerful for being an Uzumaki when she isn’t exactly a powerful combat ninja (she’s actually quite weak).

Until the end of the Gaiden she still appeared on databooks as being “obsessed” with Sasuke and wanting to make him hers. She wanted to lick him, ravish him in his sleep, and thought that he was hot when WOUNDED.

I wouldn’t put the entire blame on her tho because she’s a sensing nin type so she had a sensitivity to chakra, especially dark chakra so her attitude could have heavily depended of the chakra influencing her at the time.

How is this healthy again? Super glad Karin has matured as an adult and looks like she’s in a healthier state of mind, but the people of her pairing don’t help her at all.

PS: that whole her being a CSA victim was based on filler from the anime that didn’t even have anything blatantly showing she was abused in that manner at all.

It’s all made up by her fandom.

To add on they made up that whole “Sarada’s mom is up for interpretation” on some made up bullcrap.

Kishi had intended a scene of Sakura giving birth to Sarada and scrapped it and said it was up for interpretation.

Get it. The BIRTH scene not the MOTHER.

The rabid shippers read that with their asses and made yet another thing up. 😪

Just like they made up that the only thing holding Sasuke and Sakura together is Sarada when Sasuke pretty much said that Sarada was proof that his feelings are connected to Sakura.

“The Real Deal”.

The man loves both of them and has to be away from them going to other dimensions to keep the world safe because he’s the only one that can do it with his Rinnegan.

Quit being stuck on curse of hatred Sasuke, lmao. Even TobiFREAKINGrama talked about the Uchihas​ strong capacity of love which lead them to lose their minds when they suffered a great loss.

Stop calling Sasuke “abusive” or say he’s only “abusive” when with Sakura. He was in a very dark place and couldn’t even control his hatred most of the time. The real Sasuke without that curse holding him down isn’t abusive in the least.

The antis see him now and call him OCC when that’s the REAL Sasuke. Hell, he was a sweet kid before the massacre, cut him some slack.

3. NS fandom:

Oh lordy. This is the fandom that think the Promise of a Lifetime scene and the failfession are actually pro NS.

How the fuck is promising Sakura to bring back Sasuke for her pro NS? How is her “confessing” to Naruto pro NS when she was really trying to get him to desist going after Sasuke and was planning to end Sasuke’s suffering herself even if she died with him?

Remember these are the people that call Naruto a liar based on a filler episode in which he told a FILLER character that he was going to “fight” for Sakura’s love.

Oh and sorry, if Naruto had been married to Sakura he still would have been stuck in the hokage office. A different spouse doesn’t change the circumstances of his fucking job. I don’t ship naruhina (I don’t like the shippers) but hop off Hinata’s ass with this lame ass argument. If anything that woman is holding up the fort raising two kids while Naruto works himself to exhaustion.

Blah. I’m all ranted out. I can almost bet a salty anti will try to start some shit with me but idgaf. I can’t take them seriously and these are just some of the reasons why 😂.

Ship pairings, love pairings, whatever. But if you’re going to try to be an anti to make a pairing look superior, know your shit first.

Otherwise stfu and just reblog fanart. The fandom could use some less toxicity.





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Ok I know that in Japan the age sex restrictions is different from Europe and the USA, but Sadara's legs really makes me really feel uncomfortable (as with any other fanservice regarding characters her age). Also why the heck is she wearing High Heels?! She supposed to be a ninja fighting in combat!?

Because she must be sexy and concerned with her looks? God knows why, John. I sure don’t find any reasonable motif to why Ikemoto and Kishimoto are okay with this. 

Just because it sells? I didn’t imagine him to go this low, but here we are.

Maybe they want to show lil’ girls that they can be “empowered” and “feminist” while being a ninja, but this is soooo the wrong way.

I feel that all they try to do now is cater to what the audience they wanted to serve to, but they have gone at this so so wrong. SO SO WRONG!

Also, lol, this Sarada screams to me a hella lot of Karin given her mannerisms and personality and you know what’s funny? People called Karin a slut.

Well if Karin was a slut at her age, though more properly dressed than Sarada (at least she had pants for God’s sake!), what can we call Sarada, uhm?

And imagine she’s only 12. 

Could this be retribution or Kishimoto/Ikemoto trying to bring forth the hypocrisy that existed in the fandom? Can’t put my hands on it, however, whatever the reason might be, it’s gross.

She’s still a 12 years old character for God’s sake. What is she going to wear when she’s going to be 16? Nothing?

I know, I sound harsh but damn, they took it too far. 

“Don’t you know? You’re super popular according to your kouhai. ――Even though you’re a medical ninja, you’re powerful during combat. In addition, you’re also able to work so diligently. Moreover, you’re a beautiful person . (Because of those reasons), you’ll probably grow even more popular.”

spill the tea, Ino.