ninja clothing

Sai probably likes to talk a lot about art to Ino since she silently listens to all the big talk he gives. He will talk about his favourite artists, his dreams and inspirations. He might have been to different places as well he would talk nonstop abt how each and every culture has mesmerized him. Ino loves listening to all his stories while getting amazed at him being able get all hype and excited over everything.

:3 So how about if I add RTN inojin?

Inojin feels uneasy seeing RTN Inojin

Inojin : “Can you please not get all serious over small things?”

RTN Inojin : “Can’t help it. I just really hate it when people say it as a "joke” when it is clearly an insult.“



Ayu is supposed to have great taste in fashion he does but I’m not 100% sure whats the green cloth hanging around oh well super pretty

Ran has an AWESOME coat I LOVE IT and Kiku has huge sleeves I’m jelly also makes me think of a big bird

MC has a GREAT dress I want it, Akira finally has her casual sprite the outfit was seen before