ninja chick

I can’t believe that trainwreck Jessica Jones is the only one showing common sense in The Defenders

Jessica Jones: I am fully aware of my legal rights

Jessica Jones: Why are you climbing 22 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator?

Jessica Jones: This ninja chick is super dangerous we should run away

Jessica Jones:You guys do realize that we literally committed half a dozen crimes in attempt to uncover the bad guys right?

To all the producers who constantly yell at me to stop climbing the set structures… i’m sorry for being constantly difficult.

anonymous asked:

Ok with that one sarumi ask where Yata admits he's not a virgin and sullen Fushimi wondering who it was, what if instead Fushimi admits he's not a virgin and Yata's mulling over who it could have been with. He's always eyeing the blues and maybe Hirasaka because who knows what went down during that month

Yata would be so suspicious of all the Blues, like just imagine him sitting there wondering who it was and did those assholes take advantage of Saruhiko somehow (never mind that Fushimi is stronger than almost everyone in the force, Yata’s concerned). Say the two of them have hooked up and they’re starting to get physical, Yata’s a bit shy about it and Fushimi mocks him for being a virgin like usual. Yata gets all defensive like well you’re a virgin too right so there and Fushimi coughs and clicks his tongue, pointedly looking away. Yata’s like wait you are, right Saruhiko and Fushimi shrugs and admits that he’s not. Yata tries not to act weird about it but of course he’s totally wondering about it now, like first part of him is probably mortified that Saruhiko, who avoids all social contact with pretty much everyone, somehow managed to get laid before Yata himself did. And then he starts wondering who Fushimi could possibly have done it with, like he starts out wondering how long ago it’s been since Fushimi lost his virginity and he starts eying all the Homra guys suspiciously because what if. After some thinking he decides that nah, Saruhiko couldn’t have slept with anyone in Homra because Yata probably would have found out by now, someone definitely would have mentioned it during the betrayal period.

So then he starts looking at all the Blues, just imagine him going to Scepter 4 to meet Fushimi and he keeps glaring at every guy who he sees talking to Fushimi. He’s especially suspicious of Akiyama and Hidaka, those guys are way too friendly with Fushimi. Of course in the middle of that suspicion Yata catches Munakata talking with Fushimi while having no concept of personal space and suddenly Yata’s like ’that asshole’ because what if the Blue King like seduced Saruhiko and slept with him and that’s how he snatched Fushimi away from Homra (the fact that Fushimi already explained his reasons to Yata and they had nothing to do with being seduced does not come to Yata’s mind). He also starts wondering about jungle, like Saruhiko spent a month with that ninja chick and who knows what could happen and there was that sparkly purple haired guy what if he thought Saruhiko was attractive and tried to jump him. Fushimi would probably have to calm Yata down eventually, like no Misaki I was not seduced or coerced or drunk and it doesn’t matter anymore so get over it, Yata admits that okay maybe he’s acting a little unreasonable but he’s just worried that someone could have done something to hurt Fushimi while they were apart and if that happened Yata feels like it’s his job to beat that person’s ass on Fushimi’s behalf.