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To all the producers who constantly yell at me to stop climbing the set structures… i’m sorry for being constantly difficult.

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Everybody's imagining Ashi bringing Jack to Aku's place for dinner with the Family, but has anyone considered Jack's probably super traditional parents meeting Ashi? (Who wears Evil Ash Suits and LEAVES) Considered Jack going back in time to literally a few seconds after he left, killing Aku, and everyone asking "who that angry ninja chick following you?"?

Omg I can imagine the parents are weirded out by how 1) revealing her clothes is 2) how good she is at fighting 3) how non traditional she is

  • Sun: Blake, I'm... down for the count. Go on, forget about me, just chase that ninja chick.
  • Blake: I never wanted to chase that ninja chick in the first place. I'm here to visit my parents. The White Fang can do what they want.
  • Sun: Please, you have to avenge me.
  • Blake: Sun, I'm not part of this battle.
  • Sun: Then can you take me to a hospital-
  • Blake: Sun, why won't you just leave me alone for like, 5 minutes? I never asked for you to come.
  • Sun: I'm in so much pain.
  • Blake: I mean like, I'm just here to visit my parents! Why can't a girl just have conversation with her dad?
  • Blake: I mean, the way you just barged in was-
  • Sun: SOMEONE

How I like to end my cable workouts… with an “uplifting” oomph This is what happens when you pull down more than your weight haha

Three sets of 20 reps close grip @ 160lbs yo

I’ve since introduced weights for my cross training for climbing and ninja workouts! Its exciting and often times humbling when isolating specific muscular groups

[Natalie Duran.]

Coffee Shop (part 3)

(Lucifer x Reader)

He actually came back. Again. Maybe he had learnt some bad card tricks he could show you. He walked to the counter and leaned against it.
“So what’d you got?” You said and smiled at him.
“Eager are you?”
“I just like to win. I’m waiting for you to give up and prove me right.”
“Good luck with that.”

A woman was coming up behind him, looking very imapatient. He turned around towards her, smiling a bit.
“Ah Maze,” He said to her, “She is my…. associate, from hell.” He told you.
“Here we go again.” You said and rolled your eyes.
“Maze show her something.”
She got out some knives and threw them over your head with a scary precision. They landed in the middle of the shop logo.
“Bloody hell, there are people here. Stop that.” You hissed at them, “Besides that doesn’t prove you’re the devil, just that your friend is some crazy ninja chick.”
She laughed at your remark.
“Am I done now?” She asked Lucifer but didn’t wait for a respond and walked out the door before he could even answer.

“Let’s try this then..” He said to you and continued whispering something you didn’t hear, “Amenadiel, I’m ready to go back.” You were going to ask him what he had said.
Time slowed down and the angel appeared.
“So you finally made the right decision?” The angel said. Lucifer started to walk behind the counter. He put his hands on your shoulders and stayed there.
“Actually, I lied. I needed you to perform a little trick.”

“Wha..” You started until you felt something on your shoulders,  "Woaaah!“ You almost jumped in the air when you turned around and saw Lucifer who stood there smirking at you. He had been in front of you just a second ago. How the fuck had he done it?
"How did you do that?!
"I told you. I’m the devil, I can do a lot of things.”
“So? Believe me now?”
“I’m sure as hell pretty confused at least.”
“You wanted to get out of here right?” He hold out his hand to you, which you eyed suspiciously, “Come on.”
Thinking for a moment you decided to take his hand. What could possibly go wrong, right?


Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: angst/romance (NSFW)  YOONGI X GANG BOSS!READER

Chapters: 7

Status: Ongoing

Notes: (( “~~~” stands for time skip))

 “Yoongi never thought he’d get himself into this. It was just a kid, what changed him so much?”

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                       CHAPTER 2

  “Who the hell forgets to get eggs? God dammit Hoseok..“ Yoongi murmurs to himself while looking on his phone.

   It was 11:27 P.M. and Yoongi was sent to get eggs from the grocery store because Hoseok apparently forgot that eggs were needed for a brownie recipe. He put away his phone in his pocket, along with his hands and sunk his head low into his huge scarf. It was rather chilly that night, but this time he was well dressed.

  A week has passed since the incident with the boy and he was quite curious to what had happened to the kid. While he was caught in his deep thoughts, he shortly arrived and found a lively Taehyung hugging him.

 “What can I get you hyung? Wait, weren’t you supposed to be with Hoseok. He was here a while-”.

  “Get me a carton of eggs. Hoseok forgot to get them which is rather stupid considering he’s making brownies.“.

  “Ah, alrighty hyung!” said a cheery Taehyung bouncing to the fridge to get the carton of eggs. He then went back to the cash register and scanned the eggs. While he was getting a bag for the eggs, Yoongi was looking for the change in his wallet.

   Suddenly, from the corner of his eye he was someone pass by the store in an alley way, limping. ‘Maybe it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me’ he thought to himself.

 “Is everything alright Yoongi hyung?” a concerned Taehyung asked.

  "Ah, yea. Thought I saw something..“.

   "You’ve been quite alert since the incident. Are you scared hyung?”. Yoongi let out an unamused chuckle.

  "Me, scared? I don’t think so Tae.“.

   ” I don’t know hyung.. you seem to flinch a lot now and you jum-“.

    "Tae, we’re friends and all but Min Yoongi isn’t scared. Never was, never will be.”.

     Even Taehyung knew he was lying. Back when he had the gun to his head, memories of him and the boys flashed in his head. He was scared of losing them, of them losing themselves if he was gone. He wasn’t scared. No, he was terrified.

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Emotions through Seasons: The Walking Dead
  • Season 1: Holy shit this is a great show. It's gonna be huge. An honest to god monster of a series. Look at Rick. Dude by now I would've stopped caring and he's trying so hard. Don't even lie to that horse though. He ain't seeing any other animals any time soon. Then this bitch Shane... CARL STAY IN THE HOUSE. Why would you even want to love Laurie after you know she's been banging your best friend??
  • Season 2: Um k. Great farm I mean... Cool Santa Claus. He seems nice... Oh... There goes the other old guy. Wait- Dale!? Noooooo!!!! How does Andrea get to live still?? She fucking shot Deryl! I hate this chick. She's useless... Oh Jesus there goes Shane. Carl. Baby. You just need a hug. It'll be okay. Oh and there goes the farm. And Andrea still fucking makes it out alive- Woah. Badass zombie chick with ninja swords.
  • Season 3: Okay so badass zombie chick is now friends with useless chick who is attempting to find other useless pregnant chick who is going to have a useless baby chick. Okay. I underst- who the hell is that handsome dude. Well Hi Mr mayorrrr and of course you end up with Andrea... Who spills the beans about everything... Michone is badass chicks name? Excellent. She is my favorite. Okay so prison. The safest place why? I mean it's hundreds of probably dead people in a cage ANND now you're living there. Great. Wait holy shit this governor guy is crazy. Andrea you need to- okay I was gonna say leave but having sex with a psycho works as well. Now psycho is vengeful on Rick cus why?? Oohhhh and there goes Laurie... Why does Carl have to kill fucking EVERYONE in this show?? Mr. One Eye over here is obviously a remorseless piece of garbage and he's also my favorite now... He killed Meryl. Bitch! You made the hot redneck cry!
  • Season 4: Okay so Santa is dead. Governor is dead. Lots of people are dead. Prison went bye bye. Now they are what? Back to square one except Ricks fucking lost his shit. Judith exists. Terminus. Obviously a GREAT idea. I mean, nothing bad like Woodbury will ever happen again. So, lets struggle for an entire season with- wtf the girl killed her sist- CAROL WTF?! Tyrese, you sweet soul... You're going to die. I'm feeling it. Or...or not. Thats cool. Take Beth instead.... I mean... Daryl and her didn't obviously care for one and other. You all managed to split up and still meet at your destination. Huh. Cool but oh my god what. They're cannibalistic?! Get out!! Get the fuck out!!!
  • Season 5: First scene of the first episode and its gorey as fuck. Neck slitting and people skinning and suddenly we are killing people again. Yes. YES. KILL THE PSYCHO LEADER CHICK. But please Michone be okay. Wait okay so Beth is alive and they are saving her from basically rogue cops and Beth... Beth what are you doing. No. NO. NOOOOOO!!!! YOU MORON WE WERE ROUTING FOR YOU. WE WERE ALL ROUTING FOR YOU. Shit. Now it's gonna be sad. So while these guys deal with her being dead, the others are going to Washington DC? I don't really like it but okay. Cure my ass but okay. Oh? Oh?? Another city full of seemingly decent people? This is going to go horribly wrong... Wait what? They have no idea what's happening in the outside world... And no clue how to deal with it?? What the fuck have they been doing this whole time??? Get schooled by professor Grimes. Jesus... Can't wait until the next season when this goes horribly wrong and- there goes the gate... FML.