ninja chick

  • Sun: Blake, I'm... down for the count. Go on, forget about me, just chase that ninja chick.
  • Blake: I never wanted to chase that ninja chick in the first place. I'm here to visit my parents. The White Fang can do what they want.
  • Sun: Please, you have to avenge me.
  • Blake: Sun, I'm not part of this battle.
  • Sun: Then can you take me to a hospital-
  • Blake: Sun, why won't you just leave me alone for like, 5 minutes? I never asked for you to come.
  • Sun: I'm in so much pain.
  • Blake: I mean like, I'm just here to visit my parents! Why can't a girl just have conversation with her dad?
  • Blake: I mean, the way you just barged in was-
  • Sun: SOMEONE

To all the producers who constantly yell at me to stop climbing the set structures… i’m sorry for being constantly difficult.