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Happy Halloween shipmates! We reckon our Captain Turtlepants would proudly wear a Ninja Turtle outfit tonight as his skills to disappear and hide in the background sure have been noticed. Peterangelo loves his pizza but surely misses his dolce amore to share it with.

Okay, so I just had this really nutty dream (and of course I feel the need to blog it)

So in my dream, I’m at a bar and Tom Hiddleston is there and we’re chatting and I’m being suave because this is a dream and in real life, I would probably scream something embarrassing and incoherent if that gorgeous piece of British perfection was even in my zip code.

Anyways, so we’re drinking and chilling, and Robert Downey Jr. shows up and sits with us and we’re hanging out and having a good time.

And then Tom goes to get us more drinks (because of course he does, he’s a gentleman) and RDJ is like “Soooo, you’re an Avengers fangirl?” and I’m like “yep!” because *no shame*

And RDJ is like “so who do you ship?”

And I’m like o_O

And he waits.

And I’m like “ummm, well, Clint and Natasha, and sometimes Steve and Bucky…” I list a couple more and I trail off.

And RDJ just kinda looks at me like “yeah, come on, spit it out”

And I’m like “andImaybealsoshipFrost-Ironlikealot!” >_<

And he just laughs.

And then Tom comes back and RDJ grabs him and kisses him. On the lips.

And then Mark Ruffalo appears out of NOWHERE and takes a couple pictures of them, hands them to me, and vanishes. Because in my dream, Mark Ruffalo is apparently a goddamn camera ninja.

And RDJ takes the photo and signs it “HMS Frost-Iron <3 RDJ”

And I’m just like O__________O

And Tom is like “well, I don’t know what just happened, but I’ll go ahead and sign the photo too” and he does and he’s just laughing, like “whatever, one of my costars just kissed me, no big deal” because he is adorable and of course he would do that.

And did I mention the fact that Mark Ruffalo was a camera ninja? Because I feel like that needed repeating.

Fantastic dream. Truly.


Was flipping through a D23 magazine featuring Walt Disney Animation Studios and saw this photo! Apparently there were ninjas with cameras in the room when I was showing my early Snowgie test animation. :)

Next to the ninja photo is one of my favorite quotes from the article.

Why do I feel that the media went to Lou’s house to ask about Cole, he instead thought that they were there to ask him questions and began talking about him and the Royal Blacksmiths and his group? Like he thought ‘Oh, they’re here to finally give me an interview! About time! Too bad I didn’t get any chance to get the proper attire, but I can’t keep them waiting- And there’s so many cameras too..!’

I feel like each time a reporter would be like “Excuse us, Mr-” and then he’d interrupt with his back story or something, “IT ALL STARTED ON A WARM SUMMER DAY WHEN MY FATHER TOLD ME, 'SON, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS-’” “Sir, please, your son-” “How DARE you interrupt me?! Now I’ve lost my train of thought! Where was I…?” “Your son, we were on the subject of your son-” “Oh, right! My father told me, 'Son, do what you want with your life-’” “Oh please just stop-” “Go on? Of course I will!” “NO PLEASE-”

Maybe that’s why there was no footage of Lou’s dad talking while they got stuff with Jay’s parents XD

If Bleach characters performed the Ice Bucket Challenge

Author’s choice list. :) (But also requested by anon!)

Normally my author’s choice lists are ones that nobody has requested but which I want to do anyway. But I was planning to do an Ice Bucket Challenge list, and then it was requested. So here’s a requested author’s choice list! The Ice Bucket Challenge, in case you don’t know, is a viral campaign to raise money for ALS Association. Basically, you dump a bucket of ice water on your head, donate money, and then challenge somebody else to do the same. This has led to many, many videos of wet celebs. And now….wet Bleach characters.

1. Bazz-B’s video

Bazz-B: Hey there! I’m Bazz-B, and I’m doing the Ice Bucket Challenge even though no one challenged me!

Bazz-B: I figure - if the challenge exists, I’m gonna do it!

Bazz-B: I’ll be eating cinnamon tomorrow!

Bazz-B: Anyway! Time for me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and prove my manliness!

Bazz-B: Shirt off! Here we go!

Bazz-B: [dumps water on himself]

Bazz-B: [yells]

Bazz-B: [continues yelling]



Youtube comments:

Hitsugaya: Fire people shouldn’t do this challenge.

2. Hitsugaya’s video

Hitsugaya: I have been challenged by Bazz-B.

Hitsugaya: Here is my empty bucket.

Hitsugaya: Now I will use the power of my zanpakuto to control the weather and summon snow and ice to fill my bucket!

Hitsugaya: Self-made ice and snow! Just a little extra from me!

Hitsugaya: [Dumps bucket over head. Doesn’t so much as flinch.]

Hitsugaya: That’s how an ice zanpakuto user does it! 

Hitsugaya: I challenge BYAKUYA!

Youtube comments:

Yamamoto: Actually you “challenged” all of Soul Society.


Hitsugaya: sorry sir

3. Byakuya’s video

Byakuya: I am Kuchiki Byakuya, and I have been challenged by Hitsugaya.

Byakuya: I have in my hands a bucket of ice cold, cherry-blossom-scented water from my estate, which will both raise awareness and hydrate my skin.

Byakuya: Observe.

Byakuya: [Dumps water over self]

Byakuya: [Eyes widen briefly]

Byakuya: It was cold.

Byakuya: I challenge Shihoin Yoruichi, AKA the demon cat.

Youtube comments:

Rukia: Your purple bathing suit is the BEST purple bathing suit, Nii-sama!!

Ichigo: Heeeey, I remember that face!

4. Yoruichi’s video

Yorucihi: [flash steps onto screen in bikini]

Yoruichi: [kicks bucket off of shelf, dumping water onto self]

Yoruichi: [grins]

Yoruichi: I’m Shihoin Yoruichi, and I just did the ice bucket challenge in like half the time Byakuya-boy did!

Yoruichi: I challenge Soi Fon!

Youtube comments:


5. Soi Fon’s video

Soi Fon: I am Captain Soi Fon, and I and my entire squad of ninja warriors will now perform the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Soi Fon: NOW!

Soi Fon: [Dumps water on self. Stares into camera]

Ninjas: [faint whimpering of wet cold ninjas]

Soi Fon: Anyone whimpering is so fired.

Soi Fon: I challenge Barragan!

Youtube comments:

Omaeda: so glad i took that day off

6. Barragan’s video

Barragan: I am Barragan, god of Hueco Mundo.

Barragan: I have been “challenged” by a worthless soul reaper.

Barragan: I will now perform this paltry challenge.


[Barragan’s fracciones appear with buckets. They dump water over Barragan’s head. Barragan does not seem to notice.]

Barragan: Skeleton, baby.

Barragan: Let us see SOSUKE AIZEN do this!

Youtube comments:

Soi Fon: Being in release was cheating.

Ggio: F- trolling!!!!

Soi Fon: You don’t even know what trolling is. 

7. Aizen’s video

Aizen: I am Aizen Sosuke. I have been challenged by Barragan. A challenge that was seconded by Shinji and Hiyori and Hitsugaya and Gin and Yamamoto and Yhwach and - well let’s just say a lot of people apparently want this.

Aizen: Perhaps they think this will make me uncomfortable. The fools.

Aizen: Observe. [dumps bucket of water on self]

Aizen: I did not flinch. 

[Hair lock drips water down face]

Aizen: I hope no one really thought that I would.

[Hair lock drips water down face]

Aizen: I break the boundaries between soul reaper and hollow, I think I can handle some ice water.

[Hair lock drips water down face]



Youtube comments:

Aizen: I thought you agreed to edit out that last part Gin

Aizen: And add in my challenge of Kurosaki Ichigo.

Gin: Oops?

8. Ichigo’s video

Ichigo: Hey there! I’m Kurosaki Ichigo, and this is my Ice Bucket Challenge!

Ichigo: Chad agreed to help me! Go ahead, Chad!

[Chad lifts massive tub of massiveness. Dumps it on Ichigo]





Youtube comments:

Renji: Ridiculously big bucket, dude

Ichigo: What? Was it bigger than everybody else’s?

9. Rukia’s video

Rukia: I’m Kuchiki Rukia, and I’ve been challenged by some fool who doesn’t get that I’m an ice zanpakuto user!

Rukia: See this? This water is so cold that it’s trying to freeze back into ice!

Rukia: I dump it on myself and…. [dumps water on self]

Rukia: It’s like - what? Is it cold?

Rukia:  Also, I challenge Riruka!

Youtube comments:

Byakuya: An excellent Ice Bucket Challenge, Rukia.

Ichigo: I feel bad for all my screaming now.

10. Riruka’s video

Riruka: Everybody who’s done this challenge before me has really dialed it in, bucket-wise.

Riruka: I want you all to observe how VERY VERY ADORABLE my bucket is!

Riruka: I figure, so long as the water is coming from a cute bucket, I’ll be okay!

Riruka: [dumps water on self]

Riruka: [screaming]


Youtube comments

Halibel: you didn’t challenge anyone

Halibel: i want to do it

Halibel: i am a shark

11. Halibel’s video

Halibel: I hope that the bucket is not compulsory.

Halibel: I and my fracciones will be doing this without a bucket.

Halibel: [points zanpakuto at sky]

Halibel: Cascada.



Halibel: The water goes very high. It will come down eventually.

Halibel: Also I would like to challenge Ichimaru Gin.

Youtube comments:

Gin: !!!

Gin: I am so honored!

12. Gin’s video

Gin: I am Ichimaru Gin, and I was challenged by Haibel!

Gin: I am honored, because even if she is doing this because she thinks it will be unpleasant for me, she was still thinking of me!

Gin: Also, despite what you may think (what with me being a snake ‘n’ all), I am actually very very good with -

Halibel (appearing suddenly): Cascada.

Gin: Wh-

[Sounds of Gin screaming fading into the distance…]

Halibel: I love charity.

Youtube comments:

Hinamori: This is the best video I have ever seen in my life.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sock Puppet theater was filmed in the Nickelodeon offices in New York City.  Each puppet was hand crafted with household items available at your local craft store.  For added entertainment, we made the iconic villain Shredder with an actual kitchen shredder. Funny, right?!  Our set was designed to fit three people, six arms, two backgrounds and a creepy lifelike pizza. So throw on a sock, draw a background, and star in your own sock puppet theater! 


Things in Common

Inspired by the gifset of the smiling Wests that’s going around.

Things in Common


“Hey,” he said, trying to juggle his phone and his chemicals. “Iris. Hey. Wow. Is everything - “ He dropped the chemicals, then the phone. He caught them fast enough to finish his sentence. “- okay?”

He put his chemicals down. He didn’t feel like having to tell Caitlin he’d burned himself with acid. She would give him that stern look and ask him what he’d been doing, messing around with those when he was distracted, and honestly she acted so much like a big sister some days that he wanted to steal her Barbies and cut all their hair off.

Cisco didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but then, Cisco kind of liked being dominated.

“No,” Iris said, and Barry forgot about Cisco’s preferences.

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