ninja bugs

sasuke: cat ninja, hawk ninja
naruto: frog ninja, fox ninja
kakashi, kiba: dog ninjas
gai: turtle ninja
shino: bug ninja
itachi, shisui: crow ninjas
kisame: shark ninja

feel free to add more


neji ‘stop embarrassing me in front of my friends’ hyuuga

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imagine guzma meeting bug pokemon from other regions

kanto: “okay you got a great big butterfly thing with psychic powers? hell yes. oh shit, does that bee have fucking drill hands?? THAT THING HAS SCYTHE HANDS? Y’ALL”

johto: “THIS IS WHERE ARIADOS IS FROM. ALREADY GREAT. does that beetle punch things? AWESOME. i don’t know what a ledyba is but it can join team skull if it wants”

hoenn: “wait wait wait… you’re telling me that this one evolves into two pokemon at once?! TWO BUGS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. kukui’s brat is NEVER gonna see this one coming.”

sinnoh: “……………what the fuck is that noise. plumeria did you just hear that? holy shit”

unova: “LOOK AT THIS THING IT’S FAST HUGE AND FUCKING PURPLE I WANT TWENTY. ninja bug! sewing bug (PLUMS C’MERE WE CAN FIX YOUR HAT)! holy shit this joltik thing is FUCKIN’ AMAZING, I LOVE THIS REGION - is. is that a legendary bug. with a cannon. I’M MOVING TO UNOVA”

kalos: “so… it changes its appearance depending on where it’s from? huh. I WANT ALL OF THEM.”

the signs as bad teen wolf plot lines

aries: idk just fucking send jackson to london??? without a real explanation… no one will ask questions?

taurus: listen listen listen- an alpha pack. a pack of alphas. they won’t really do much and their reason for being here will be kind of unclear. but. how fucking badass man. make two of them fist each other and become A BIG ALPHA.

gemini: let’s go look for half a dead body in the woods, y’know. like normal teenagers.

cancer: derek hale gets seduced by his love interest and ultimately she is a bad guy- again. no one will see it coming.

leo: malia

virgo: heart of darkness. they all have these crazy things to overcome! like bad hallucinations. but it’ll only last like an ep or two at most. 

libra: let’s kill allison

scorpio: no but hear me out, what about a giant lizard man??

sagittarius: we’re not gonna explain how kate gets the beserkers around with her because how the fuck would one of those things legally get across the boarder

capricorn: bRO, BRO, NINJAS! but mythological. but dude ninjas. like with ninja swords. killin people in hospitals. but maybe they’re actually bugs. like from the fuckin’ power tree. ninja bugs. can’t fuckin’ kill ninja bugs. 

aquarius: dudes let’s go to mexico

pisces: no, no, really, bring peter hale back from the dead. he’s a totally useful character that we’ll probably do something with


I remember when I was young and just starting to get into the naruto fandom I loved Shino, he was my favorite character.

I thought he was cool

I liked his bugs

I even would write these horrible little dorky stories about Shino and I falling in love I even made a pretend naruto character to be his girlfriend .. *cough* … don’t judge me I was like 10

Anyway my friends on and off the computer always told me I was silly and that he was just a dumb filler character who was not good for anything but creeping people out.

But I truly believe  he has never been, he has always been strategic and smart. He has always been one of the strongest fighters in his class, and the way he cares for his teammates is admirable.

and since shippuden he has gotten quite handsome, and even more talented

he is without a doubt in my mind the most underrated character in the whole series.

He has always been my favorite my cool, collected bug man

the forgotten ninja I never forgot

I just wanted to remind everyone who is so in love with his (AMAZING) new sketches, just how awesome this guy has always been even before he grew up to be pretty damn sexy.