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Have you ever tried writing the secret quartet AU by @queenofhearts7378?

I have now. *grins* Well, almost. This is Part I, and I’m splitting it because I don’t want you to wait two weeks before you see anything and think I’ve forgotten about you. Also it’s already 5K. I swear I’m trying to just do little pieces, but it’s taking me a while. So, here’s everyone getting together because apparently I can’t resist setting up the crossover itself and starting the plot rolling. I haven’t actually read any Secret Quartet stuff but at least I knew who was in it without looking it up; hopefully I can do it justice @queenofhearts7378.

Important notes: I’m pretending Jake and Danny already know each other, so feel free to pretend this is set after my DP/AD:JL crossover Mirrored, although the fact that they know each other and have worked together in the past is about all you need to know. Also, for this to work, Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth, so potentially AU there, too.

Setting: mid-late S2 for AD:JL, mid-late S2 for RC:9GN, pre-S2 for ML, late S3 for DP

Whirlwind: Jake should be used to ominous predictions by now. Randy should know better than to blindly follow McFist. Adrien should think twice before sneaking away. And Danny should’ve expected something like this when he got that phone call.

Thursday, 4:36 PM

Jake picked up what looked like a jar of inky sludge and muttered to Fu, “Are you sure this is what we need?”

“I don’t pick the spell ingredients, kid,” Fu replied. “Put it on my tab, will ya, Sabrina?”

“Sure thing,” the vendor chirped, and Jake reluctantly put the jar in his pocket. If it broke in there, he’d have to say goodbye to this jacket. Basilisk venom wasn’t exactly known for being easily washable.

While Fu and Sabrina chatted about some upcoming poker night—all the more reason for Jake not to get involved—Jake turned to see who else he recognized at the Magus Bazaar. They’d already been to visit Veronica, who seemed to be doing a steady business today, but there weren’t too many vendors Jake knew personally. Most of them—

“Hi, Jake!”

He turned, spotting the speaker more by her enthusiastic waving than anything else. Sara skipped up to him, full of smiles, while Kara trailed in her wake. “Hey,” he said as the Oracle twins stopped next to him, “how have you been?”

“Same as usual,” Kara answered flatly.

“No more kidnapping attempts,” giggled Sara. She bounced on her feet. “School’s been great, too!” Her eyes flashed gold, and Jake’s stomach sank as she added, “You’ll be busier than us once the attacks begin.”

“What attacks?” Jake asked, but Sara just shrugged and smiled.

“Don’t get too worked up about it,” Kara said. “You’ll have friends to help you out.”

He hadn’t seen her eyes glow, but there was no doubt in her voice. They knew he worked with Trixie and Spud more often than Haley if he could help it, so if Kara had come out and said it, it had to be related to a vision. Which meant it probably wasn’t as obvious as Trixie and Spud or Fu, but he only had so many friends, and only so many of those who actually knew about the magical world.

Unless someone else was about to find out.

He groaned. “Aw, man, that’s just great.” Just what he needed. More attacks, coming at what would probably be a very inconvenient time, and no idea who was behind them. Not that that was unusual, exactly, but if it was bad enough that Sara had seen it….

“Hey, girls,” Fu said, and Jake realized he’d finished his conversation with Sabrina; she was already talking to another customer. “You keeping out of trouble?”

“Mm-hmm. Everything’s been going smoothly for us!” Another flash of gold. “But you’ll need to beware of the butterflies!”

Fu blinked, clearly not understanding the vision any better than Jake, and looked at Kara. “Any good news?”

“We’ll call you if we get anything else,” was their only reply, which meant no in Jake’s book. Not that that was fair. It wasn’t like the twins could control their visions. “Come on,” she said to her sister, and she dragged Sara away even as Sara’s eyes glowed gold again and she shouted at them that they ‘haven’t fought anything like these monsters before, so it should be fun’.

Jake stared after them as they disappeared into the crowd until Fu said, “C’mon, kid. We better hit the books. This might be a tough one to crack.”

“Aw, maaaan.”

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