2018 YouTube Rewind

A famous actor

An incredibly toxic Twitch streamer

A YouTuber who hasn’t posted a video in nine months

An offensive reference to BTS

A bongo cat at the royal wedding, because why not?

More dead memes that didn’t live very long to begin with

1.5 seconds of sWooZie and TheOdd1sOut

Two jackasses who have nothing to do with YouTube

The only good part

A bunch of YouTubers patting themselves on the back for being woke af

Whatever the hell this is supposed to be

Endless cameos of people no one actually knows

A nod to ASMR, but it excludes the most popular artists in the genre

A throwback to the Suicide Forest incident

An absolute fucking hero

Oh, wait. There wasn’t a single mention of him.

Unintentional furry representation

Brand new meme material

A rewind button made of clay (signifying how humble they are)

There was also no tribute to Stan Lee, one of the greatest creators of our era. But hey, at least they added Lucas the talking Spider.


I saw @cartoonsinthemorning ‘s super cool take on what Casey Jones would look like in the new ROTTMNT series (head over and show them some love <3) and it inspired me to create some Karai vs Leo interactions for the show as well since I’m a huuuge fan of the Leorai arena

They’re 18+

I want to add some colors whenever I can. But for now, I’ll be going back to commissions <3