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Hi! Do you know of any fics where Emma and/or Killian are already in a relationship and they start an affair? I have already read 6 and I'm looking for something similar.

you are the same anon, aren’t you? come and say hi 

your request is difficult because a) you won’t find anything similar to @xerxesrises ‘s writing, she’s beyond words and b) i avoid fics with adultery

that said, i present you my one exception (i forget the other one) 

codes by @niniadepapa  

She knows he’s looking at her. She can feel it, a prickling sensation at the side of her head, right under her ear, over her pulse point, that patch of skin where he has pressed his lips, sucked and licked and bitten so many times.

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Hi:) do you know any fics where Killian breaks up with Emma, and dates someone else? Emma is miserable without him but she doesn't want to admit it?

the only one that comes to mind is 

we are young (we are the dream) by @niniadepapa  

He was a fratboy. She was a sorority girl. Can I make it anymore obvious?

Rated: T - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 90,731 - Complete