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so I’m alive still. And I haven’t been alive for a long time. I’m starting Uni in september. And apparently starting uni means that I have a lot more time. so ya’ll know what that means!!!


But really, it’s like they shipped themselves before it became official

and yes, i’m still going back to mansae era because that era was definitely made for me

get some of that backside too. fans who captures these moments are absolutely beautiful and amazing. illoveyou. we al loveyou. bless your hearts.

this ship is getting so big now that other’s are even cropping out the two of them together too. It just feels so good not feeling like the crazy lone seoksoo shipper anymore

i mean of course i have my fair share too

guys, woozi still wants soma that seokji.

and two beautiful pictures that I absolutely do not understandsays what, but beautiful nontheless

now- fancy exit

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“It’s been a long time since you’ve felt anything close to warmth, after all.”

“This is why it comes as a big shock, an unexpected surprise, to suddenly feel blazing heat just a small distance ahead.”

“It comes in the form of that excitable middle-schooler from a few months ago.”

“Loud and brazen, rude, are the words you use to describe him as you poke at him with your sharp tongue and smirks, getting off on the wrong foot with him right then and there.”

“You didn’t think you would come to regret as soon as you did, but you are.”

“You slowly start to add to the tags and labels you attach to him the longer to observe him. You do so carefully, but you do it nevertheless. You can’t help it.”

“You feel warm.”

He is the sun, the light that attracts the moth with never-ending curiosity and failure to realise it will always burn just as it reaches its prize. It never learns from its mistakes and neither do you.”

“You can’t help but watch, can’t help but bask in the heat he directs at you from burning amber.”

You want, need, him to look at you to feel that rush of pleasurable heat, chasing away the permanent chill inside you. But you can’t get him to, no matter what, so you finish what you started.”

“You can’t help it.”


                          Happy MiyuSawa Day, everyone! [2/18]

Camarilla [ Jongdae ( O2) ]

Mafia!Kim Jongdae x Reader ( Jongdae’s Ver. ) [ Slight Park Jimin x Reader ]

Genre: Thriller, romance, comedy, drama, life, fluff, mild angst

Warnings: Language

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two |

Word Count: 1,868

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Waking up to the stealthy noise of a beeping sound, your (e/c) eyes fluttered open, taking in the scenery in front of you. The white walls with a single painting adorning it, the window with sunlight burning through, the IV in your arm, and of course the figure that laid on a chair next to you. 

Your (s/c) hand was enclosed by another, warm, pale hand. Looking at the figure’s face, you identified that it was Kim Jongdae, also known as your fiancé. Trying to pull your smaller hand away from his, you triggered the man awake.

“Holy shit,” Jongdae gasped out, startled by the movement.

Wow, Jongdae’s appearance looked horrible.

He had bags under his eyes, his honey blonde hair was a mess, and his brown eyes were wide open as they stared at you. Jongdae adorned a small cut on his cheekbone and a bruise on his neck. The harm on his face, it worried you.

Did you look that bad?

“(Y/n)? Do you remember anything?” The male questioned you, causing your mind to relapse to recall anything. Scratching your brain, you recalled the incident of what led to your arrival at the hospital. 

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Hi!! finally it's open ;A; first i just wanna thank you all the admins for giving us beautiful fics recommendation <333 // as for my request, can i have superhero & spy!au :D also do you have any angst fics with a happy ending :3

You are most welcome dearie ~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥ There actually aren’t many within these two AU’s, especially recent ones, but here’s a list of fics I could find regardless!



You can find angsty fics with happy ending here and here. And here’s a list of a few more;

  • By The Light Of The Moon - it hasn’t ended, but it’s coming to an end, and it seems like it’ll end on a good note.
  • We Are Not Okay - jongin doesn’t want the child he bore with soo during a one night stand.
  • Breathless - medical!au. watch out for the warnings in the foreword.
  • You Promised Forever (And A Day) - pretty cliche, but we all need some cliche in our lives. it got me screaming, DUMBASS. WHY SOO. WHY NINI. WHY YOU GUYS SO DUMB.
  • Iris - have i mentioned i will go down with this fic? arranged marriage!au (of sorts), which jongin is initially against.

Enjoy! ヽ(*´з`*)ノ

- Admin S

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Nini, quick question, will you guys translate SM Gokko by Mitsui Tsubaki ?

It’s quite hot but we wouldn’t do the digital version, I’m sick of light sabers.
But by the time I can order and scan the hardcopy and considering the time it takes to find a translator and a cleaner, someone else will probably be working on it, so we won’t pick it up, sorry.

~ Nini

we are young (we are the dream) 2/?

summary: he was a fratboy, she was a sorority girl. can I make it anymore obvious?

notes: when au week happened, i thought about how cool a greek/cs mashup would be and after screaming with friends about it and the news of scott michael foster aka cappie had joined the ouat cast, voilà. to those familiar with the show, there are some things you’ll recognize (as in, a lot of scenes from the pilot and campus and houses names because i didn’t feel like changing them) - but then the story goes its own way :)

a special mention to sandy, who i scream with about greek almost every day and it’s not at all embarrassing okay. 

rating: T

word count: 8,784


She was trying to slip quietly up the stairs towards her room unnoticed - as much as she possibly could, at least: girls in their house noticed even when you wore one button on your shirt undone, she cringed at what they’d say if they saw her wearing her clothes from the previous night - but a loud throat clearing halted her steps. Regina stood by the living room, arms crossed over her chest, and Emma’s shoulders slumped in defeat when she saw her. She silently followed the ZBZ president to the couch, where she faceplanted for all purposes. She was so tired - and hungover - she just wanted to sleep for the rest of the semester. (And maybe she felt a little bit sore, too, who was she kidding. Killian could be as rough as a sailor, and she had more than enjoyed the way his fingers had left marks on her hips, the almost brutal pace he had set and his bruising kisses the night before.)

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