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At Tianmen Mountain (天门山; pinyin Tiānmén shān and literally means “Gate to Heaven Mountain) in Zhangjiajie (张家界) forest is a special tourist attraction.  While a pedestrian walkway has been built as a scenic outlook avenue some time ago, recently a section has been retro-fitted with a glass floor to allow you to see the valley below - between your feet!  Are you afraid of heights?


“She is keeping onlookers at bay by sheer force of will.”

At the 24th annual Tokyo International Film Festival, Chinese actress 张馨予 (pinyin: Zhāng Xīnyǔ) was seen strolling on the “green carpet” in a revealing sheer white dress, prompting comparisons to the sheer dress worn by 周韦彤 (pinyin: Zhōu Wéitóng) at the recent “Golden Rooster Awards”


Here are China’s oldest living couple, Jin Jifen, 106, and her husband Yang Shengzhong, 109.  The couple has been married for almost 90 years and has established five generations of offspring.  They have been living in the same small village in Guizhou province for more than 100 years.

Yang describes his wife as saying, “She has been nice to me my whole life and still cooks for me,” while Jin describes it as such: “I can’t live without working." 


“Because all able students should be able to think on their own two feet.”

Faced with a shortage of chairs, the domineering and enterprising spirit of the students of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology did what they had to do - to make do with what they can invent.

The chairs, on the other hand, were all taken away to be used for a ceremony, waiting.

A popular pastime for elderly residents of China is to perform calligraphy upon the surface of a road or sidewalk, as seen here in his recent photo taken in Beijing.

Using plain water as the ink, the characters are written using a brush so large that it can be mistaken for a mop.  To underscore the temporary nature of this art, the characters written on the left side of the picture are seen to be already drying out.


“Holy cow.”

In Jiangcheng (江城; Jiāngchéng) Yunnan province (云南; Yúnnán), an International Buffalo Body Painting Contest was held recently that saw 48 teams compete from 10 different countries including Laos, the USA and others.

According to legend, body painting on buffalos can drive away tigers and leopards and prevent cattle being preyed on.