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OC- Wu Inna


“Come with me”

Inna looked at the boy she currently started to date a few days ago, with confusion and amusement.


“Come with me to Korea.”

“You are going back.” Inna’s voice dropped as the most disappointing look was shown over her face. She didn’t want him to leave.

Taekwoon was staying in China for a month because he was working on his group’s new album. He needed inspiration for something new to make new type of songs since all his songs were mostly sad one. About pain of love, leaving and hurt. So he chose China to visit as his first stop, but he stayed took than he planned to.

That’s when he met Inna.

The girl who was working in the cafe he regularly visited while he was staying in china.

Every day he would visit new places to see different people and watch different kinds of life stories. But he would find that the cafe was the most interesting place. Different type of lives, were found in there.

Starting from the lover, the break up couple, the married couple, the blind dates, to the just-friends. Every kind of love stories were there, so he hoped to find the song’s idea and theme more quickly.

“You can’t keep staring at the other customers, sir.”

Taekwoon looked up to find a petite girl with long reddish hair and big eyes looking at him. She was wearing the cafe worker’s uniform which was a brown apron over her white shirt and black trousers.

Taekwoon knew her. She was usually the one who served him whenever he came to this the cafe.

“I’m sorry.” Taekwoon apologized and looked back at his white clean paper.  

“Do you need help?” She suddenly asked and Taekwoon gave her a blank stare. She just wanted to help since he looked lost in his own thoughts.

“If you don’t want my help, then I’ll go.” She said and turned to leave when Taekwoon called her name. “Wu Inna”

She froze in her place and turned to look at him with wide eyes. She never told him her name before. How–

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Nin Hao from the Man Out My Window

I walked into my  apartment and it smelled like smoke. There was a loud noise and it looked like it was all coming from my room. Pulled back my curtains to see what all the commotion was… This man was looking at me dead in the face. “Nin Hao.” That is all he said, then went right back to work. Going at the iron with a full fledge dangerous instrument, with sparks flying everywhere,

I just said, “Nin Hao,” closed the curtain and the window then kept it moving. What else could I say?  What else could I do?