Some interesting facts about Yazidi’s

There is no religious duty to pray, one may pray whenever one wishes. They face the sun during prayer, it’s for this reason they’re nicknamed “sun-greeters” & also falsely “sun worshippers”. 

After each prayer they kiss the soil. They religiously rely on the abundance of mother nature’s natural resources & have many rituals dedicated to earth. Yazidi’s believe that when the Earth accepted to have humanity live on her body god made spring as a thank you gift by adorning Earth in flowers.

Traditional Yazidi weddings last seven days. Married Yazidi’s have a bridesmaid & best man called “sister/brother of the afterlife”

Who are the Yazidi’s, Yezidi’s, Ezidi’s, or Yazdani’s?

They’re a Kurdish-speaking ethno-religious community who’s ancient religion Yazidism is one of the oldest in existence..

They live primarily in Sinjar in Kurdistan with smaller communities in Armenia, Georgia, Turkey & Syria.

They are monotheists, believing in one god as the creator of the world, which he has placed under the care of seven holy beings or angels, the chief archangel is Melek Taus, the peacock angel.

More interesting facts about Yazidi’s

They claim to have the oldest monotheistic religion in the world. They argue that the truth of the claim lies in the antiquity of their calendar which dates back to 4750 BCE, making it older than the Jewish, Christian, & Islamic calendars.

They do not believe in the devil but they are commonly mistaken to be devil-worshippers

According to the Yazidi faith, god entrusted the earth into the care of 7 angels (heft sirr). The chief archangel Melek Taus was present when god ordered all his angels to bow down to Adam. The Christian & Islamic view is that Satan refused to bow down to Adam, thus falling from god’s grace. The Yazidi archangel Melek Taus also refused to bow down to Adam. Muslims & Christians revile Satan for his refusal to bow, however Yazidi’s revere Melek Taus for his independence & also for arguing that only god should be bowed down to