and this happend when you let me music inspired me this little comic about 34 pags is based by this song Rain of brass petals  this is the firts part and in the song is as almost 2 minutes i change a little thing but is not much. tomorrow i upload the second part… >:)

maybe i can think this is almost a spoiler and this is vector in the future going to face….

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (epilogo)


Hahaaaa I love this help ;w; I have awful ideas with yuma/ don even I was thinking a awful AU to sharbaitshipping :’D but firts this negativeshipping

I guess the idea for this AU was yuma rescue vector of Donny and vector see him his changes because now Donny is inside in yuma and he know that but he still happy for save vector even he needs change……

Cutie yuma/don with long hair ADSSWASWA ignore me I’m in my iPod I not know how put a line in this phrase adasawa


Zexal month week 3/ Day 4  Everything’s the same except yuma is don thousand 

ninetyninethousand/ 99000/yumadon

this is my long au in all my aus this au born in the fall of 2013 and keep working on the history of zexal with a fic about 45 471 words and 140 pages and still in progress since this is my more big au i did so many art for this au you can see here and this have one comicweb you can find here

this came when i got the crazy idea don thousand could be something very close to yuma since his first apareance is very similiar to him that bangs fiusha.. and then after read one shot from my friend the light of the sun where yuma had a past life with vector and poof i mixed both history with the timeline of the canon serie so this au is long and very heartbreaking.

you can find more of this here too