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Raven's sick and Summer's her nurse

Summer: Say “Aawwww.”~ *Summer smiled as she held out a spoon of chicken soup.*

Raven: … *Raven glared at the spoon before knocking it away the thermometer in her mouth.* Summer. I can-COUGH! COUGH!- Ahem, feed myself.

Summer: Nonsense! You are sick with a fever of, *Summer paused taking the thermometer from the taller woman’s mouth and looking at it.* Ninetynine point nine. You need to relax as much as possible! Now hold still while I put this ice bag on your head.

Raven: Siiiiiiigh, Summer. I get that you are trying to-COUGH! COUGH!- Help but you are really starting toooOOH THAT’S COOL! 

Summer: It will help bring down your fever. Now eat. It will help get the taste of the medicine you took to go away. *Summer said as she scoops so more of the soup with the spoon only to find Raven averting her eyes.* … Raven… You did take your medicine, right?

Raven: … *Turns her head slightly away.*

Summer: RIGHT?

Raven: *Now completely staring at the wall.*


Raven: IT TASTE SO BA- huh? *Raven began to argue until she turned her head back to Summer only to find her taking a swig of the medicine she was suppose to take.* SUMMER!? WHAT ARE Y-MM!? *Raven yelled when she was interrupted by Summer crashing her lips into her’s, forcing the medicine into Raven’s mouth and making her swallow by deepening the kiss. It was a moment later Summer pulled away leaving the taller woman stunned.*

Summer: Blaeh. You won’t kidding about the medicine tasting bad. Now Open up and say, “Aaawwww.” *Summer smiled once again holding up the spoon of chicken soup to which this time a blushing Raven eats.*


So yeah, now that this crazy amazing season is over, and consequently, reaching 1300 followers omg this is beyond insane, I thought it is time for my 3rd Follow Forever.

I would like to say thank you for the sharing this season with me. Thank you for reblogging/liking my posts, thank you for interacting with me, for being such awesome people. I could have not asked for a better tumblr experience. Y’all Rock!!  💖 💪

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