So umm me and sayuri decided to make a network ‘cuase why not! ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Ninetwork: The meaning of  the title is Ninja Network~ and it’s obviously for all ninja lovers and yeah =w=

Rules :-

- mbf me and her

- be an anime/manga blog

- must be active

- reblog this post (likes don’t count but you can like for reference)

- add this badge somewhere on your blog once you are accepted ^^

- fill out this application here

- be nice to everyone!

Benefits :-

- A chance to make friends and talk to people!

- New blogs to follow!

- html/code help? (we will try our best to help you!)

{ Network } - { Badge } - { Apply }

We will choose members when this gets enough notes!!

So yeah that’s it. Thanks for reading and good luck! <3

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