Ah, Loony…I see you finished ‘Yoga Hosers’. How was it?

I…I don’t know, Tiktok. But I do know I’ll never get those 90 minutes back…hold me. I’m traumatized.

*sigh* No, you’re not. You just want hugs.


*grudgingly embraces clingy mun, wondering what the hell he could’ve done to deserve this*

I don’t know what you expected, my dear. But perhaps next me you will think before watching something that only has two and a half stars on Netflix, hmm? As you say, you will never get back those ninety minutes.

Loony, you can let go now.

*mun does not let go*

Elijah Scott is a 20 year old who lives in East Rockford and works at Rockford Barber Shop.

Date of birth: February 14th

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Elijah Scott lived up in Chicago Illinois until he was about twelve years old, when he moved to Rockford Illinois with his father Daniel, and his sister Tori. Life wasn’t always shitty, for twelve years Elijah or Eli for short had a pretty damn good life. His father was a wealthy lawyer, and his mother was a teacher. To say life sucked, was a lie, until Tori’s fifteenth birthday party when the two decided to skip the chaos and go sit in their tree house their father built. What happened after, was a moment the two wish they can forget altogether but it’s kind of hard when you were uprooted ninety miles away from where your whole life has been. So Elijah and Tori were sitting on the chairs, drinking strawberry soda, playing with the uno deck Tori just got when they head laughter down below. Deciding to see what it was the two crept out of the window to see their mother falling all over their fathers best friend, someone they considered an uncle. Not knowing what to do they stood their shocked listening to their mother talk about wanting to rip his clothes off, and how she didn’t give a damn if she got caught she just wanted to feel excitement for a few minutes. That’s when the world stopped, they started crying and Brooke knew she’d been caught.

Rockford wasn’t all that bad, Daniel got a nice job at the local law firm, and the kids fit right in when they started school. Daniel bought a massive house in East Rockford, it was like a palace compared to what they had before. Tori and Elijah both knew it was because Daniel didn’t know what to do to make the situation okay. Tori graduated from high school right when Elijah would be starting, not wanting to leave the family she ended up attending Rockford U. Elijah got along with a lot of people in school, but it wasn’t his thing. He always wanted to skip classes, he wanted to go down to the lake and write. When Elijah started to realize that being a lawyer or a teacher or a doctor wasn’t his thing he started hanging out with the seniors, and some guys from college. None of them were the good people. They were always getting stopped by the police for tagging, stealing, drinking, smoking whenever something bad happened in town most of the time it was those guys. By the beginning of junior year in high school Elijah was pretty much stoned every day, and if he wasn’t stoned he was drunk. Elijah had been arrested twice, once for trespassing and once for theft. Although he never stole anything he was there at the scene when stuff was stolen.

By the middle of junior year Elijah stopped attending school altogether. Daniel was too busy with work to notice, Tori tried talking to the school about letting her sit in on his classes, and his mom just didn’t give a damn. So when Elijah came home with a GED one Friday his dad was angry but got over it, because he said he wasn’t going to make him do something he didn’t want. Soon after that Elijah stopped getting into illegal stuff, and just stuck to smoking weed when no one was looking. High school parties he still attended but that was just so he can fuck girls, get high, and a little drunk. It was his way of forgetting all the bullshit in life going on around him. After a few months Daniel’s father got tired of paying for gas, and food just so Elijah can sit around all day. Making him get a job, Elijah went weeks looking for places to work. Finally landing a gig sweeping up mens hair that had just been cut and shave, he actually found something he liked other than working on his car. A year later, and Elijah was actually cutting hair, it was the one thing that kept him calm.

So here we are today. Elijah still a high school drop out, who get’s stoned ninety percent of the day, drinks until three or four in the morning, but also is really good at giving people hair cuts.


When a person meets Elijah they wouldn’t really guess that he’s a high school drop out, that’s also a major stoner. That’s partially because he’s probably the oddest stoner you’ll ever meet. He has a good amount of friends, and he’s kind of out going it just depends on his mood that day. He’s a good person with a kind heart, he just hates to show it. Which is why he’s always high, that way he can act like everything is just cool that nothing is wrong at all.


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Language for love

“Sanskrit has ninety-six words for love; ancient Persian has eighty; Greek three; and English simply one.”

Do we love
with the complexities
And subtleties
of summer flowers

Some richly hued
in violets and tangerines
With scents as floral or citrus
Such transient season
We feast upon
Ephemeral beauty
Cut short in long-stemmed
Vases of adoration

While other loves-
More understated
In muted greens
Pale yellows-
Linger on the mind
In kind attention
A dutiful son
To aging parents
Selfless tenderness
Of phlox and jasmine
Curling their
Tendrils about
A soul’s lattice
With returning spring


~So I’m offerin’ this simple phrase,
To kids from one to ninety - two~

…there is definitely no age to love Christmas time…

#almostchristmas #happiness #natkingcole #christmassong

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I grew up during the Cold War and spent time in Russia in the nineties. My grandmother was from a Russian-Polish family and spoke Russian as a child. For many years I studied Russian language and culture, mostly because of my interest in literature and fairy tales.
I certainly remember hostility or suspicion where anything Russian was concerned, even after the fall of the USSR, when derision and ridicule took over. Many of us remember when any Russian connection would have spelled disaster for an American politician, or for any public figure. Of Trump’s many offenses, the indications of corrupt entanglement with Putin’s Russia have troubled me the most. I know that we have plenty of voter suppression right here at home, state to state. But if we are going to take this recent revelation lying down, if we’re going to let that conman be sworn in, then I will know that my country has ended. It’s over. It has been a long time coming, I guess.
I have been labeled a leftist liberal my whole life. But I’m really a patriot. One with a broken heart.


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