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Prompt Alec and Magnus watching a tv show like game of thrones or somthing. And Alec finds one of the characters really attractive 💛 p.s i like your fics

Thank you :)
I don’t actually watch GoT, but hopefully you’ll still like this :) It’s just short and silly and fluffy! 

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It’s fairly rare for Magnus to be the one who gets home later – it’s usually Alec who’ll be in his office until someone calls Magnus to drag him back home.

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Teen addicted to porn speaks out

March 9, 2006

Ninety percent of kids between the ages of eight and sixteen have used computers to access X-rated material and studies show many of those will become addicts because of their age.
Beemer Waller, 17, said at the age of 12-years-old he started watching pornography online. He also said it soon became a quick addiction.
“It went from girls to two girls and a guy, to two guys and a girl, to three girls,” he said. “It went everywhere. I couldn’t go to sleep until I watched them.”
Finding sites and staying on them for hours was easy for Waller who said one site led to the next.
“You click on one and you exit out and three more of them pop up, and you exit out of those and seven more pop up,” he said.
Psychologist Dr. Todd Clements said he works with kids and teens that have addictions to porn.
“You have to do more and more to get that same rush, and often that goes from what we call level one, viewing pornography, to level two, acting out on that because viewing no longer gives you the rush,” said Dr. Todd Clements, psychologist.
Cat scans show boys aren’t equipped to handle the euphoria associated with pornography, Clements said.
“They’re totally separating emotions from sexual activity and I think that is going to cause problems later in life,” he said. “That is going to cause problems in marriage. It is going to cause problems trying to have an intimate relationship as well.”
Studies show that regular viewers of porn have more aggressive and devious desires, and are more likely to act on them.
Beemer Waller’s parents said he never showed outwards signs of his obsession. Instead, they said he simply wasn’t around.
“To here the things that he did that we had no clue and it is like where were we?” said David Waller, Beemer’s father. “And I promise you…we were on top of it, we thought.”
Waller went from a standup basketball player who performed in church plays to a hermit who stayed behind closed doors for hours.
Soon his parents had to place a lock on the family television because of excessive pay-per-view orders. He then turned to using gift cards to purchase downloads on the internet.
“[I wanted] to get that high,” he said.
Rapper Kanye West and gospel singer Kirk Franklin recently made their addictions public. Both the pop icons said they are addicted to porn and sex.
Waller said he too has decided to voice his addictions. He was not only a porn addict, but he also kicked addictions to alcohol and drugs.
He just recently returned to school and has a new girlfriend. However, he said he wonders if anyone can live up to incessant sexual cravings he blames on the porn industry.
Waller said he came out publicly with his addictions in hopes to educate and help others. He also urged young kids and teens who believe they might have an addiction to ask for help.

Wake Up, Sammy: Part 1

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader
Word Count: 2,325
Warnings: Clowns, IT, over the top flirting, and maybe some roofies.
A/N: I wrote this for @imaginesforthose-wholovefandoms Karissa’s Halloween Movie Night Challenge, and my prompt was the movie IT. Both the original and new movie and the book are my favorites, and I’m so excited to share this fic with you!

As usual, beta’d by two of my most favorite people, who encourage me and make me better at what I do. @trexrambling: “ I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Come on, Sammy. STAAAAAHP.”

@pinknerdpanda: “back off, bitch.”

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you’d like to be added!

Dean threw himself on the bed and crossed his ankles, then grabbed the television remote. “Are you ready?” he yelled as he grabbed a bag of licorice.

Y/N skipped out of the bathroom and plopped next to Dean. “As ready as I’ll ever be. Wasn’t this made in like…the nineties? A television movie in the nineties. I bet the graphics are great,” she said as she rolled her eyes.

Dean hit play and took a bite of licorice, “Listen, Tim Curry is a freakin’ genius. It’s not as good as the book, I’ll give you that, but for a TV miniseries, it ain’t half bad. Used to scare the shit out of Sam, though.” Dean laughed at the memory, “Let’s just say there’s a reason he’s scared of clowns.”

Y/N grabbed the bowl of popcorn off the nightstand and wrapped the blanket around her, “First, I wouldn’t have pegged you for a King fan. Second, please don’t tell me you let him watch this when it first came out? He would have been like…seven!”

“Listen, I read. King gets it right more than most do. And anyway, what kind of big brother would I have been to deprive him of that? Although I will say Dad got pissed at me when he realized why Sam would get so freaked when we’d drop him off at Plucky Pennywhistle’s.”

Y/N smacked him in the arm as she shoved a handful of popcorn into her mouth, “You’re awful.”

“Clearly, you didn’t have siblings. Now be quiet, the movie is starting.”

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The 90s were the best years, and here are two reasons why ☮️🎬

The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice

Pale white moon shine
Down on Colorado
Hide my dirty secrets
Down here in the shadows
Where the quaking aspens
Tremble in the snow
Haul me up the hillside
Hold me high and let me go

Let me fall down through my own roof like a meteorite
Let the world and all its wonders leave me to my toys tonight
And my ninety-six inch
Television screen
Let me die, let me die
Surrounded by machines

High winds knocked the power out last night
But I’ve got my own supply here
All my windows blaze with light
And the light spills through the windows
To the empty plain below
Finds nothing but some trees
And six fresh feet of snow

And I find a broadcast station that’s signed off for the night
And the static floods the speakers in glorious black and white
On my ninety-six inch television screen
Let me die, let me die
Surrounded by machines

from Moon Colony Bloodbath (2009)