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Zootopia Fanfiction Take a Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.16- I won’t give up, I won’t give in.

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. I want to thank you all for helping this fic reach over 900 reviews, 300 followers and over 50k views! You are all awesome. A massive thank to the SOC team who helped craft this chapter, especially to chorpion who beta’d this chapter, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…) link…

Chapter 16- I won’t give up, I won’t give in.

The eccentric red panda owner/editor of BarkFeed known as Mr Boehm was sat behind at his desk in his spacious office with Sasha Jones AKA Miss Ojos. She had come in to hand over photos of the ‘Monster of the Meadowlands’ that had saved her from three drowned attackers. Boehm had been looking at the photos for about thirty seconds in silence until he dismissed them as"Crap, crap, mega crap.“

"What? Those photos are good.” Sasha protested.

“Kid these are blurry as hell and look like they’ve been ripped from a cheesy horror film, I’ll give you $50 each for them cuz’ of the crappy quality.” Boehm bickered.

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More Drew Tanaka Headcanons (someone stop meeeee)
  • Drew is really into saving the environment and using environment friendly makeup and makeup remover.  She gets her best products from plants actually so, the Demeter cabin is always up for helping.
  • Drew is vegetarian so, she only eats certain foods and is really health-nut conscious on making sure that she stays healthy along with the rest of her cabin, camp, and world.
  • Tons of campers ask her about the chopsticks she wears in her hair and what culture follows behind with that tradition, etc.  She just laughs at them and makes fun of it because, who the hell puts Chopsticks in their hair?  Their just normal hair sticks that look like chopsticks.  They have no cultural meaning and it’s just a lame nineties trend that Drew adopted into her everyday style.
  • She has multiple earrings and loves to wear long earrings because of how they feel when they dangle on her shoulders.  They’re normally feathers or different trinket-y things that make noise.
  • She owns several shirts with slogans that say, Go Green! Recycle! Mother Earth Loves YOU! (not many people liked that one after the War against Gaea…)
  • Drew owns several different colours of eyeliner and switches them out frequently, using black/brown the least.
  • Drew’s camp necklace is a long chain with a large pendant at the top (a dove carved on marble) with the beads hanging below it on a strand of metal.  The top bead belonged to Silena and it was the summer that Drew showed up at camp when Silena was so nice to her, even if Drew was a bit of a bitch.
  • Since she doesn’t have natural freckles, she uses glitter as highlighter/freckles on her cheekbones, starting a trend at Camp Half-Blood (which was also a trend everywhere, i think).
  • Drew’s favourite subject in school is Culture and she loves to learn about religion and different beliefs.  Her favourite two to learn about was Muslim and Buddhism because of the different and amazing ways they taught.
  • Drew wears a one-piece bathing suit because she doesn’t wish to ‘expose herself’.  it has a giant hole on the back, revealing her back down to her hips but, that doesn’t stop her ;)
  • She and Will binge Voltron every time they go to his Mom’s house.  Her favourite character is Pidge because she’s smol and tuff.
  • DREW HATES FIREWORKS.  They’re so loud???  And bright and she can’t handle that they go past midnight??????  She plays Uno in her cabin with a whole bunch of other campers (who have hearing problems/sensitive eyes or ears/or don’t like fireworks) while listening to Justin Bieber.
  • Drew is beast at Baseball and if a bat could be her normal weapon, it totally would be.
  • (Chiron says no because it’s not made of celestial bronze and Drew doesn’t want a metal bat she wants an authentic wooden baseball bat)
  • She also has the best record on the lava wall.
  • She loves painting her nails nude colours because they look nicest.
  • Drew’s really good at weaving??  But doesn’t show it?? Because she’s embarrassed?????
  • Favourite holiday is Christmas because why not???  XD
  • She hates snow tho, it’s white and it’s sticky and it covers all of New York and it’s cold as hell and when she’s walking to school, she slips and trips or drops her homework in a pile of slush.
  • Drew loves cars - drawing them, fixing them up, painting them, fixing tires, driving, anything cars and she loves it.  Her grandpa fixed up old cars when he was still alive.  
    • When he died, he left his garage of like, 12 cars to Drew so that she could fix them.  This includes a 77′ Fleetwood Mac and like, a crap ton of really nice cars that just need a new engine and a paint job.

i just love Drew a lot

she and i, we could be best friends, man.  i can feel it

I started out trying to concept some generic skull cave shit, then I remembered I’d just seen my billionth episode of a television show that truncates the videogame experience in a totally nonsensical, yet ultimately intriguing way.

And I thought, what if I made a whole thing that sounded like I knew as much about videogame detail as the 45 year old writer of any given no-budget early nineties Nelvana cartoon?

That trend never wore off, by the way. All videogame episodes of shows made for America are amazingly, brazenly incorrect in the exact same kind of way, and this became a huge strength in my opinion.

Japan made a mistake trying to accurately depict game systems with definitive rule sets in their serieses. Did you know they don’t even once refer to “mastering the hidden powerups” in Sword Art Online?? What a wasted opportunity!

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Head canon: Jareth constantly steals from Sarah's closet and often puts in better clothes for her because he can't stand some nineties trends

Counter headcanon he keeps those clothes and sometimes wears them because he’s genderlfuid as fuck and secretly likes how it looks when he wears it