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How The 90s Shaped Our Style

If you are a follower of fashion, it can’t have escaped your notice over the past few months, or even years, that we have been building up to a major rebirth of 90s style influence. This has crept up on us very gradually, before most of us had even had a chance to realise, with the odd crop-top here, a tartan skirt there and an all-around more liberal approach to colour matching. Nonetheless, no one could have quite predicted the effect that the 90s were going to have on popular modern culture and just how much the teenagers of this generation were going to fall in love with it and consequently reignite in the rest of us the love of an age we thought we’d left behind…

Speaking as someone who considers themselves a ‘90s child’ (with a little bit of the Eighties thrown in at the start), I was personally very surprised to see a number of the key items of this era making their way back to our generation. The first of these being the leather choker / dark make-up combo, which I remember at the time dividing opinion because of its noticeably gothic edge:

I personally couldn’t get enough of this brooding gothic look at the time, so I’m quite frankly delighted by its return which means I can bust out the jewellery archives (I knew there was a reason I’d held on to it all!). This trend was predominantly introduced to us by the leaders of 90s fashion that included Drew Barrymore, Gwen Stefani and a very young Kate Moss, but was worn by everyone from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Monica Gellar in Friends. This set of grunge-inspired 90s style mavens were all also pioneers of a thousand different ways to wear denim, which are now making their way back, along with a very familiar relationship with wacky hair dyes that stretched all the way from bleach blonde to all manner of pinks, purples and blues.

And then there was the magic combination of the tartan skirt paired with a white shirt, which, although synonymous the revved-up version of a school uniform that Britney Spears so readily entered the scene with, has become a style statement all on its own and is still to this day being replicated in many different variations. For this we have the honourable Miss Spears to thank, of course, for the notoriety but also the cast ofClueless and The Craft who so notably took its grasp on fashion to the next level and gave it even more staying power.

There is so much more to discuss when it comes to the 90s but for the time being I thought I’d leave you with some evidence on how this has well and truly spurned a revival in the fashion industry that is showing no signs of wavering…

Don’t worry there’s much more where this came from ;)