nineties cartoons


Anyone who knows me knows Rugrats is one of my most favourite things ever 😁 and I’m so happy I found this little Angelica purse in Primark yesterday 👍🏻 always so great to see Rugrats merch about, I’m so looking forward to the funko pops soon 😍❤


Mickey Mouse meets Minnie in the park and then takes her to a Vaudeville show in The Nifty Nineties (1941)

The two actors in the show are caricatures of Disney animators Ward Kimball and Fred Moore who also voiced themselves

2016 took away so many. Feels like my childhood is dying. This is a little tribute to George Michael, who passed away yesterday. Growing up watching MTV all day, I will always remember this motorcycle costume in the video “Too Funky” worn by Emma Wiklund.


‘An Animated History Of 20th Century Hairstyles’ Shows How Far Hair Has Come

Hairstyles can speak volumes about history. Over the course of the 20th century, looks ranged from dreamy to trendy, from intricate to just plain bizarre. A new animated video from The Atlantic takes viewers on a 100-year hair journey. From mullets to pompadours, bobs and beyond, the 20th century saw more than a few iconic hairstyles. 

See dozens more hair styles over the decades for men and women here.