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For the ship things RuPru (Thanks in advance :з)

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who’s the cuddler:
Ivan. 100 % xD
He’s very clingy and very touchy. He takes every opportunity to take Gilbert into his arms, to hold him longer than necessary, and steal kisses whenever and whereever there is a chance ♥
Gilbert acts annoyed but actually likes the attention… unless they’re in public. Then it’s too embarrassing.

who makes the bed:
Gilbert. He’s so tidy!  In this regard Ivan is a lazy bum xD And he knows Gilbert would make the bed - so he sees no need to do that.

who wakes up first:
Gilbert most of the time. He needs to get stuff done (even it it is just to update his blog). Mostly he just can’t get out of bed because there’s always a clingy russian next to him. When he tries to get out, Ivan immediately wraps his arms tighter around him or even rolls on top of him to immobilise him so they can cuddle a little bit longer ♥ Sometimes Gilbert struggles - to no avail - and ends up snuggling into Ivan for a few more minutes and ruffles his hair. Ivan might even end up falling asleep again so Gilbert can steal himself out of bed. If he can’t, he just updates his blog from his smartphone, complaining about stupid possessive and annoyingly lazy russians (or he even takes a picture of his sleeping boyfriends face to put it on his blog and make fun of him xD).
When Ivan is the one to wake up first, he just keeps lying there, serenely watching his sleeping lovers face.

who has the weird taste in music:
I think both of them to some degree. Ivan tends to hum Korobeiniki (the Tetris theme song) sometimes while Gilbert can be found singing Rammstein songs xD

who is more protective:
Ivan. But he’s also overreacting more than Gilbert. Give him the slightest reason and he will glare at you through his eyes while smiling sweetly.
Everyone backs off. Always. While Gilbert is completely oblivious sometimes.

who sings in the shower:
Gilbert. Loudly. Ivan thinks it’s cute (he doesn’t understand a word when he’s singing german), while it made Ludwig insane when they still lived together.

who cries during movies:
None of them. At least not when they’re together. They need to save face. But when they‘re alone, both of them are very mushy and get teary eyed very easily.
The single time both of them clung to eachother while sobbing during a movie was, when they watched Hachiko (who didn’t??).
They never watched that movie a second time and pretend it never happened.

who spends the most while out shopping:
Gilbert… technically. He buys all the stuff. Cool clothing, cute stuff, stuffed animals and so on.
But Ivan pays xD

who kisses more roughly:
Gilbert actually. But it depends. Gilbert’s kisses are hard, hungry and dominating while Ivan’s kisses are more soft and gentle, teasingly even. But when Ivan is in the right mood, his kisses are even more rough and passionate than Gilbert’s and leave the prussian breathless :///D

who is more dominate:
In his behaviour: Gilbert.
He’s a warrior nation and he has to keep his dominance to show that he still is a warrior, a knight, even if his country doesn’t exist anymore. Ivan lets him, he just smiles happily or he kisses him to shut him up.
In bed it’s rather balanced. Ivan tops but he lets Gilbert lead him on, guide him, set the pace and force if he wants to.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:
OVER NINETHOUSAND. Absolutely 100 % OTP!! ♥ ♥ ♥  (= 10 xD)

Everything above is just my personal headcanon of them so it’s fine if you have a different view :3

Thanks for asking :D

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