hey, here is my rather long and late new years follow forever, i just want to thank you all for being the amazing people that you are and making my time on tumblr enjoyable. have a great 2014






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okay so this is my second follow forever, i made this very cute picture i mean justin with a santa’s hat and the snow lord, i can’t believe i’ve been here for two years what am i doing with my life. anyways you made my dash so perfect and flawless i love every single one of you, even tho i’ve never talked to you. you’re perfect and i love your blogs, you make me laugh and wanna kms with your posts. idk if you’re reading this but i don’t know what to say. to all the friends i’ve made here (italic ones), you guys are so special to me, you’re nice, cool, funny well you know haha. thank you i love you!

please tell me if i wrote your url wrong omg i’m so bad at this.

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my beautiful beliebers,

i hit 10.000 followers & i want to say thank you with a little follow-forever :)

Justin is my angel and inspiration & to share my love for him with all of you is such a great honor. you’re all very nice and special in your own way. i enjoy talking to you and to fangirl together is just great. all of your edits are so amazing, i’m able to see the best pictures & gifs of Justin everyday. i know that i will stay at Justin’s side until the end and to live this journey with all of you together makes me really happy :)

i love you and i thank you for so many great memories, Jessi :*

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blogroll & i love every single follower, i’m always here for you.

believe in yourself; spread your wings and fly.

wow another year has gone by???? what in the world. im getting older and i guess i shouldnt spend this much time on here and should be preparing for college or whatever but i dont know. this website has led me to so many friends and nice people i wanted to take a minute and thank them with this follow forever. if you’re on here it means i see you and i want to thank you for filling up my dash with justin :) THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING ABLE TO SHARE MY MEETING JUSTIN EXPERIENCE I WAS SO BLESSED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME. even though this asshole continues to piss me off, i love him and will always be here to support him because he was inspired me beyond words and if it werent for him i might not be who i am today. so thank you for putting up with my bipolar attitude and thank you for following me (or if you dont well thank you for posting good stuff haha). so yeah peace out 2013, you’ve been pretty good to me, and thank you guys for going through it with me! ♥

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