nineteen seventies

These two books by Paul Huson, are two classic works that have been around since the nineteen seventies. Not influenced by todays neo-modern new age mainstream witchcraft. The books provide the most in-depth details to beginning a practice in traditional witchcraft, free from the trappings of new age spirituality. Both of these books are quintessential for traditional a witch’s practice. Mastering herbalism is just as informative, I’ll be doing more in depth analyses soon!


70 Plymouth Sport Fury GT by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Super Commando 440 V8


73 Dodge Challenger by Greg Gjerdingen
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The Alexandria Vintage Car Club had a Fall Cruise that followed the Glacial Ridge Trail. Rich Carlson, President of the Alexandria Club, picked a beautiful day and a gorgeous route from Alexandria to New London. Glenwood A&W and Jorgenson’s Museum in Sunburg were stops along the way.

The babies in Charles' Soul Room

I’m 100% certain these made their rounds when the doll house was a key element to the show, but I want to resurface them as we know a bit more about what’s going on, plus I’m relatively new to tumblr and would love to know everyone’s thoughts!

So, these baby photos were in Charles Soul Room:

Let’s zoom in.

This looks to say something like,
“Mr & Mrs _ P/R_____ (?)
Take the pleasure in announcing
The birth of a son
Jason/James (?) Matthew
On Friday, twenty-seventh of November
Nineteen hundred and seventy
10_29 I____ Holly Cimb/Limb/Lamb (?)
Los Angeles, California”

Picture Two

“Mr & Mrs _ P/R_____ (?)
Take pleasure in announcing
The birth of a son
Rodney Todd/Tedd (?)
Weight: 7 lb. 12 oz
On Sunday, May 7, 1972
Los Angeles, California”

I’m not sure what this means. It’s safe to assume the babies are brothers, and maybe Charlotte and/or Spencer’s father?
The babies would be almost 46, and 44 now.

What does everyone think?


70 Buick GS Stage 1 (Clone) by Greg Gjerdingen

Picture on LEFT: Mr. And Mrs ….. Take pleasure in announcing the birth of a son Jason Matthew(?) On Friday (?) the ? Day of November Nineteen hundred and seventy ? ? Holy Church ?, California The picture on the right says: Mr. And Mrs. (?) Take pride in announcing the birth of a son ? ? **it looks like it says, Weight. ? Lbs. ? Ozs **don’t know second to last line ?, California What do you guys think?!!!!?

Gally Imagine #3

Request: Gally AU imagine? He’s the captain of the football team and Y/N is a cheerleader and she is completely in love with him but he doesn’t seem to like her because she’s weird and loud? but later on he falls for her

For nineteen-to-the-seventy-five 

Gally the football team captain was the person you had the biggest crush on. You had hopelessly fallen for his charm. You, a cheerleader had a crush on the football team captain…what a cliché story. You sighed and placed your head on your locker. The worst thing was he showed absolutely no interest in you or any other girl for that matter. There were days when you wondered if he was gay because he was so close with his team members…especially Thomas.

You had never actually talked to Gally properly. Hell, you don’t even know if he knows your name. He probably just knew as that weird loud cheerleader. You had told yourself a thousand times that he was not interested and that you were too loud and weird for him or anyone else to like you that way.

You shook your head.

Concentrate on practice, Y/N!

You pushed your thoughts at the back of your mind and got ready for practice. Some of your friends greeted you as they walked past you to their own lockers.

At practice you kept on stealing glances at Gally. You tried your best to concentrate on practice but you couldn’t help it. By the end of practice you may have stolen like a thousand glances. As you gathered your things to go back to the changing rooms you took one last glance at the football team captain.

This time you found him looking at you. You blushed immediately and looked away at once. You looked around everywhere before setting your eyes at him again. He is still looking at you but this time he smiles at you. You blush again before nervously smiling back at him before quickly scurrying away to the changing rooms.

The next day you were in class. It was your best subject so you were always excited about this one. Also the fact that Gally was in this class with you may have had something to do with your happiness. That day was different though because your teacher decided that it would be a good idea to get everyone working in pairs.

And so you found yourself being partnered with Gally. You didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing as he approached you.

“Hi, Y/N right?” he asks with a smile as he sits next to you.

You feel yourself blushing but you try to hide it.

“Y-yeah, hi” you try not to stutter but you do a little and he laughs a little.

You feel embarrassed but he looks at you with a soft smile on his face.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed” he says.

“It’s ok” you say as you shake your head.

“I’m Gally” he says.

“I know, captain of the football team…maybe I should call you Captain Gally” you said with a laugh.

This time it’s his turn to feel embarrassed but he smiles and nods.

“I like the sound of that”

You smile at him and nod.

“Captain Gally it is”

“Anyways…” he says.

“We should probably get on with the assignment” you say quietly.

He nods and the two of you look over the work and just get on with it. You find that talking to Gally is easy despite his intimidating look. He is very sweet and often makes silly jokes which makes you laugh. You joke along with him and you smile when he laughs at your jokes and silly comments.

You don’t know how but between all the madness, you two complete the assignment.

“Well I’ll be damned. That was actually fun” he says.

You two are coming out of the class together and you laugh a little.

“I will take that as a compliment” you say.

“I didn’t say you were fun. I meant the assignment” he says with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, really? Why were you laughing at all my jokes then?” you ask as you take a step towards him.

“Well, why were you laughing at all my jokes?” he says with a raise of an eye brow and takes a step towards you.

Oh god his eye brows.

“Maybe I laughed out of pity”

“Gosh, you are weird”

“Gosh, you are arrogant”

And somehow you find your lips on top of his. You don’t know how it happened or who even initialled the kiss first. But it felt right so you kissed him back.

When the kiss is over you have your hands around his neck while he is holding your face.

“Man, I think I fell in love today” he whispers.

“Really? With who?”

“That weird loud cheerleader”