ninetales shiny


Finally faced off against the Elite Four after the holidays in my All-Fairy Shiny Island Quest!  Here’s my final team in all its glory!

First ever ‘badge quest’ that I’ve completed!

Ideal pokemon game:

A hack that brings back all the purple shiny pokemon in gold/silver/crystal versions that aren’t quite as purple/no longer purple at all anymore

(maybe Suicune’s supposed to be white I dunno but tbh I love this one either way)

….Just me. With all these pokemon on one game. And an entire team of purple

“You came here to a pick fight, didn’t you? Against a much smaller foe who has felt nothing but anger and sadness in her heart all her life, because someone told you to. How pathetic!

However you’ll find that I have bigger plans for this one. Her despair awakened me, and off of her energy I fed, waiting for the right time to take over and carry out MY plan for the world that wronged me in the past!

So remember that well, fox, and tell your elders their worst nightmare wasn’t a little girl…it was something far greater and it’s back. NOW you have my permission run off like the worthless thing you are.”

Kamaro only stared at the form of his sister as she spoke with a voice far deeper and darker than her own. It was only when he was told to leave did he shuffle off as fast he could, blood still oozing down his shoulder. He was lucky whatever he just faced injured him, and not killed him in one slash.

The Vulpix stood and watched the frightened Ninetales disappear back into the woods. Orange glowing eyes narrowed as she narrowed and began to speak to herself.

“Don’t be too slow, fox.” She spat out. “I won’t be far behind you.”

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Pokeddexy day 7: Favorite Fire

Vulpix and Ninetales

ahhh so I went a little overboard with this one. I loved it so much that I decided to recolor it a few times for Red and shiny versions too. [Red being based on the R/B/Y sprites and made my own shiny for it]

I would’ve done my arctic design too but I felt like it would’ve been a bit much since they have two forms, summer and winter as well as shinies for both.

Persephone jerked her head up upon hearing her brother’s voice for the first time in ages. While the voice was familiar, the figure standing before her was completely unrecognizable, and dark looking. 

“I’ve been searching for you everywhere. As an order from mother and the rest of clan….you’re coming home.” 

Persephone only ever considered returning to her original home to see her siblings once more, but the tone in Kamaro’s voice sounded full of evil and anger.

“K-kamaro I can’t….” Persephone began to stutter as she stepped back from her brother. “See, I’m staying with a new family and there’s no reason for me to come back really so I-”

Persephone was cut off as Kamaro snapped his jaws and lunged at her.

NO! You are coming back whether you like it or not! You have been nothing but bad news according to the council of elders. They have decided you need to be punished for what you’ve done, and I AM bringing you back! I won’t fail!” Kamaro growled menacingly as he moved closer to his younger sister.

Persephone was frightened. Her new family was too far away to call, and she could only step backwards in utter fear. Everything she had practiced with her sword vanished from her mind.

“Kamaro, p-please…don’t do this!” she managed to choke out. As Persephone pleaded with her brother, the ribbon on her Honedge began to tighten around her neck. The eye on the hilt began to glow as the sword’s grip grew on the fox. Persephone began to lose her consciousness as her emerald green eyes slowly turned a fiery shade of orange. The last thing she could remember was the sword flying up into the air on its own as she blacked out.

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