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Holiday Matsuri Day 2 pictures!

Competed in the Holiday Runway Contest as Holiday Wretched Egg from Deadman Wonderland and it was awesome. Didn’t win anything but I made some cool new friends thanks to talking with other contestants and it was just so much fun. Again it was another cosplay that really brought up my confidence thanks to the compliments, hugs, and pictures I got. Body confidence boosted 100%. Everyone was so nice and this cosplay was so great. I learned so much from it since I’ve never used 4-way stretch fabric or EVA Foam in my cosplays before and it just amazed me how far I’ve come since my first cosplay.
Also cosplayed BB8 with my sister as Rey and her boyfriend as Finn. It was great. We went to Disney Springs at one point for dinner and we got so many compliments on our outfits. 😁
And by far my most nerve-wrecking and exciting moment of this con was my walkable Shiny Vaporeon cosplay. The mermaid tail was nothing, but oh my gosh walking around the con with that much skin showing had me so nervous thanks to my self confidence problems. But thanks to everyone who gave me compliments and called me pretty/beautiful, I felt so great. I can’t begin to explain how it feels to finally be confident about my body. Like it’s awesome. I can’t wait to do more female characters now that I’m not afraid to show some skin


Finally faced off against the Elite Four after the holidays in my All-Fairy Shiny Island Quest!  Here’s my final team in all its glory!

First ever ‘badge quest’ that I’ve completed!

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what does kathernie's head look like with out a crown?

Katherine: Oh, so you’d rather have me tell them!

Lady Foster: What in tarnation are you even doing answering questions from strangers? Honey, I thought we were supposed to discuss important matters regarding Project Lazarus.

Katherine: …wait. What seems to be the matter? I thought you put a stop to that project 20 years ago.

Lady Foster: Yeah, well the reanimated corpse of a talking dog just showed up at our doorstep so I think now would be a good time to discuss it again since, oh you knowwwww, someone may have recreated the project for themselves and we might be in imminent danger. 

Katherine: Oh no…

Lady Foster: Yeah. “Oh no” is right. If anything else like Archie pops up again we’re fucking doomed. 

Katherine: W-what do you suppose we do?

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Some busts of the Pokekids/gijinka version of my Pokemon Moon Team! I’ve got all of them on my team right now except for the Lunala. Idk what I’m going to name them yet, probably Nebby again tbh, but you never know! 

(and, they’re not really part of the Pokekids universe, but if anyone has any questions for any of them I wouldn’t mind answering a few!)

Anyway, have a goodnight everyone!