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My neighbor's Excadrill has twice now attempted to kill my Alolan Ninetales (he's shiny, pure chance) and his Kantonian 'sister' (also shiny and pure chance) attacked it in defense. Yugi (Alolan) is very innocent and timid. I was also injured by HIS Pokemon while breaking them apart and he was barking orders at it to attack ME. He's going around telling everyone I told Hailey (Kanto) to attack his Pokemon. He's been trying to get at them since they were kits citing their 'tainted' What do I do?

Call the police. Show them records from the Pokémon center and the hospital. Harboring a Pokémon that attacks in non-battle situations is a felony in most regions.


Finally faced off against the Elite Four after the holidays in my All-Fairy Shiny Island Quest!  Here’s my final team in all its glory!

First ever ‘badge quest’ that I’ve completed!

Ideal pokemon game:

A hack that brings back all the purple shiny pokemon in gold/silver/crystal versions that aren’t quite as purple/no longer purple at all anymore

(maybe Suicune’s supposed to be white I dunno but tbh I love this one either way)

….Just me. With all these pokemon on one game. And an entire team of purple

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What does a soul actually taste like? Is it a full sized meal you eat in chunks? Do you swallow it whole? What does it feel like?

“Oh, why are you so curious? Do you plan to devour souls for yourself? Well, I guess it won’t hurt if I explained~.”

“Creatures with angry souls usually taste spicy. It varies depending on the amount of the edge in the creatures’ souls. Sometimes they can have a bit of sourness to them as well.”

“The calm, the young, and the innocence are very sweet. I try and avoid these tasty meals~ They’re usually too sweet for my taste.” 

“The proud souls are usually bitter or dry. They’re one of my favorites~”

Thanks for those who allowed me to use their characters for this ask!

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