Card of the Day: 9 of Pentacles. I think of thee, a woman of certainty and distinction. A woman who has made her successes on her own terms, planting her garden wisely and slowly, now enjoying it’s blooming bounty. Ever grateful and present in celebrating each day’s beauty.


Although it’s great to work with determination and dedication, also take time to appreciate what you’ve achieved! #cotd #tarot #tarotoftheoldpath #innerwhispers #nineofpentacles

#rmtarot31 Day 7 catch up: Choose one card in the suit of Pentacles that you resonate with. #NineofPentacles - My sister used to date a boy whose mother is a medium with an exceptional talent. While I was recovering from the reading she gave me one night (seriously, it was intense), she was shuffling through my Shadowscapes deck, looking at the art. She pulled out this card and said, “this is your power card.” While I don’t think I’m there quite yet, the serenity and confidence I see mirrored in Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s depiction is something for me to work towards. #tarot #shadowscapestarot

Daily Inspirational Tarot Forecast for #November28

This time of year isn’t the easiest or happiest for everyone, as indicated by #TheStar (reversed). Perhaps, loved ones have passed and you miss them immensely. Maybe, after you’ve endured so many life altering changes this year, you’re finally being confronted with how hard it’s been. If you’re upset, be upset. You matter and so do your feelings, it’s time to acknowledge them. Through your attention and love for yourself this way, you’ll see where you are today and feel all that you have to be thankful for, as the #NineOfPentacles signifies. Keep your chin up, beloved. You are blessed and loved. ❤️

My card for the month of October is Nine of Pentacles.

The main color on this card is yellow. Yellow, as we know, represents intellect. Since this is a pentacles card, we know we need to be smart about handling our money. The card has a very lush look about it, doesn’t it? There’s plenty of money here. The trees on each side of the card represent a need for balance. There are mountains stretching all along the background, which lets us know that everything is going to be just fine. There will be lots of opportunity for this person. But the bird lets us know that we need to take a risk in order to get what we want.

I need to quit worrying about my finances and focus on getting what I want. I need to take a logical risk to achieve my goals.