Haven’t been this excited about a piece of art in a long time.  Catch it at MOMA. 

“Winner of the Golden Lion award at the 2011 Venice Biennale, Christian Marclay's The Clock is a cinematic tour de force that unfolds on the screen in real time through thousands of film excerpts that form a 24-hour montage. Appropriated from the last 100 years of cinema’s rich history, the film clips chronicle the hours and minutes of the 24-hour period, often by displaying a watch or clock. The Clock incorporates scenes of everything from car chases and board rooms to emergency wards, bank heists, trysts, and high-noon shootouts.”

“This is Tim, I met him my first day on South Beach, Miami for Art Basel 2012.  I spoke with Tim for a good twenty minutes and he eventually ignored my cameras and told me a little about himself.  He is from Rhode Island, has lived in Miami for several years, and wanders all over South Beach. I love the photo because of the composition, the pose, the mood, the angle, the lines, and the tone.  To me, all these elements come together perfectly.” -Eduardo Enrique Silva

Fellow NYU grad and international artist Rosa Maria de los Heros & her friend Aileen Gavonel have started a bikini company, Musas de Yemanya and they are flying off the shelf. 

Based in Lima, Peru (where it is currently summer) her innovative designs (less tan lines!) and popping color have us dreaming of warmer days and salty ocean waves.

We are planning a joint photo shoot currently, in time to get everyone excited for next bikini season!

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Kentucky born, formerly NY based photographer Dana Lauren Goldstein is an old friend and one of the first people to really motivate me to pursue my own photographic interests.  Her portraits have so much depth and you can really see the mark of the photographer in her work.  I was fortunate enough to have worked closely with her for about a year.  I am always looking for new work of hers, which is hard to come by since she took her blog off the internet.  Her website is full of treasures however, so take a look!


Homeboy from the west coast is killing it internationally on his BMX.  

I remember photographing him in the bowl of our smalltown skatepark when I was about 16.

Keep an eye on Christian Rigal for sure, he’s already big & only getting bigger!