Haven’t been this excited about a piece of art in a long time.  Catch it at MOMA. 

“Winner of the Golden Lion award at the 2011 Venice Biennale, Christian Marclay's The Clock is a cinematic tour de force that unfolds on the screen in real time through thousands of film excerpts that form a 24-hour montage. Appropriated from the last 100 years of cinema’s rich history, the film clips chronicle the hours and minutes of the 24-hour period, often by displaying a watch or clock. The Clock incorporates scenes of everything from car chases and board rooms to emergency wards, bank heists, trysts, and high-noon shootouts.”

“This is Tim, I met him my first day on South Beach, Miami for Art Basel 2012.  I spoke with Tim for a good twenty minutes and he eventually ignored my cameras and told me a little about himself.  He is from Rhode Island, has lived in Miami for several years, and wanders all over South Beach. I love the photo because of the composition, the pose, the mood, the angle, the lines, and the tone.  To me, all these elements come together perfectly.” -Eduardo Enrique Silva