How ABC Family makes shows more interesting.
  • ABC:I'm not sure this show is interesting enough.
  • ABC:Let's throw in a pregnancy.
  • ABC:Or somebody can go missing.
  • ABC:Let's kill them instead.
  • ABC:I think someone needs to get married.
  • ABC:It's time for a lost family member to show up.
  • ABC:Oh! That couple is perfectly happy, let's make them break up!
  • ABC:Or we could just cancel the show.
Nine Lives of Chloe King - Good News!!!!

Finally!  After all promotions on tumblr, facebook, and this website…the ratings for the Nine Lives of Chloe King have gone up!  The Nine Lives Of Chloe King was up a tenth to a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating and 1.267 million viewers. 

The ratings haven’t been this high since episode 5, and after dipping under a million viewers last week (exactly 0.97 million)…the ratings have gone up by almost one third in one week! 

Just think of what will happen if we promote the show all this week as well!  But with all this good news…there still is a bit of bad news…1.267 million viewers are still low ratings for an abc family show.  So, promotion for the finale are just as crutial as ever. 

Why?  If the show gains momentum (especially towards the end of a series), abc family will assume that the show is gaining viewers as the season goes on…which WILL increase the likelihood of them renewing this show

Also…abc family doesn’t seem to want to promote the show as much as the other shows.  Why?  Have you noticed that next week, The Nine Lives of Chloe King will not have an all day marathon leading up to it’s first season finale?!?  It annoys me that every other show this summer got an all day marathon EXCEPT Chloe King.


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