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Thoughts On Regeneration

I had some time to think about Doctor Who today. As I was crying over just how much Ten lost during his time, I started thinking of how the age and personality variations in the regeneration process work.

Nine became Ten out of wanting to keep Rose safe. Ten was made to be easy to love, especially for Rose. (if you don’t believe this, I invite you to rewatch seasons 2-4 again). But to also be ruthless if he needed to be. Ten became Eleven, a much younger, far more youthful man. I think that this is because after all the heartbreak and loss he went through, he needed a mind who could start fresh. A face and personality that could easily make friends. It’s the opposite when Eleven becomes Twelve. At this time, he knows that Gallifrey is still out there, so he needs a personality that is going to get shit done and take shit from no one. One who could work alone productively if needed.

My theory is that appearance and personality after regeneration is based on what The Doctor subconsciously needs. Any thoughts?

Here’s Another Doctor Who Ship Rant None Of You Asked For


After “Hell Bent,” I’ve been seeing a lot of comparisons between what Twelve did for Clara over what Ten did for Rose (And if you’re going to compare, then you should also probably add in what Eleven did for River, but I digress), but you can’t compare those actions for one very simple reason that everyone seems to forget.

Ten and Twelve, while different aspects of the same person, are still their own, different people.

Ten burned up a sun to say goodbye to Rose, because that’s how much he loved her (Romantically, platonically, however you view it).

Twelve cheated death/spent billions of years in a confession dial, because that’s how much he loved Clara (Romantically, platonically, however you view it).

Nine absorbed the time vortex to keep Rose alive, because that’s how much he loved her (Romantically, platonically, however you view it).

Eleven was going to let River kill him before she was even the woman he was going to fall in love with, because that’s how much he loved her (Romantically, platonically, however you view it).

And those are just his romantic love interests.

For example, Eleven risked practically turning into a Dalek for Amy.

Each Doctor loves in his own way. No love is greater than another simply because there was a bigger gesture involved.