nine ways of knowing

  • Mikuni: And once again, Mikuni and Jeje save the day!
  • Misono: You didn't do anything. It was all him.
  • Mikuni: We're a package deal, everyone knows that.

I’m pretty salty when it comes to the SOJ DLC case solely because it’s canon that Phoenix and Edge haven’t spoken to Larry in like 9 years.
You’d think I’d have gone bananas having a case on my trilogy squad but nooooope

I was a Bajoran, although I always wanted to be Starfleet. At the end they let me wear the costume, but then I lost it! I got promoted, it’s still not meaningful to me (joking) - I wanted the Starfleet uniform. Rene would always say to me, “Nana, you know this isn’t really REAL, right?” The promotion was exciting for me, whenever I got to sit in the captain’s chair, it was like YES. Rene was always kind of perplexed by my lack of grounding in that field.
—  Nana Visitor - (YouTube)
You say you’re hard to love, and yet your eyes have been dancing through my head all day. You say you’re fragile, and so I wrap you into my arms and don’t dare move. You said thank you, but I know now that the flowers I sent were just another thing you were struggling to keep alive. You said you were mine, but I kept throwing rocks at your window and you kept building up more walls. You say that we’re over, yet your hand keeps making its way towards mine. I know its been nine months and I know that you say you are happy, but I’m still sitting outside your window declaring my love, hoping to God you don’t choose to jump.
Fluff Recs

A rec list of fluffy fics for my baby @the-mess-sterek-left-behind. Send her some love, you guys. ♥

The Witching Hour by MellyTheHun (8.1k, T)

The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born

Special Order by bleep0bleep (2.3k, T)

Stiles is twenty-nine years old, lives alone, travels way too much, doesn’t know when the last time he had a home cooked meal where no one was trying to impress anyone, and he’s just tired of all the fancy bullshit. His face is too recognizable; he can’t even attempt to try a new restaurant without the chef requesting the honor of plating something special just for him.

And right now? Stiles really just wants some chicken nuggets.

This is a Cat-tastrophe by reptilianraven (4.2k, G)

“Honestly, I don’t see the problem here.” Kira says as Igloo crawls up onto her shoulder. She idly feeds him a small piece of parsley. “You’re into him, he’s pretty into you. You both bond over it through cat care tips. A hot guy plus cats? That’s a jackpot. There’s no downside here.”

“Yeah, everything would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t actually own any cats!” Stiles yells, bordering on manic.


The one where Stiles thinks that Derek only talks to him because he thinks Stiles owns a cat. The problem is that Stiles doesn’t own a cat at all. Instead, he has a judgmental iguana and a crush on the guy living on the 4th floor. Everything is terrible. Sort of.

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