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Relationships: Mickey Milkovich/Jackson Young (OMC)
Characters: Mickey Milkovich, Svetlana Milkovich, Yevgeny Milkovich, Kev Ball, Veronica Fisher, Original Characters, Lip Gallagher, Ian Gallagher, Mandy Milkovich
Additional Tags: Post-Prison, nine years post 6x01, Tattoos, some angst/sadness, Slow Burn (probably), First Dates, Closure, Sexual Content, Fluff

After being in prison for nine years, Mickey gets out and leaves it all behind. New life, new skin, new start. This is not a Mickey x Ian ‘getting back together’ fic, this is a 'Mickey moving on with his life’ fic.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S04E01:

“Look at her calf. It’s a tattoo of Jesus punching Bin-laden in the nuts.”
“Hmm…maybe a local tattoo artist will recognize it. It can’t be that common.”
[Later, at the tattoo parlor]
“Okay, that’s the most common tattoo we give.”
“So, these photos tell us nothing?”
“Actually, you know what, that’s a high school graduation ring. Dan Marino High, class of 2003.”