nine tattoo

“If you’ve got a taste for horror, take Carrie to the prom!”

Tattoo done by Kelly McGrath

Today I got my dedication piece to Kurama. It’s a reminder that, I too, can befriend my “demons” the same way Naruto and Kurama became friends and found peace within. Foxes are symbolic, as they are known to be wise, resourceful, playful, with a high level of adaptability… everything I aspire to be. As my favorite animal, I will always choose to be the fox.

this shirt is about ten years old and I had to chop off the sleeves but damn..Trent’s music still takes me back and makes me feel happy that I’m in such a better place than I was back then. I was so hopeless back then and now..well I couldn’t be happier. Some things are perfect but my simple little life with my husband and doggo makes me feel like my heart glows. 

I was unsure whether to call this a follow forever or a fic rec post, since it is somewhat a combination of both? Shit, I don’t know. But I reached the 3,000 follower milestone today and honestly, I cannot thank all of my readers enough. I know I always say that I write for myself, because I do – but every single one of you helps me to push on and pursue my writing dreams with your wonderful comments, likes and reblogs. There is no feeling greater than seeing your personal opinions on my pieces, no matter if it is a detailed review, or if it is incoherent, caps lock screaming.

Thank you for supporting me, whether you have been here from the very beginning of my persona journey, or if you have only just discovered me now. I think, throughout all of my blogs, I have never created a follow forever so I believe now is about time that I show some appreciation back to the writing community of the BTS fandom. They never cease to amaze me, and I am absolutely positive they will floor the rest of you whom may have not happened upon some of these incredible writers just yet.

As a writer, your greatest source of inspiration, support and encouragement can not only come from your readers, but your fellow writers. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favourite writers who have always, without a doubt, left my hands overflowing with infinite inspiration and have left me awestruck, laughing from the pit of my belly, and even in tears at times over their phenomenal works. Feast your eyes!

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