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I'm glad some people remember things like the shadow clone technique being forbidden, that headcanon sounds super plausible. I always figured all the jounin knew it because Kishimoto Forgot and didn't bother to look it back up in the manga.

Hahaha, yes, that’s the third aspect–the meta game, so to speak. The dialogue about the shadow clone jutsu being a “forbidden jutsu” comes from the very first chapter of Naruto, at a point when Kishimoto hadn’t come up with much in terms of worldbuilding–he hadn’t even come up with the concept of the nine bijuu and the whole idea of a jinchuuriki as A Thing, and much much more.

In the pilot version of Naruto, Naruto really is a nine-tailed fox demon, just in a human form and raised by a village chief. And if you read Ch. 1 again with that possibility in mind, I’m actually not sure that Kishimoto had come up with Naruto’s precise relationship to the Fourth Hokage and so on yet at that point. Taking Ch. 1 in isolation, Naruto could be a non-human monster who has been sealed into a human form, and in fact many things about the village’s treatment of him would make more sense that way.

So from this perspective, the shadow clone jutsu is a Forbidden Jutsu from a Top Secret Scroll because… well, because that’s cooler than it being a Perfectly Normal Jutsu That Naruto Studied From His Academy Textbook. And nothing deeper than that.

Kishimoto’s narrative decisions are frequently like this, which is what makes trying to make a coherent whole of it so frustrating yet also so satisfying because it’s like tinkering with a puzzle which is actually several different puzzles all dumped into one box and shaken up and then about 25% of the pieces were taken out and burned. The challenge!!!

Eren Jäger, Jäger means hunter. 

Hunter. Like Hunter x Hunter. Who’s the main character? Gon. Who’s Gon’s best friend? Killua. Killua uses lightning. Who else uses lightning?

Laxus. From Fairy Tail. Tail. 

The Kyuubi has nine tails. It’s sealed within Naruto. Who was Naruto’s crush? Sakura. Sakura means Cherry Blossom. What Anime loves cherry blossoms?

Oran Highschool Host Club. Highschool. What does highschool make people? Angry. 

You know who else is angry? Eren Jäger. 

It’s all a big loop. What’s a synonym for loop? Circle. What else is a circle? A pupil. Where is the pupil located? The eye. What else has an eye? The ILLUMINATI. Wake up America. Eren Jäger: illuminati confirmed.

dark meta knight: Can you make only one image of demon fox (all nine-tails) sage mode naruto (while he’s still human form) and while using body flicker technique with eternal mangekyou sharingan Sasuke while he’s using Raikage’s Ultimate level of Lightning Aura (naruto chapter 463 page 08) and while using body flicker technique while both of them team up while naruto makes a rasenshuriken while it’s expanded like the one shown in naruto manga chapter 432 with sasuke combining naruto’s rasenshuriken with amaterasu’s black flames and alot of electricty from kirin around the black flames raseshuriken while sasuke uses susanoo and sets it’s bones on fire with amaterasu (naruto 463 page 15) and tsukuyomi. Can you do that please? Please reply


I don’t have my volumes with me, otherwise I’d go look at them right now. I’m thinking about this close up of “fox demon” Undertaker from one of the inside back covers. It’s one of those parody pieces, this time as demons, while the earl is a temple maiden, or something. The fox demons have more tails the stronger they are (think of Naruto, whose inner fox demon has nine tails). I can’t tell how many tails “Foxytaker” has, but there are quite a few. Even in the parodies, Undertaker is shown as quite a force to be reckoned with….

Teen Wolf Thoughts and Theories - Post-Condition Terminal

Last night’s episode was quite something. A lot was revealed to us. So, let’s get to it.

The Doctors and Their Experiments

A lot about my initial theories on the doctors and their experiments seems to have been right. They are artificially creating supernaturals; however, they were not trying to make a kanima or werewolf as I initially thought. They are actually splicing together DNA of the different supernaturals to make various chimeras. This opens the doors to potentially endless combinations of supernaturals. The Geneticist is most likely primarily responsible for these experiments and results.

Most importantly with this is it confirms my theory as to why Tracy could pass the mountain ash. They are artificial and therefore not natural. As such, they are not bound by the rules of the supernatural world. Likewise, they exist outside of the rules for the natural world (science as well). They create their own area in between science and magic and, as Deaton said, that is terrifying. This would also account for how discowolf was almost able to steal Scott’s power without being his beta.

The doctors keep declaring their experiments’ conditions as terminal. Meaning failure. We know this means failure, but what is failure to them? Is it loss of control? Insanity? Simply failing to do what they wanted? We don’t know exactly, but they do seem to get one step closer to what they’re looking for in each experiment. After all, they said that Donovan’s “condition is promising.” So I guess we’ll see. Based on the way Theo explained it to Donovan, it looks like it’s determined simply by a weighing of pros and cons. An objective decision.

So, what IS their endgame? I suspect it is to actually take Scott in some way. Either for experiments or to take his power. Possibly both (take his power then experiment on him).


Well, we already knew that Theo is an evil, lying, manipulative, little shit, but now we know he is actually working with the doctors. I was unsure after last episode, but it was confirmed in this episode where he mentions that he convinced the doctors to let him speak to Donovan, an experiment of theirs, and there is in fact a doctor present in the room throughout the time that Theo is there (I initially missed this). It makes much more sense for them to be working together anyway.

Now, it does appear that Theo is definitely an underling to the doctors as they typically do not let him speak to their subjects or anything like that. I assume he begged and pleaded and convinced them to let him see Donovan because he knows Donovan hates the Stilinskis and that he can easily use him to get rid of Stiles. Theo is all about manipulation and working from the shadows. He has to maintain his front.

For now, I am still maintaining that this Theo is indeed a fake. However, I do not know if he was artificially created or not. We haven’t seen him break any rules of the supernatural yet, so we can’t confirm. An interesting test would be if he did kill someone (say Donovan?). If his eyes didn’t change color, we have our answer. If so, well, we do, but he’s likely a normal supernatural. Anyway, my two theories for Theo are below.

Theo Theory 1: Clone Theory

The first possibility is that Theo is indeed a clone or creation of the Doctors. I’ve explained this before in my earlier meta, but basically he was created from the real Theo (or possibly someone else? It’s suggested he’d not the same as he was). and has his memories or learned them. The real Theo and his family were likely killed which explains the need for fake parents. This would explain why someone like Theo is still under the control of the doctors while still being given a lot of autonomy.

Theo Theory 2: Theo Was Recruited

It is possible that Theo is another werewolf that the Doctors found a werewolf to use for this purpose. It is too early/we don’t have enough info to say whether or not they did anything to Theo experimentally if this is the case. This fits because of the scene in the pool where Theo was skateboarding. Theo sees what looks like one of the doctors, not an alpha wolf. This piece of information would seem to strongly support this theory.

Further support for this theory comes from discowolf in episode 1. He was a werewolf who had been augmented with talons. But he seemed very much in control of himself even when he returned to the doctors. It may be that the doctors know how to control werewolves with greater success than creations where they use a human as a base (Tracy, Donovan, etc.). Or it could be it is easier to convince a sentient supernatural than to control a created one.

Which one is correct? We’ll have to see. Potentially neither. Theo’s overarching goal is to get as close as he can to Scott while driving away the rest of the pack as best and as quickly as he can.


It seems my theory about Kira was spot on. It was confirmed at SDCC by Jeff that Kira is indeed struggling with her inner kitsune spirit. She doesn’t know how to control it yet and it keeps fighting for independence. We saw it again tonight.

Once again, when in a stressful and emotionally charged situation, the kitsune spirits seized control. It even shouted in Japanese what translates to “I am the emissary/messenger of death!” Honestly, this reminds me a lot of what used to happen in Naruto with the nine-tailed fox demon. When this sort of thing happened, his aura leaked out and he took control.

Worth noting is that, according to the Teen Wolf Bestiary, while the thunder kitsune does fall under benevolent foxes, it is just so. It is also right next to the void kitsune on the list. I don’t think this means that the spirit is evil or malevolent, but it is not pure good and clearly does not have a problem with seeking control. As I said, Kira will continue to struggle with this and it will get worse. Theo may use this to drive her and Scott apart for a time. I believe we will see Kira fully come into her powers by 5B and see her wield her full aura and powers while remaining in control.

Donovan And Stiles

Looks like my time frame was right and next episode will be when they have their conflict. I think Stiles will be badly wounded, but so will Donovan. Donovan may be forced to retreat, especially if someone intervenes. It is possible that this could be the conflict that is supposed to happen in episode 5 that Theo will use to drive Scott and Stiles apart. What’s likely is Stiles will almost kill him, but not. Then the doctors or Theo will actually kill him and blame will fall to Stiles. You can see where the drama will go from there.

The End

That should be everything. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!