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Soooo the place that they use for exterior shots of the precinct in Brooklyn Nine Nine is actually a police precinct in Brooklyn. It’s right across the street from the subway exit on the two express train to Flatbush Ave./Brooklyn College. I recognized it immediately when I went to go visit it two weekends ago for a haunted house that they were hosting. The precinct is actually Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct building, and every year they do a haunted house. The police officers dress up in costumes to scare the living SHIT out of everyone. There’s a Chinese restaraunt right across the street that I’m pretty sure Jake eats at A LOT. I went into the precinct to go to the bathroom and I watched them process a perp (who then winked at me, which was weird).

THERE ARE SO MANY KIDS in this area and they’re all lively as HELL. And the precinct is just as grimey and old school as it looks on TV. The captain is a woman whom I met and I told her I was dressed as Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine Nine and she ACTUALLY KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. This real life Brooklyn detective passed by me while I was waiting in line for the haunted house and he was wearing the same shoes Jake wears on the show. I got to see the badge up close. It was all amazing!!

By far my favorite part though was how community oriented the whole precinct was. They were all really friendly and kind and very patient. The CO came out and spoke to me and then later he came out dressed as a scary monster and terrified people in the line…

NOT ONLY did I investigate the precinct… I also investigated the walk to the apartment that I chose to be Jake’s first before he takes Gina’s/moves in with Amy. The very last picture is Jake’s street, Grand Avenue. It took me 15 minutes to walk there from the precinct and it was a pretty nice walk as well. Mostly just neighborhoods and a couple areas where there were food places lining the street. I think it’s a dope ass place for my son to have lived.

ALL IN ALL… it was an awesome experience and I’m probably gonna go back in daylight so I can get some headcanons and really get to know the area. I FELT LIKE I WAS IN DISNEY LAND, GUYS. I FELT LIKE JAKE WAS GONNA WALK OUT OF THE PRECINCT DOORS AT ANY MOMENT.

The Boys at Christmas Time!

Hi there everyone! I’m back, and making another week to celebrate the boys! KiriBaku week was such an amazing turn out even though it was short notice. I wanted to do something else for this ship this year, because it’s really helped me through a lot. I hope everyone will look forward to this! I’ll update the post if I can get a banner made. For right now, the prompts are as follows!

Day One: December 21st

Mistletoe / Christmas Caroling

Day Two: December 22nd

Gift Shopping / Tree Decorating

Day Three: December 23rd

Joke Gifts / Baking Cookies

Day Four: December 24th

Fireplaces / Christmas Stockings

Day Five: December 25th

Gift Opening / Family Dinner

Day Six: December 26th

Dressing Up / Traveling

Day Seven: December 27th

Christmas Ball / Fruitcake

Day Eight: December 28th

Ugly Sweaters / Snow

Day Nine: December 29th

Christmas Party / Free Prompt

Know the ship as you will, KiriBaku/BakuShima, it’s all accepted. The tag for this will be #xmaskrbk so make sure to use this tag in the first 5, as well as mention us in the post! An ao3 collection will be made later in the year closer to the date of beginning for those writing fics. As always, anything is accepted! Headcanons, Fanfics, Fanart, Moodboards, anything your heart desires! You’re welcome to only use one of the prompts, or both if you’re feeling ambitious!  KiriBaku/BakuShima must be the main focus. Past relationships are okay, Kiri with someone else, or Baku with someone else, just end game has to be KiriBaku. Brotps are okay, but we won’t accept anything ot3.

As always, asks are welcome! I’ll be tagging asks answered as #xmasasks and #mel answers

I hope you all can enjoy this!!


As if it’s nothing, I want to hold your hand

Julian: W-what?

Garak: Does this holiday often involve assault of the eyes?

Julian: What? The sweater? No, I found it in some old holo-vids of the holiday. I had it replicated. Isn’t it great?

Garak: I was under the impression that this was a holiday of joy. Is there a ritual where one burns the offending garment?

*random customer walks into the shop* Hey! I like the tunic! Did you make it, Mr Garak?

Garak: *so offended, he’s speechless*

*Random customer asks for one. By the end of the day, half the non-humans on the station want one*

*Garak murders everyone on the station*

*When Starfleet or Bajor comes to investigate, he insists it was a mercy killing*


I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist! (let’s be clear, though; I’m not sorry I drew it, only that I drew it this early. It’s not even Thanksgiving!) The sweater design I found (and altered just a little) by typing “Ugly Christmas Sweater” into Google. It’s, like, the fifth image that popped up.


We’re all missing Amber Benson on Twitter, and Tumblr has been severely lacking in new content, so let’s have some fun, shall we?


We’re going to eliminate photos, one at a time, until we decide on the winner: the Ultimate Amber Benson Profile Picture!

Come into my ask box and tell me your least favorite photo of the nine here:

  1. huggable sweater selfie
  2. what’s in your mouth, Amber?
  3. blonde bombshell
  4. mustache Amber
  5. kitty Amber
  6. ‘looking almost naked while driving a car’ Amber
  7. innocent or plotting murder?
  8. homicidal maniac
  9. Justin Bieber’s biggest fan

You have until this Friday, October 27 to vote. I’ll tally up the results and we’ll start another round of voting this weekend!


Harry Potter Aesthetics:  Remus Lupin (Marauders Era)

The name “Remus” comes from the brothers Romulus and Remus, the legendary brothers who fought to the death over the control of Rome, having been raised by a mother wolf whose cubs had died.

Happy New Year! (KuroKen)

A/N: CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #13 (FINAL) - Haikyuu!! (Kuroken) - 49: ”Come on, wake up! It’s almost time!” 

My final fic of the year! I thought it was interesting to write fic from a drunk ler POV sometime (lol I enjoy being drunk), and so I did. With this, I conclude my series of Christmas sentence prompts, thanks a lot too Emma-chan for making them, I had a lot of fun writing them all!<3 This fic is a little bit spacey because Kuroo is spacey.

Again credits to @ticklygiggles for the idea!<3*___* Love you babe!

Summary: Kuroo and Kenma are at a New Year’s party with their friends, celebrating their final moments of 2016 and the first ones of 2017 together. One thing though: Kuroo is drunk, and he isn’t even sure why he finds himself tickling poor Kenma to death but ohhh how he enjoys it!<3 

Word Count: 1358

“…Are you ready to count down?” Kuroo could only vaguely hear the excited voices on the TV. He was feeling lightheaded, his world dark as he was surrounded by chattering, partying and drinking friends. Oh right, he was asleep

Kuroo curled up against Kenma, his arms wrapping around his waist and his head in his lap. The alcohol was wooi’ing his head, and he squeezed his eyes shut when he felt a warm hand pat his head.

Everything sounded like echoes around him; everyone’s laughter, Bokuto’s excited ‘heyheyheeyy!’, the people on the TV announcing the final minutes of 2016 and oh God, he was so comfortable. And then Kenma’s voice was suddenly very close, right near his ear, sounding pleasant and soothing.

“Kuroo. Wake up, still two more minutes,” Kenma said, his hand petting Kuroo’s head again, but Kuroo only melted against the touch, a big smile covering his face and his eyes squeezed shut. He was drunk. He needed to sleeep.

Kenma kept ruffling his hair, and his attempts at waking him got more fierce as the blond grew impatient.

“Kuroo! Come on, wake up! It’s almost time!” Kuroo felt his head being lifted, but he wrapped his arms tighter around Kenma’s tiny body and turned onto his stomach, nuzzling his boyfriend’s tummy and feeling the soft fabric of his sweater. 

“Ten, nine, eight-” The voices on the TV got accompanied by everyone in the room, counting down until they’d officially enter 2017.

“Kuroooo!” Kenma whined, shaking him and trying to pry him off. Kuroo opened his eyes slowly, still feeling cloudy in his head and his vision blurry once he lifted his head to look up at Kenma. 

-four, three, two, one…” Voices were cheering, someone popped a bottle of champagne, glasses were clinking, and Kenma was laughing because oh, those were Kuroo’s own hands that grabbed the sides of Kenma’s petite body firmly, squeezing him rapidly through this warm sweater.

“KUHo-KUrooo!” Kenma’s shriek was high pitched and giggly, barely exceeding the noises in the room, especially when the loud sounds of fireworks outside started to get in the mix. 

“Happy new yeeaar Kenma!” Kuroo sang, lifting himself up and hovering over Kenma who had somehow ended up onto the floor. He wasn’t even sure why he was tickling Kenma of all things, but Kenma was giggling and squeaking adorably and fuck yes that was one hell of a way to enter 2017. 

“EYaahah- h-help! Someone stohohop him!” Kenma kicked his legs and flopped around helplessly, but Kuroo’s huge hands were evading his body.

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10. Santa Claus

Christmas Tree . Decorations . Cinnamon . Stocking . Baking . Mistletoe . Elf . Reindeer. Ugly Sweater

Nine-year-old Annabelle sees her daddy kissing Santa Claus.


She’s sitting at the top of the stairs, watching through the iron bars of the railing, as Santa Claus - otherwise known as her father, Harry Styles - sets gift upon gift under the Christmas Tree off to the side of the fireplace. His suit is still a bit loose, despite the pillow he’s got stuffed up his red jacket, and his baggy pants keep falling down so he has to pull them up after every time he bends over.

It isn’t the first time Annabelle’s peeked through the railing on Christmas Eve. In fact, when she was four years old she’d made it all the way downstairs before both of her parents caught her; she’d cried because they were putting presents under the tree instead of Santa and daddy had told her they were only helping rearrange them and that Santa had already come and gone. The following year she’d sat on the stairs and watched Santa, himself, put the gifts under the tree.

It was only last year, when she was eight, that she found out that what the kids at school were saying was true: Santa Claus isn’t real. And she’d found this out because the man in the red suit and her daddy had started to wrestle one another, poking and prodding each other until daddy had snatched Santa’s hat and wig to reveal her dad, Harry.

Annabelle smiles fondly, her legs tucked up under her chin, as daddy saunters into the living room, a plate of cookies in one hand and a glass of milk in the other. His blond hair is a bit of a mess, like it always is, and his cheeks are still a bit flushed from the cocoa they’d made earlier.

She watches, quietly, as Niall sits back on the couch and sets the plate of cookies on his lap.

“You know what I can’t figure out?” Niall asks out loud.

Harry hums from where he’s knelt in front of the tree, rearranging the gifts he’s already placed on the floor.

“How cookies and milk taste so much better on Christmas Eve.”

Santa snorts, craning his neck to look back at Niall. “You know what I can’t figure out?”

"Wha-?” Niall asks through a mouthful of cookie.

“How I’m the one in the Santa suit and you get first dibs on the treats.”

"I have a faster metabolism.”

Harry pretends to look offended. “Are you calling me fat?”

Niall smirks back. “If the pillow fits.”

Annabelle watches, burying her chin against one knee as though to hide her smile - despite the fact that nobody can see her - as Harry sticks his tongue out at Niall and then turns his attention back to the wrapped boxes tucked neatly under the trees. She loves it when her dads get like this, all goofy and playful, bantering back and forth. And she loves it even more that they do it in private as well as public.

“Haz,” Niall says softly, leaning forward to place the plate on the coffee. There are only two cookies left. “Harry, they’re fine, babe. C’mere.”

“Just - it looks lopsided,” Harry mutters absentmindedly.

“I highly doubt the kids will care if it’s ‘lopsided’, Harry. Now come here please.”

She watches her dad push himself off the floor and walk over to stand next to her daddy by the sofa. He pulls off his red and white Santa hat, the white wig and the matching beard and tosses them all on the table before dropping down on the cushion next to Niall.

Niall stretches his arm across the back of the couch, then, and Harry immediately leans against his shoulder. “So…when do you think you’ll stop wearing this silly suit just to put presents under the tree?”

Harry shrugs. “When the kids stop believing in Santa Claus, I guess.”

"I’m pretty sure they’re catching on, Haz. If they haven’t already.”

“No they haven’t, Niall” Harry says, perhaps a little bit too quickly.

Niall snorts, rolling his eyes. “Whatever you say,” he murmurs, carding his fingers through Harry’s long, brown curls. “Santa.”

Harry grins, craning his neck to look up at him. He presses a kiss to the underside of Niall’s chin.

Niall, then, looks down at Harry and kisses him properly.

And that, Annabelle knows, is her cue to leave. She climbs to her feet, using the railing to pull herself up, and tip-toes past her bedroom into her brother’s room. It’s dark, and she trips on the rug in front of Parker’s bed. “Parker,” she whispers, shaking his shoulders gently. “Park, wake up.”

Her twin groans and rolls over away from her.

“Parker,” she hisses, climbing over him to lie down in the spot between his body and the wall.

“What?” he moans.

“I just saw daddy kissing Santa Claus again,” she giggles.


“Oh c’mon, it’s funny,” she insists, burrowing herself underneath his Spider-Man covers. “‘s like the song.“

Parker hums his acceptance tiredly. “When are we gonna tell them we know Santa isn’t real?”


“Never?” Parker snorts, cracking one eye open to eye Annabelle.

Annabelle shrugs. “Dad just has so much *fun* with it. I don’t wanna break his heart,” she murmurs.

She can practically hear Parker roll his eyes. “You and dad are like peas in a pod,” he teases.

“So are you and daddy.”

“I know,” Parker mutters. “Now go to sleep.”

OTP Christmas Challenge Day nine- Wearing ugly sweaters

Dean doesn’t come back from the case that night, calling Sam and letting him know he’s staying in a motel closer to the site, so Sam and Gabriel have the night to themselves. Gabriel pleads until Sam agrees to let him order pizza (“Yeah, and uh, every vegetable you got on the other half; my friend’s a loser nerd plant-eater.” “Hey!”) and they spend the night researching. After their day off, Sam wants to put in an evening’s work, and Gabriel is content to keep him company.

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