nine riders

Frodo stirred. And suddenly his heart went out to Faramir. “The storm has burst at last,” he thought. “This great array of spears and swords is going to Osgiliath. Will Faramir get across in time? He guessed it, but did he know the hour? And who can now hold the fords when the King of the Nine Riders comes? And other armies will come. I am too late. All is lost. I tarried on the way. All is lost. Even if my errand is performed, no one will ever know. There will be no one I can tell. It will be in vain.” Overcome with weakness he wept. And still the host of Morgul crossed the bridge.
Then at a great distance, as if it came out of memories of The Shire, some sunlit early morning, when the day called and doors were opening, he heard Sam’s voice speaking. “Wake up, Mr Frodo! Wake up!” Had the voice added: “Your breakfast is ready,” he would hardly have been surprised. […]
Frodo raised his head and then stood up. Despair had not left him, but the weakness had passed. He even smiled grimly, feeling now as clearly as a moment before he had felt the opposite, that what he had to do, he had to do, if he could, and that whether Faramir or Aragorn or Elrond or Galadriel or Gandalf or anyone else ever knew about it was beside the purpose.

The Two Towers, The Stairs of Cirith Ungol, p.925-926

Probably the most impressive and awe-inspiring thing I ever read.

Nine of Cups

Today’s card is all about happiness and mindfulness. It focuses on living in the moment and enjoying yourself emotionally whether because of work, personal, or interpersonal success. This card reminds you to dream big, but encourages being aware of what comes with dreaming big. Namely missing the details. So enjoy yourself today!This is one of the happiest and joyful cards in the of the Rider-Waite deck 😊😊


Natus Est Ex Mortuis - On this day, April 12, 1936 Charles Napier was born, an American character actor in film and television, known for his prolific career playing memorable supporting and leading roles in genre cinema, often in the role of a cop, soldier, or authority figure…Some of his movie appearances include; ‘The Blues Brothers’, ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, ‘Philadelphia’, ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery’…And here are some of his TV appearances; ‘Star Trek’ TOS episode “The Way to Eden”, ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ episode “Little Green Men”, as well as ‘The Incredible Hulk ‘, ‘Knight Rider’, and ‘The A-Team’… 

Today in Middle-Earth: Elrond names the Company of the Ring: Frodo, Sam; Gandalf; Legolas for Elves; Gimli for Dwarves; Aragorn for Men; Boromir; Merry and Pippin (December 18th, 3018 T.A.)

‘And I will choose you companions to go with you, as far as they will or fortune allows. The number must be few, since your hope is in speed and secrecy. Had I a host of Elves in armour of the Elder Days, it would avail little, save to arouse the power of Mordor.’

‘The Company of the Ring shall be Nine; and the Nine Walkers shall be set against the Nine Riders that are evil.’

Fall 2016 Anime
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