nine outfits

people who are photogenic really don’t understand what kind of privilege they have like,,,,,they could literally be scratching their ass and wearing an oversized t-shirt w a mustard stain on it and it still looks like a candid piece of art,,,,meanwhile im dressed to the nines in my best outfit with my hair and makeup done and as soon as someone puts anything close to a camera in front of my face it’s like,,, one of my eye half closes while the other completely dilates. my mouth half opens between a smile and frown (a smown). my head rotates to an unnatural angle that my body doesn’t follow ,,, i lose complete control of my hand and make a peace sign,,,,,,Cursed

glinda for day nine ✨

I’m gay for my human versions of the Burners’ cars, and the cars are gay for each other, and BoomBaYa by BlackPink has some really rad outfits in the music video

I love these ladies.


I don’t want your fear. I want your love.